GTB Internet Banking Online – How to Get Started

GTB Internet Banking Online – How to Get Started

Guaranty Trust bank (popularly called GTBank in Nigeria) is one of the fastest growing banks in Nigeria, this is evident in the number of bank branches they have all over the country. GTBank is well recognized across the shores of the country too. gtb internet bankingThe bank offers great services, this explains the large number of customers operating with them, I personally bank with three banks but GTBank has my heart anytime any day. Services ranging from “0 account balance” to effective customer services to availability of a MASTERCARD to everyone including those with savings account. I could go on and on, on why this bank should be your first choice but today I will be telling us about one of their services which is the GTbank online banking service.

Imagine after having a stressful day at work coupled with traffic brouhaha, and you’re just there sitting through it all, as it unconsciously slips through your mind that you have to get to the bank to make some withdrawals just so you can settle your bills amongst all other things. It still did not occur to you until you’re fully settled in your comfort zone and it’s too late to get to the bank. Did I hear you say frustrating? Well that’s putting it mildly. But not too worry GTB INTERNET BANKING SERVICE has got you covered.

At first this might look to you like too much of trouble, but once you get the hang of it, you will not have to queue up in the bank for mere transactions that can be done from the comfort of your home. No! It does not require much, just the following:

  • An internet connection
  • A phone or personal computer
  • A user identification number and password ( these would be given to you in the bank)

GTB internet banking allows you to complete all sorts of transactions anywhere you are, it is very convenient if I do say so myself. Although when this service was introduced, as a typical Nigerian that I am, I was skeptical, I was all on about every possible thing that could go wrong with the rise in internet scam , but now  I can not remember the last time I was in any of the branches to complete transactions I can possibly make on the internet banking platform.

The following are transactions that can be performed on the internet banking platform but not limited to:

  1. 24/7 access to your accounts.
  2. Convenient access to bank information and products.
  3. Highly effective and cheaper way for customer to communicate with the use of real life chat.
  4. Convenience of conducting transactions such as transfer of money to any bank instantly, purchase of airtime and data, payment of utility bills, subscriptions, purchase of flight tickets etc. all of these from the comfort of your home.
  5. Monitor account transactions
  6. Transfer foreign currency from domiciliary account to anywhere in the world
  7. Payment of USA visa fee
  8. Checking of account balance
  9. Printing of account statement
  10. Cheque request and confirmation
  11. Update of personal details


  • Visit any Guaranty trust Bank near you, register your intent with the customer care representative after which you would be required to fill a form.
  • After filling the form and submitting it to the customer care representative, it is likely you get user id and password, but most times it is sent to your email address.
  • On another hand, if you are pretty indisposed to visit the bank, visit to download a copy of the internet banking form.
  • Print and fill the form, after which you will scan and send it to .
  • Once it is processed, you will get a mail containing your login details, then you can now proceed to start your transaction on the internet banking platform.
  • Prior to the current changes , you would be required to get a token device ( It is a security device used to generate transaction codes for third party transfers via Internet Banking platform and other e-channels. The transaction codes are used to authenticate and authorize transactions on your account which include: Transfer to any GTBank account, Transfers to other bank accounts etc. and for these, customers will require a security token.

You can get a security token at any GTBank branch at a cost of N2,100 OR dial *737*7# for a USSD token. Each USSD session costs N10.

  • If you would be dealing with huge sum of money during transactions it is advisable you request for it, but if not, you can skip this part.
  • For easy access, you can download the GTBank internet banking application (also known as gtbank mobile app) from play store or app store for Android and iPhone user’s respectively. For PC users, you ca locate the gtbank internet banking login by visiting this link: on your browser.
  • After getting the user id and password, you can log in either on the application or via Web on your PC.
  • It is strongly advised not to share your user id, password, token or ATM card details with a third party.
  • Ensure to create a strong password while changing it from the one that was sent to your mail.
  • In the case of forgotten password, you can get in touch with their customer center representative on the gtbank contact details as follows: 234-1-4480000, 08029002900 or 08039003900,
  • For Password reminder, you will be required to select option 3 on the menu to request for your current Password to be to be sent to the registered email address in our records.
    Alternatively, you can visit the website and follow these steps below:
    Locate the Internet Banking tab and click on the login button
    2. Enter your user ID and select the “Forgot your Password” link.
    3. You will be directed to the Password reminder page.
    4. Enter the answer to your secret question and select the continue button.
    5. For security reasons you are advised to safeguard your Password.

I should also emphasize by that this platform allows you to transfer as much as six million, five hundred thousand naira only (#6,500,000) within a well secured system.

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