Fascinating Stuffs About domycasestudy

Fascinating Stuffs About Domycasestudy.com

DoMyCaseStudy is recognized as a website which offers top notch quality writing services tailor made with the aim of meeting the specific academic challenges of individual students the world over. On a daily basis several orders are made by students who require our services to provide them with case studies that particularly suit their fields of study and the specific projects for which they are needed. At DoMyCaseStudy we work tirelessly to ensure that each article provided is totally plagiarism free and properly researched to avoid ambiguity and deviation from the purpose for which it was requested. While doing this we also ensure that each case study is well formatted, reducing any work that will be done by our clients to just proofreading to ensure that our work suits their purpose.

In case you were wondering, DoMyCaseStudy is a branch of the DoMyNetwork which is an outfit dedicated to developing a new approach to making available educational writing services to clients the world over. We have been around for a while and have worked tirelessly to ensure that we provide undaunted services to our clients, as such clients are invited to take advantage of any of the means of communication with our twenty four hour client support team. There are several methods of reaching the support team including the live chat communication channel which is available on the website, fax messaging, email service, and phone calls. Customers of DoMyCaseStudy can rest assured that the services they receive from our team is second to none in the world as our team is made up of carefully selected individuals who have gone through rigorous training to ensure that high standards are met and maintained in the continually evolving world of academic writing. For this purpose each member of the team periodically passes through a series of tests to ensure that they are on top of their game, this evaluation is also necessary to ensure that the customers continually receive the best of services available.

In reality there are several hundred of academic writing outfits that can provide you with the case studies you need for your research work, but the question to be answered remains, “can they provide you the best service available?” DoMyCaseStudy has invested in a team that will not just deliver in record time but will also do so ensuring all the client’s requirements are put into consideration and met ultimately and this regardless of the field. The professionals working on the team of DoMyCaseStudy are picked from different fields of study just to ensure that our clients are covered notwithstanding the field they require the case study to be written.

You should understand that every case study is written with the GRADE excellence code of values in mind. GRADE is an acronym which stands for Growth, Reliability, Authenticity, Diversity and Excellence and they ensure that the clients receive impeccable services every time an order is made. Writers are picked from all over the world and they are passed through a series of tests beginning with and English proficiency test, all these ensure that the client’s needs are met to the letter. After the writers are recruited they still undergo a mentorship for a period of time to ensure that they under the standards they are meant to attain and they keep up to them.

One major advantage of the DoMyCaseStudy website is that it is very easy to navigate through, user friendliness at its peak. Making orders on the site is as simple as it can be, all you need do is to fill the order form, make payment and then await your order to be delivered in record time. Immediately to place your first order with the website, you get an automatic personal account registered on the website. This personal account is what helps you to communicate effectively with the writer as well as the support team, it also helps you to leave feedback, make payments and bring to completion other tasks. Each order you make that is completed is also attached to your personal account also referred as personal profile. On completion of an order the complete write up is submitted in pdf format to the client’s personal profile page for vetting and on approval, the Microsoft word version is made available.

On DoMyCaseStudy there is a fixed price list for different kinds of case studies which you may require, the criteria for defining this is based on the difficulty level of the case study and deadline for completion. If there are no special requirements for the case study then you can easily make an estimate of how much you will be required to pay from just viewing the price list. If there are any specific requirements however then you will be required to fill a free inquiry form and you will be contacted by the support team which will tell you how much your special order will cost.

At DoMyCaseStudy writing service a lot of effort is expended to ensure that adherence to the core GRADE excellence values is achieved. As a result of this continuous work is put in to ensure continuous improvements take place. Weak points in the system are detected from feedbacks from both clients and writers alike and these pieces of information are worked upon to ensure better service. For this reason all the necessary feedback mechanisms have been made available to the clients as stated earlier.

The prices at DoMyCaseStudy are set in accordance with the industry average which ensures that we hire the best writers available on the market. The prices are thus set based on the academic level, the field of study, the number of pages required and the urgency of the order. To make the writer’s work efficient and quick it is advised that while making the order you make available the necessary data as well as ensure that your data is well articulated. You should not at this point that DoMyCaseStudy writers wil not be able to carry out other academic work asides writing, some of which include administering questionnaires, interviews and focus groups because of time and geographical constraints. At DoMyCaseStudy we are big on taking care of our regular clients and so we have developed a plan to ensure they enjoy life-time discounts. Here is a list of the discounts and what it takes to be eligible:

  • 5% lifetime for more than $500;
  • 10% lifetime for more than $1000;
  • 15% lifetime for more than $2000.

Below is a summary of the charges by DoMyCaseStudy

Academic level Number of pages Urgency Type of Paper needed
Deadline Academic level
High School Undergraduate (1-2 years) Undergraduate (3-4 years) Master’s Doctoral
1 month n/a n/a $14 $20 $25
14 days $10 $13 $16 $22 $27
7 days $12 $14 $17 $24 $29
5 days $15 $17 $19 $26 $33
3 days $16 $18 $21 $30 $35
48 hours $19 $22 $25 $32 $42
24 hours $22 $25 $28 $37 $48
8 hours $25 $31 $37 $45 n/a

The client can rest assured knowing that every submitted information as well as write ups are kept strictly confidential between the client and the agency. There are customer support numbers available to call should the need arise, an email is also available on the site and the live chat feature as well. Clients are however warned sternly not to release any personal or account details to any person calling with numbers other than those made available on the website. When making an order, payment details are required to be filled in the order form, once this is done, a notification is sent to the client’s personal profile page once the order has been made.

DoMyCaseStudy is one of the very few companies in the academic writing industry that offers her clients a money back policy. It is clearly stated on the website that a client can request a refund at any point in time as long as it can be proven that something has gone wrong with the order or satisfaction is not achieved. Testimonies on the website however show that it is quite a rarity for clients to request a refund even though it cannot be totally ruled out. In the event that a refund is requested, there are specialists on ground who review such requests and when found to be quality based and valid, the refunds are processed within 3-4 business days. In the event that a paper comes in later than the previously stated deadline and a refund is requested, the calculation for refund will be done based on when the paper was delivered and the difference is refunded.

The DoMyCaseStudy website is definitely easy to navigate for clients and visitors as almost everything on the site is self-explanatory. Prospective clients do not require any tutorials or a specific guide to register and start enjoying the services available. Asides the writing services, the site provides a cutting edge plagiarism checker for writers. This site is a onestop site for academics and researchers seeking for help with their case studies for their research work. If you are one of such, your best point of call is www.domycasestudy.com.

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