Create Amazon Account – How to Create a New Account

Create Amazon Account – How to Create a New Amazon Account

Create Amazon Account – Saying that is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) e-commerce website in the world today is not far from the truth. You can buy almost everything you can think of from and from its nine other online marketplaces. These international websites are:
Canada         –
Official Website –
Germany       –
Italy         –
Spain         –
United Kingdom –
France         –
Japan         –
China         –
India        –

With amazon’s marketplaces, you can either buy items conveniently from millions of sellers or sell your brand and products to millions of customers. Amazon gives you the liberty to grow your business on an international scale irrespective of where your business is physically located. Now if you want to buy or sell something on amazon you need to have an account there. For our newbies who find it confusing to create an amazon account, we are going to take you on a step by step guide on how to create an amazon account with screenshots. Let’s go there!

Create Amazon Account Step One – On your browser, Go to (If you are in japan and you want to shop from your specific country website then go to The same applies for other countries)

Create Amazon Account Step Two – When the website comes up, look at top right site of the site, you will see the “Sign in” button. Don’t click on it! Just hover your mouse cursor around that area and a drop down menu will appear. Just below the “Sign in” button, you will see “New Customer? Start Here ” Click on “Start Here”

Create Amazon Account Step Three – Now the amazon registration page will appear with a simple form that you will fill out. You can see the example we have done for you.

  • You name. (e.g. Sarah Gold) – Name and Surname
  • Email (e.g. – A valid email address
  • Email Again (same email for verification)
  • Password (xxxxxxxxx) – Use a unique password with letters and numbers
  • Password Again (same as previous password for verification)

Create Amazon Account Step Four – After you have correctly filled out the form, click on “Create your Amazon Account”. By creating an amazon account, you have agreed to Amazon’s conditions of use and its privacy notice. I suggest you click and read those policies before you create an amazon account.

I hope this guide has helped you. If you have any problem or suggestions, leave us a note in our comment area. Thank you.

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