Zenith Bank Online Banking – How to Get Started

Zenith Bank Online Banking – How to Get Started

Zenith Bank is one of the major banks in Nigeria, having about five hundred branches all over the country. This bank is ranked amongst the best ten banks in Nigeria, the reason is not far-fetched, this bank since it’s inception in 1990 has made its target pleasing it’s customers with safe services encompassed with technological innovations. A typical example of  the fine wine that gets better with age. Although one of the oldest banks in the country, it still has itself well rooted in innovation, no wonder it has its slogan as “in your best interest”.

zenith bank online bankingToday I will be talking on Zenith’s internet banking platform and how to get “inducted” into the world of Internet banking. I really do think the use of Internet banking is very much underrated, seeing banks plagued with customers who could have saved themselves the whole trouble of standing on queues to solve issues that could have been sort from the comfort of their home is quite disheartening. We should sensitize ourselves on the use of other banking platforms including internet banking.

Zenith Bank PLC offers an internet banking service which is quite convenient and easy to navigate around, this service works all round the clock, it does not matter what time of the day it is, you can perform whatever transaction you want. It is worthy to note that this service is not limited to either a corporate or private body, as long as you have an account with Zenith bank, you are liable to use this platform. Just few things needs to be put in place:

  • A phone or personal computer
  • Internet access
  • Access code, username and password – these would be provided by the bank
  • A functioning email address

Services on this platform includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Checking of account balance
  2. View account statement
  3. Transfer of funds to Zenith and other bank’s account
  4. Bills payment
  5. View transfer history, print transfer receipts
  6. Airtime top up
  7. Booking of airline tickets
  8. Sending of feedback to the bank for help or enquiries

I am an advocate for Internet banking, I made sure everyone around me had theirs activated with their banks. I can not imagine wanting to transfer money to a friend’s account and I would have to go all the way to the bank, fill in forms, stand on long queues, just to achieve that. I could be watching a movie in the comfort of my home and do that and within few minutes the transaction is done. For those who would like receipts for every transaction, this is also available.

Internet banking is the best thing to have happened in the banking sector to be very honest.


  1. Visit any Zenith bank near you, you will be directed on where to pick up the form, alternatively you can download the internet banking form the website, have it printed out, then take it to a Zenith  branch near you.
  2. Following the filling and submission of the form, you would be given an access code, a username and password and also a token with which you would be needing to validate or authorize your transactions (which you would be required to pay the sum of one thousand, five hundred naira (#1,500) for).
  3. Once this is done, you are halfway through the process. Visit the bank’s website on https://ibank.zenithbank.com/internetbanking/ , here, you would be required to input the access code, username and password appropriately.
  4. It is advisable to change the password immediately, subsequent logins would be needing your new password, access code and username. Do not share this with a third party. To change your password, follow these steps:
  • Login to your account on the internet banking platform
  • Click on “settings” in the menu bar
  • Select “change online banking pin” or “change password” (depending on your choice)
  • Enter your old online password or pin
  • Enter your new online password or pin.
  1. Alternatively, should you choose to login without the use of access code and username, there is an option to login with your account number, a four digits pin and  the code generated from your token device.
  2. After these steps, you should be logged on to the internet banking successfully. Now you can navigate through whatever service you want.
  3. For easier access, you can download the Zenith internet banking application on play store or app store for Android and iPhone users respectively.

There are no charges  incurred for logging in, except for online transfers. Here is a breakdown

  1. For transfers made between Zenith bank accounts, no charges
  2. A sum of two hundred and ten Naira (#210) is charged for transfer of funds to other bank accounts.
  3. Transfer fee is charged to other bank’s depending on what platform i.e either interswitch or NEFT.

There is a limit to transfer of funds, you can only transfer as much as two million naira  (2,000,000) per day.

To purchase the complete Project Material, Pay the sum of N3, 000 to our bank accounts below:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0044056891

After paying the sum of N3, 000, send your full name, email address and the title of the project topic as text message to our phone: 07033378184

We will send your complete project materials to your email within 10 Mins after payment.


There have been recorded cases of the codes given off by the token device not validating transactions, this could be as a result of the token not being linked to your account, the best thing is to visit the bank and have it looked at, should not take more than few minutes.

Should you forget your password, you can have it reset in the following steps:

  1. Right on the internet banking login page, click on “forgot password” you would be taken to a page where you’d have to input your account number. Click on continue button.
  2. You would be taken to a password reset page, after which a reset code would be sent to your phone number that you registered with the bank.
  3. Enter the code and submit, at this point you can set up a new password and click on submit.

If you encounter any difficulty you can contact Zenith bank customer care  on zenithdirect@zenithbank.com or call +234-1-2787000, +234-1-2927000.

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