First Bank Nigeria Online Banking – How to Get Started

First Bank Nigeria Online Banking – How to Get Started

Internet banking is one of the latest innovation in the banking sector, with how convenient it is, I believe everyone should indulge in it. What is internet banking? This is a platform which allows you to perform transactions on your personal computer or phone from the comfort of your home or wherever. First Bank Nigeria Online BankingYou need to pay the bill, transfer that sum of money, monitor your bank transactions without going to the bank, then internet banking is what you need. Internet banking has become a norm across financial institutions, so whatever bank you use, ensure to get your internet banking activated, although the processes might differ from bank to bank.

Let’s us talk about internet banking with First Bank of Nigeria, as we all know first bank is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) banks in Nigeria with an active customer base of about ten million,  Since its establishment in 1894, First Bank has consistently built relationships with customers focusing on the fundamentals of good corporate governance, strong liquidity, optimized risk management and leadership, they definitely do owe it to their customer to provide them with all sorts of convenience. First bank being one of the oldest bank explains why a high percentage of their customer comprises of adults well advanced in age, it would not be convenient for these individuals queuing up in bank halls in various branches just so they can perform transactions that could have been done from the comfort of their homes. In summary, everyone should activate internet banking for convenience sake. The world is improving at a fast pace, we should not be left behind.

Features  of First Bank Nigeria online banking includes but not limited to the following:

  • Bill payment
  • Transfer of funds
  • Cheque confirmation
  • Account statement download
  • Setup standing instructions
  • Register complaints
  • Robust approval
  • Personal details update

To be able to use the internet banking services you will need to have access to the following:

  1. A phone or personal computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. A functioning email address
  4. A user id and password


  1. Walk into any of the first bank branches around you, meet with a custom care representative and request for your profile to be registered on internet banking, you would be asked to fill a form. As at the time of this publication, the option of downloading the internet banking form online was not available, but Incase you are in luck of coming across it on the banks website, download it, fill it and submit at any First branch near you.
  2. Upon submission of the form, a 5 digit pin would be sent to your mail within 5 working days of form submission
  3. On receiving the pin, proceed to the website, on the internet login page, you would be required to input :
  • Your debit card number – this is the 16 digit number on your ATM card
  • Your card pin
  • Your preferred user ID
  • Confirm a verification code, then proceed by clicking continue button
  • And the pin that came in your mail, be careful while inputting it as it is case sensitive
  1. At this point you would be required to change your pin which is your password, This new, unique password should contain at least one alphabet, a special character, and number and should be easy for you to recall.
  2. You would also be required to set up your security question
  3. Confirm email address
  4. You can login subsequently with your user id and password now.

For easy access, you can download the First Bank Nigeria mobile app on play store and appstore for Android and iPhone users respectively. I would greatly recommend the mobile app, reason being that there was a recent upgrade to the app which is said to be “ designed to promote flexibility in electronic banking whilst ensuring a user friendly and secure customer experience” . Some of the leading edge features on First Online include; self-verification for intercepted transactions, statement download in different file formats, multiple transactions with a single token entry, bills payment, creation and cancellation of standing orders or recurring transfers, improved security etc.

The internet banking platform also allows you to update your personal information, in the case of changed phone numbers or email address. You can do this in the following steps:

  • Login to the new online banking platform
  • Click on the Self Service tab
  • Under the Personal Information tab, click on Main Customer Information
  • Enter new email address/phone number and click Update
  • Your details will be updated automatically.

Another important feature is the scheduling of notifications, you can schedule notifications for the following:

  • Security Alerts: get notifications when critical events occur to your account, including changes to your login information (username or password) and profile information (address, email address, or security questions) or when your account has become locked (such as when the wrong password has been repeatedly presented)
  • Balance Alerts: get notifications when your account balance is lower or higher than s specified account
  • Budget Alerts: get notifications when the spending for any of your budget categories exceeds your target amount
  • New Message: when First Bank has sent you a message.

Login in to the new Banking Platform , click on Alerts, click on Schedule Alerts, select any of the categories, enter required information, click on Schedule Alert.

To purchase the complete Project Material, Pay the sum of N3, 000 to our bank accounts below:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0044056891

After paying the sum of N3, 000, send your full name, email address and the title of the project topic as text message to our phone: 07033378184

We will send your complete project materials to your email within 10 Mins after payment.


In the case you forget your password, the steps below should help:

  1. On the login page, input your user id, and click on submit
  2. The next page opens to where you ought to input your password, click on the “forget password” to have your password reset.
  3. You would be required to input your user id and phone number on the next page
  4. An activation code will be sent to your phone via SMS
  5. Input the code and set a password you are likely to remember

You can now login to your account.

The transaction limit is one mill naira (#1,000,000) daily.

Should you need additional information or assistance, contact First Bank customer care line on:  070347782668228 , 014485500 , 07080 625000 or send an email to

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