Epson Printer-Troubleshooting and Maintenance of an Epson Printer

Epson Printer-Troubleshooting and Maintenance of an Epson Printer

The major of information which have facilitated this work were obtained from the documentation on the step followed in rectifying previous problem which has occurred before now in the IMB computer system. One of these documentation is the IBM trouble shooting manual. Also included is the repository of the knowledge of some maintenance engineer because of their vast experience which came by reason of the jobs have done on trouble – shooting and maintenance.

In addition to these, the wonderful jobs done in Miocene (for medical doctors) and the job done on expert system on investment appraisal were dully consulted. Some personal experiences resulting from the maintenance job that were done by one have been reposed into this computer work as well.


The environmental contamination (Dust). Dust could cause serious problem with IBM computer for instance, when a cluster dust on pollutant effects the mother board it may act on bridge contact of individual board components there by retarding the performance of the system. That is why computer room must be air tightened and the floor rugged very well, to prevent the entrance of ants and fly from having any access to the computer circuits in order to remove the dust or ants remains on top of the board or item, air-blower is preferable to brust or any other device since brush could scratch the board you and likely to cut the lines in the board you intended to clean there by increasing the problem.Smoking or eating inside installation room must be completely prohibited. Power fluctuations and temperature has a lot effect in computer. All must be kept at normal condition to obtain normal output.

Error due to connection/plugging, many malfunctions in IBM computer are due to wrong manner of plugging the another when this happens, the system via a wrong cable system or direction. This may likely cause damage to the system. As we see it when a cable is reserved or misplaced the normal flow check may effect the hard disk. One should not misuse cable 11 or to 210v connections, consult manual for direction to avoid destruction.
Bad disk. IBM computer have four disk which could be divided into headings:
Floppy disk
Hard disk

Drive A and B belongs to floppy disk, while C and D is hard disk, although D is not most screen with PCs here, but it could be fixed where the needs arises or expend job that required large memory and fastness. The drives have problem in copying or reading either drives or they could not communicate with the hard disk.

We can easily notice or recognize such when the light at each drive to not come if the command copy O and is given to it, there must be something wrong.

Bad motherboard, the motherboard is the multi-circuited board that contains many microchips, ICS, transistor, capacitors, memory chips both RAM and ROM resistors etc. that are join-able one to another either in parallel or series with tiny conductive line in between them. In IBM, that are various model of motherboard ranging from the slowest 289 model to 386 model and more improved 486 model. Although they could hardly have problems because the transformer either step up or down the power input in the level of required by the components in the board.
Spotted cards. In IBM computers, the process or unit could only have access with its peripherals or terminal through the card at the extension slot ports, both the serial ports and the terminal ports, the number of cards include;
The V.G.A (Video Graphic Adapters) card
Controller card, bearing printers card monitor card, ups, mouse, and key board cards respectively. In other words; if the card is bad plugging and pin insertion etc.
Bad/Absence of drives command. In some cases the processor and the card may be good, and even the peripheral equipment will also be good but there is no communication between them. There must be an error some where which is likely to be absent of drive command toil. This is a software program that is installed inside the computer that enable the processor acknowledge the peripherals with it, it could be stored in DOS, word perfect etc to enable the word to be completed.
Power supply fault. Power input to the system contributes a lot of the maintenance of it low level input disturbs the hard disk, and if the power from the electricity is very high it may cause some burn in the transformer in the power unit of the C.P.U and may extend its on the other IBM peripherals and equipment like monitor, keyboard printer, the Ups and the mouse, here problem varies a lot ranging from rough from rough handling to power faults.


Among other sources of information used for the project interview were severally conducted. The maintenance engineers at various computer firms or industries were interviewed like the industrial development center (IDC) Esut Enugu. The knowledge gained from their various experience is part of this package. The main issue in the interview was seeking to obtain a trouble-shooting and maintenance procedure for specific problems or symptoms displaced by the IBM computers.


Trouble-shooting and maintenance is a series for upgrading and correcting faults with our Pcs which we use in everyday life. As a matter of facts, trouble-shooting means a scanner search for fault, components in a given system or circuit and suggesting suitable solution to the problem.

IBM (International Business Machines) is an electronic machine that is used in ever day activity of man to make life easier such as word processing, medical research, improvement and implantation agricultural development scheme, traffics and locomotive equipment indeed, the application of IBM could not be over emphasized. The primary aims of inventing computer is to reduce the sufferings or man on earth and the comfortable, simpler, and modified ways of living in the natural habituates of man. The heavy burden imposed on man both in stone ages and other previous centuries has become a historic event.

In most developed of the world, computer IBM has created a conducive environment for good and living of its habitation e.g. America, Britain, European countries etc.

I must not left contribution of computer in building and designing, automobile engineers development, electronic gadgets, monitoring system contraction, Audi-usual screen and multi-telecommunication processes etc are all product of civilization are, among which IBM company or computer are on of them.

In another way round computer when related to ensure scientific and rapid brain developments. The elite youths are more are more of technological though and inventory irrupts from all heads and corners. When we look artificially at the operations of IBM computers required information can be entered in the computer system as an input, processed and the necessary result emerges as the output information could be processed. Computer retrieved information and store it for a long time without alteration.

The case study IBM computer trouble-shooting guide is developed to give the user optimum to diagnose through computer circuit and come out with useful, efficient, and effective output in other to meet market demand and competitive requirement of the masses.

As a man material, international business machine (IBM) is not 100% perfect it could be spoiled when roughly handed.

In this series, IBM could be board under headings:-

Software problem

Hardware problem

Problem of IBM varies greatly and certain digital tools could be use to locate the troubled ones and replace it.


The major causes of hardware failure is a bad component which may be as simple as a fuse or a complete as a circuit and component fail under two possible conditions namely Olo age and operating of component out said the manufacture recommended condition. A typical example of this a user applying a 25OV on component unit requires only 12 OV power supply. Although unlike mechanical device cetronic device improve in performance and reliability with age, via certain level is old age and when they occur, replacement is the only solution.

Another sources of printer hardware failure is noise and magnetic interference. When the power supply is not steady with wide variation, some of the component which work based on the rate of change could brake down. Some sources of noise are when KS switch, they generate a small power change in their power requirement because of their internal characteristics.

If two wire are close together, a traveling along one can include a pulse in the other. Open or short circuit is another sources of hardware failure. When expansion occur due to temperature change, it is possible for some component to be dislodge from their normal position therefore braking the normal path through which current would normally pass. This is an open circuit and because current does not get to the components its job does not done particles of dust have the same way of installing effect heading to an open circuit.

A shoot circuit can occur when a conducting material bridged applying power to the system at such a time could destroy components that have their legs bridge by the demo formation since water is a conductor of electricity.

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