Yahoo Registration – How to Create a Yahoomail Account

Yahoo Registration –  How to Create a Yahoomail Account

Yahoo Registration – Do you want to create a Yahoomail account or as more tech savvy fellows will say it – “sign up to Yahoomail”? Articlesng team has an easy to use step by step guide on how to go about it and be done with it in a matter of minutes. If you can find your way around the internet  then you can skip this guide and go straight to, click on sign up and fill out the yahoo registration form. However we can help you make the process easy and fast with this guide. Let’s go there, shall we?

Simple Steps to Register for Yahoo Email Account

The Official Website Page will appear as the picture above. At the bottom right side of your screen you will see “Sign up for a new account” click on it.


  • Click on “sign up” to get to the Yahoomail Registration Form. This takes you directly to the Yahoo registration page. Here you are to fill out the following information correctly:
  • First Name: (e.g. William ). This section is required for the registration process to pull through. You should fill your correct name.
  • Last Name: (e.g. Testerman). Also necessary.
  • Your Username: This is where you state what you want your user id and email address to be (e.g. Yahoo will determine if your proposed username has been used by another user. If it has been used, you will be told that the username is not available so you will need to find another unique username. Yahoo will also suggest different variations of your first and last name (e.g. williamtesterman357, w_testerman) for your user id.
  • Password: Type your desired password here. I recommend you use a combination of letters and figures. Do not use a combination that can be easily guessed by other people but let it be something you will always remember.
  • Phone Number: Input your cell phone number. Make sure that the International calling code is the same with your resident country. Your cell number can be used to verify your yahoo email during the registration process or be used for account updates and security measures (e.g. +14788453281)
  • Birthday: Your birth month, day and year (e.g. April 12 1963). You cannot use this service if you are under 13.
  • Sex: Pick your gender – Male or Female
  • Recovery Number: Here, you should fill in an alternative phone number of someone that you can trust so that the person can be contacted via SMS or phone call if your primary phone number is lost or unavailable at the time. This recovery number is optional. This means that you can do without it but I recommend you use it. It just might help you in future.
  • Relationship: State who the person is to you (mother, son, friend, wife, etc.)
  • Next Step – After filling in these information correctly, click on “Yahoo Terms” to read the terms and conditions of Yahoo Services. This will naturally open on a new tab so as not to disrupt your registration form.
  • Next step – Click on “Create My Account”. When you click on it, you have agreed with the Yahoo Terms of Service. This stipulates that you have agreed to subject yourself to the yahoo registration obligation, policies and member conduct.
  • Next Step – You will have to go through the Yahoo captchas image verification. For some countries, you will see only a Verification page after submitting your yahoomail registration form. Here you will fill in the embolden combination of letters and figures you see on the screen in the space provided for it. When you are done, click on “Submit Code”. Alternatively, you can be required to do a phone verification option instead of captchas.


Wala! You have created yourself a new, fully functioning Yahoo Email Account. It’s simple and so easy.

Do not forget that you are to give accurate and complete information about yourself because if Yahoo suspects that your details is incomplete or untrue, they reserve the right to terminate your account and will refuse you any future use of the Yahoo Services. I hope this helps.

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