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Join Ultimate Cycler – Ultimate Cycler is one of the latest ways of making stress-free cash in Nigeria today. So quit complaining about the back-breaking recession in Nigeria. Because while you are busy worrying about the economic condition of the country, other Nigerians are busy making good money from Networking Marketing by joining Ultimate Cycler. Join Ultimate Cycler today and start hanging with the big boys.

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join ultimate cycler here

It is true that Ultimate Cycler is said to be another Ponzi scheme that was created to rip people of their hard earned cash. But I say if I invest N12,500 into something and it pays me N50000 in a matter of days , over time, – If the scheme crashes, I wouldn’t say that I was ripped off or scammed if it made me some good money before it fizzled out.

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It is also true that the ultimate Cycler website has been down for a while now but I think that’s a positive thing. Think about it like this – there’s a massive influx of Nigerians who want to register on the site at the same time. This means that Ultimate Cycler has been so profitable in Nigeria that more people are coming in.

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join ultimate cycler here

Ultimate Cycler Vs MMM

Ultimate Cycler has some similarities with MMM. In both programmes you are entitled to receive financial help from other registered members. However, Ultimate Cycler makes MMM look like child’s play. Registered members of MMM take up to a month before they receive their spillover cash. Whereas it takes within 14 days to receive your spillover cash in ultimate cycler. In MMM you get 30% interest. For example, if you invest N15000 in MMM, you will receive N4500 in interest. However with ultimate cycler, you get 300% interest on a N12, 500 investments. In other words, you will receive N37, 500 in profits plus your initial capital of N12, 500  within 7 to 14 days.

To purchase the complete Project Material, Pay the sum of N3, 000 to our bank accounts below:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0044056891

After paying the sum of N3, 000, send your full name, email address and the title of the project topic as text message to our phone: 07033378184

We will send your complete project materials to your email within 10 Mins after payment.


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join ultimate cycler here

How Does Ultimate Cycler Work?

Below is a summarized step by step point on how ultimate Cycler works.

  • You must have the sum of N12, 500 ($25) before you start the registration process.
  • Join Ultimate Cycler by registering on their official domain or via a member’s referral link.
  • The system will pair you with another member who you will pay N12, 500 to within the next 48 hours.
  • Notify and make arrangements with the receiving party on how to make payment and contact him/her after payment.
  • Once the receiving party confirms payment, he is to acknowledge your payment on his ultimate cycler account.
  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will have full access to the platform. There you can now enter your bank account details, edit and update your account.

How to Join Ultimate Cycler Today.

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join ultimate cycler here

If you want to join ultimate cycler family, click here to register.

  • In your registration process, you will be required to give them the following information:
  • Your First Name: E.g. Emeka
  • Your Last Name: E.g. Ukade
  • Email:
  • Mobile Number: 07012345678
  • Contact Number: You can insert “Mobile Number”
  • Mobile Carrier: MTN/GLO/AIRTEL/ETISALAT (Depending on the one you are using)
  • Username:
  • Enter the captcha code in the box provided.
  • On the subsequent pages, you are to:
  • Agree with the terms and conditions of participating in the programm.
  • Choose your country (e.g. Nigeria)
  • Collect the phone number and call the person with whom you have been matched. Collect his/her bank account details or to pay cash so he/she can confirm and activate your account. Ask them to activate your account immediately. After they have confirmed your payment on their platform, you’ll see your referral link (e.g. It is with this ref link that you can bring in more people under you and get paid faster.

join ultimate cycler here

I hope this post helps you. If you have any question, problems or challenges in respect to joining ultimate cycler, do use our comment box. We will be glad to be of great help to you. Join Ultimate Cycler today and start earning big.

To Register and  Become a member of our Ultimate Cycler Group, Call us on 07033378184.

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  1. Fred Enemuwo says

    I want to be a member


    Long live ultimate cycler

  3. Gift says

    Why can’t. I register?

    • articles says

      Hello Gift. You will be able to register on ultimate cycler as from monday the 12th of Dec 2016. We can help you through the registration process. Call us on 07033378184. Thank you.

  4. amaka says

    The site is opening but can’t register

  5. Augustine says

    someone registered for me with 12500 and he said I will receive 25000 in 2 weeks time, but is getting to 3 weeks now I have not receive any money up til now, please I want to know what is happen.

  6. Thelma says

    I joined this cycle since last year and up until now, I haven’t received any money, what is happening??

  7. Stephen says

    Pls my name is asemota oghogho Stephen I was introduced to ultimate cycler by Benedicta omorogbe I misplaced my login detail please how can I get it back and since I registered I have not been paid

  8. Steve says

    Pls my name is asemota oghogho Stephen I was introduced to ultimate cycler by Benedicta omorogbe I misplaced my login detail please how can I get it back and since I registered I have not been paid

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