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Register PaidRocket with N1000 and Get over N2Million

Register PaidRocket – Paidrocket falls in the same category of ultimate cycler, gethlep, MMM, etc. It is a networking platform or system that ensures that you make tons of money with just N1000 ($2). In this platform, you have the opportunity to participate in a member to member donating of funds in multi-level system and you will pay directly to fellow member’s bank account. Unlike other ultimate cycler which requires a N12, 500 capital to start or MMM which pays 30% interest on investment, with paidrocket you can earn up to N29099520 ($92160) with just a N1000 investment.

So you see that you too can invest in the paidrocket system regardless of your earning power, financial status and the prevalent economic situation of Nigeria.

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How Does PaidRocket Work?

As PaidRocket is an internet based investment system, you must have a laptop, mobile phone or any device that is connected to the internet. With your device, you will go to their official website or through a referral link of an already active member to register yourself. Their official website to register PaidRocket is:

Note: Make sure that you have the required participation money (N1000) before you start the registration process. This is because as soon as you are done with the sign up procedure, you will be asked to pay out the sum of N1000 to a member that the system will match you with. Let me give you an illustration so that you do not get confused at all. When you have finished the paidrocket registration, the system can match you with one “Mr. Temtope Ade”. You will have to go and make the payment of N1000 to the bank account of the member. The system will provide you with the bank account details of Mr. Temtope Ade or any other person you will be matched with.

To Register PaidRocket Account, Click Here

After you have made payment to the bank account of the member you were paired with, you will be a eligible member and can now earn N4000 by referring 4 people by using you referral link. It is at this point that you put in some work and good money starts rolling in. When your 4 persons have paid you N1000 each, that’s your Level 1. Those 4 people will then use their referral link to bring in 4 people each, making it 16 people. Now these 16 people are your level 2 prospects. If you upgrade to level 2, you will need to pay the sum of N2500 to a person that the system will generate for you. Now this person will be two levels above you. Once you make this payment of N2500, the 16 people that are in your level 2 will pay you N2500 each so that they too can upgrade to their level 2. So for the level 2, you will get the total sum of N2500 X 16 people = N40000.If you want to upgrade to the Level 3, you will need to pay the sum of N5000 to another person who is in two levels above you(Don’t worry, the system will pair with you with the person). Now the 16 persons in your level 2 will find 4 persons each, this will come up to 64 people in your level 3. When these 64 people are due to upgrade to level 3, each of them will pay you the sum of N5000. So now you get the total sum of N320, 000. The matrix goes on and on…….. Register now and start getting paid quick cash.

Are you worried about getting people to join? Worry no more! Just register with our link and we will do the rest for you. We already have more than 40 members so far and it really is a blast.

If you Register with the Depaparazi’s Group, You will:

  • Not have to get 4 or more people to register under you. This is because we have more than enough members registering through our link.
  • Our post/article receives more than 1000 views per day. So much more people registering on paidrocket through our link.
  • All you need to do is to pay the initial N1000 and go to sleep. You will be contacted as soon as your interest has been paid to your account and you can upgrade to the next level. This is because the paidrocket system will automatically hand over people who are registering under the same person has already completed his downline to other members of the same group who do not have downlines. This makes the team to grow very very fast.
  • We typically do all the work for you.

To Register PaidRocket Account with our group link, Click Here

PaidRocket Compensation Plan

By Paidrocket compensation plan, we mean how much money is made at each stage and level of the paidrocket system. Let’s go there:


Stage 1 offers four (4) levels.

Level 1: You will pay the sum of N1,000 ($2) to an upline. 4 persons will pay you N1000 each. Total money you will make is N4000. Your interest is N3, 000.

Level 2: You will pay the sum of N2,500 ($5) to an upline. 16 persons will pay you N2500 each. Total money you will make is N40000. Your interest is N37, 500.

Level 3: You will pay the sum of N5,000 ($10) to an upline. 64 persons will pay you N5000 each. Total money you will make is N320000. Your interest is N315000.

Level 4: You will pay the sum of N10,000 ($20) to an upline. 256 persons will pay you N10000 each. Total money you will make is N2560000. Your interest is N2550000.


Stage 2 offers four (4) levels as continuation of the stage 1

Level 5: You will pay the sum of N25,000 ($50) to an upline. 4 persons will pay you N25,000 each. Total money you will make is N100,000. Your interest is N75,000.

Level 6: You will pay the sum of N50,000 ($100) to an upline. 16 persons will pay you N50,000 each. Total money you will make is N800,000. Your interest is N750,000.

Level 7: You will pay the sum of N90000 ($180) to an upline. 64 people will pay you N90000 each. Total money you will make is N5,760,000. Your interest is N5670000.

Level 8: You will pay the sum of N175000 ($350) to an upline. 256 people will pay you N175000 each. Total money you will make is N44800000. Your interest is N44625000.

The cash flow and profits are outrageously incredible! Just with N1000 and registering via our paidrocket link will earn you this much in the shortest time possible! Am already enjoying this money overflow! You can even decide to roll your money around the stage 1 and still make big cash at the end of the day.

Depaprazi’s Paid Rocket Nigeria Team is very active and will earn you money quickly.

How to Register PaidRocket:

To register on paidrocket is very easy. All you need to do is to follow the step by step guide listed below.

Click on this link:

Once the page opens, you will be required to fill in the following details: Your full name (i.e. first and last name), email address and username. After that, click on “Register”. You are done. If you have any questions as to how to go about it or how to locate the person that you will be donating money to, contact us on 07033378184. We will be glad to help. As soon as you are done with the registration process, it time to donate money to the person that you are been paired with. Click on “upgrade” to find the details of the person. You should contact him/her before paying the money to him/her. Once you have made the payment and the member who you paid to has confirmed the payment, it is time to share your referral link among friends and family so that they too can join and make their payments to you. But before you make start inviting other people, make sure that you insert your phone number and account details in the profile area. Your phone number should go to the “Bitcoin Address” area (e.g. Bitcoin Address: 07033378184). Your bank name, account name and number should enter the space provided by “Paypal Email” (e.g. Paypal Email: FIRST BANK PLC, CHIBUZOR ONYEMENAM, 3066880122). Click on “Save” for every one you fill in.

Note that if you do not make any payment to the person that you have been paired within 72 hours you will lose your account. To invest in paid rocket is at your own risk. Nobody will be held responsible for your loss but yourself. Enjoy PaidRocket!

Register Paidrocket with this link:

For any questions and inquiry on paidrocket, you can call us on 07033378184 or use the comment area. Thank you.

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  1. ogunremi samuel says:

    after registering through your link. and possibly refer 4 people and my 4 were unable to refer what we happen to me. will I be able to. move to other level and get paid.

  2. Egbe,Ijeoma Felicia says:

    I want to log in to paid money make

  3. Evang Walter Madu says:

    PLEAS CAN I GET THE ANSWER TO MR SAMUEL OGUNREMI QUESTION which says after registering through your link. and possibly refer 4 people and 4 were unable to refer , what happens to me will i be able to move to another level and get paid.

    1. VISION MEDIA says:

      The generational matrix ends up where there is no more referees,
      Although, nobody wants to be a loser, whoever pays will also like to compel others to do the same so as not to remain at the losing end,
      Finally, you as an upline should as well make it a responsibility to always ginger and mentor your downlines…

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