Amazon Customer Service – How to Contact Them

Amazon Customer Service – How to Contact Them!

Amazon Customer Service – Under normal circumstances, you are not likely to encounter problems with any item you purchase from However, we must understand that there are always tendencies for mistakes to occur as they do in every other shopping websites. For example, you may order for an item and it gets delayed in getting to you, or it arrives in substandard condition. Whatever the case may be, you will need to get in touch with Amazon’s Customer Service Office.

How to get in touch with Amazon by Telephone

Calling Amazon’s customer service center on telephone is by far the easiest way to contact them. Simply dial their toll-free phone number on 1-888-280-4331. However easy this might be, it does not provide the most effective route to your issues getting resolved. This is because, when you call, you will first have to go through a verification process and answer specific questions pertaining to your account to confirm your identity, before they start to process your request. So, another option for you to explore would be Amazon’s customer service guided contact procedure.

How to Get in Touch with Amazon Customer Service Procedure

  1. Visit and sign in (if you’re not already logged on)

2. At the top of the homepage, click on “Help” (As shown Below)Amazon Customer Service

3. Go over to ‘Need more help?’. Click on ‘Contact us’. You may be asked to sign in again; but simply Skip sign in to bypass this step; but if you sign in, Amazon can have your information on standby.

4. A new screen opens up, and you’re supposed to provide detailed information which will help Amazon’s customer service team have a succinct overview of your issue. This helps them to resolve it faster. You shouldn’t necessarily provide all the information; however, the more detailed and specific it is, the easier it is for them to resolve it faster.

Firstly, you’ll see a ‘What can we help you with?’ column. Click on the button that best explains the kind of help you need from Amazon’s customer service team: an order, one of their special products, downloadable materials, and etcetera. Depending on the option you click, you may get appropriate sub-options. For instance, let’s say your issue correlates with ‘An order I placed’ (as in this image), you can search through and choose the particular order you have issues with.

Next up is ’Tell us more about your issue’. Click on the pop-up menus to choose specific details about the kind of challenge you’re experiencing with the item or service you ordered. Like before, you may have sub-options – depending on which option you select. For instance, you may say that the issue with your order is the product itself, a sub-issue being that the product or parts of it were missing, and a further sub-issue that the entire product was missing from the parcel.

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As soon as you have supplied all the necessary information in the options, you will see the ‘How would you like to contact us’ option being highlighted. At times, due to the peculiarity of the issue, Amazon may advise you to contact them through a particular channel. Notwithstanding, click on one to commence the contact procedure.

If you decide to contact them through email, you will see this column:

If you mistakenly entered in incorrect information, simply click on ‘Edit items or Details’ to return to the preceding screen. Conversely, you can input extra information that might help them serve you better by clicking the box tagged ‘Enter additional information’. Based on the information you have already supplied, Amazon may bring up suggestions as to what you could add. See the screenshot below for an example.

Having done that, click on ‘send email’.

If you decide to contact Amazon customer service department by telephone, you’ll see this page/screen:

If you need to make a correction or you entered in some incorrect details, you can click on ‘edit items or details’ to return to the preceding screen. Then, click the pop-up menu tagged ‘country’, and choose the country you’re contacting them from. Click in the box tagged ‘your number’, input your phone number, and then hit the ‘call me now’ button. You should receive a phone call from a representative of Amazon’s customer service crew, who will take you through the process of getting the issue resolved.

If you decide to get in touch with Amazon customer service by clicking ‘Chat’, this screen will appear:

•Click on (Use a different Name) to change your name. Click in the space tagged ‘How can we help you today’, and give a detailed explanation of the problem. Afterwards, click on ‘Start Chat’ to start a live chat with a representative of Amazon’s customer service crew, to get the issue resolved. Note that a transcript of your chat will be sent to your email

Amazon Customer Service Guidelines

It is widely believed that Amazon’s customer service office is one of the best among all major internet firms. It has an overall customer satisfaction rating of about 87%. Despite that, some dissatisfied individuals who felt they were treated badly have put up ill reports of Amazon’s customer service on the internet.

Based on this, there are a few tips you can put in place to ensure that you get the best of Amazon’s customer service  if you ever need to contact them. Here it goes:

Make use of the Guided Contact Procedure – As we stated earlier, dialing Amazon’s toll-free customer service number is arguably the fastest way to contact Amazon’s customer service office. However, it certainly is not the most effective way. By signing in and making use of the guided contact procedure, you will be providing the representative of the customer service department with all the information they will need to resolve your issue immediately.
Supply as much information as You Can – As you go through the guided contact procedure, try to give as much details as you can. It will help the representative to accurately define the actual problem and treat it accordingly.
Exercise Patience and Courtesy – Everyone has the tendency to get all aggravated when something doesn’t go well, especially an expensive order from an internet company. When dealing with them, have in mind that Amazon did not directly cause your problem; either the courier service, or their shipping department, or the reseller (if you purchased from one). Thus, you will mostly only get the best service and response from the customer service crew if you calmed down and kept your temper in check.
If you purchased from a reseller, get in touch with them too – In fact, contacting the reseller first before Amazon’s customer service department may work better. The issue may be better addressed by them, or at least they may give you a better explanation to give Amazon’s customer service agents that will help them tackle the problem faster.

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