Amazon Credit Card Login | Manage Your Account with Ease

Amazon Credit Card Login | Manage Your Account and Make Payments

Amazon Credit Card Login – Do you want to login to your amazon credit card account? Do you want to manage or make payment with your account? You can do so by going to the chase login portal on their website. There, you will be required to enter your email address and password.  With the amazon credit card, you can earn cash points on every purchase you make on and still get 1% to 3% cash back on every purchase you make on designated places in your community. And there are no annual fees or hidden charges with amazon credit cards. See my post on Amazon Credit Cards – How to Apply for Them to learn more.

You do not have an account with chase? Don’t hassle yourself about it. You can create one by clicking on “Register” on their homepage. You will be required to enter your social security number of tax ID number, your credit or debit number of your preferred account and your preferred user ID. You will also go through the identification, password confirmation verification before your account will be confirmed. Don’t worry pal, it’s not as tedious as it sounds. In fact, in a matter of minutes you will be done with the process and be happy that you did.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this post. Shall we?

Amazon Credit Card login Instructions

Sign in to your amazon account. Attached to “Your Account” icon is a drop down menu. When this menu appears, scroll down and click on “Your Amazon Credit Card Accounts”(It is the 7th item on the list)

Once you do this, another section opens up for you. Here, you can access any or all of your credit card accounts on amazon. Rewards Visa Card

To make payment or manage your Rewards Visa Card, click on the link. This will take you to the Chase online payment platform. Enter your user ID and Password to access your credit account.

If you cannot remember your User ID, click on “Forgot User ID/Password?”. if you have forgotten your password, enter your User ID and then click on “Forgot User ID/Password?”. Whichever be the case, you will arrive at the chase recovery page, There you will enter the information that you used when you were registering for the account. These include your social security or TAX ID number, your Chase ATM/debit or Chase credit card number, etc.

If you are a first time user, click on “New to Chase online” to register. Store Card

To make payment or manage your Store Card, click on the link. You will be taken to a page where you will be required to enter your amazon user id and password.

For forgotten user ID or Password, click on the links designated for it (Find User ID & Reset Password).

If you are a new user, click on “Register”. Once you click on register, then the process begins, you will arrive on a page where you will enter your card number and zip code. When you are done, click on “Continue”. You will be guided throughout the registration process. Corporate Credit Line

To make payment or manage your Corporate Credit Line, click on the link. Once the page opens, move your mouse to “Manage your Account Online” and click.

You will be migrated to their login page and enter your User ID. For password/user ID recovery, click on “Trouble signing in”. If you are new to the game, click on “Get User ID/Password.

Amazon International

If you are not in the United States, You can login to your amazon account via the following international portals

United Kingdom













I hope this post helps you. If you have any problems on how to locate your amazon credit card login portal, drop me a line here with the issue in our comment area . I will be glad delighted to hear from you. Cheers!

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