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Register Ultimate Cycler Now! Ultimate Cycler is by far one of the best and biggest online network business in Nigeria. It falls in the same category of iCharity,Help2Get, Helping Hands and the almighty MMM.  The idea behind Ultimate Cycler is creating and community where members help other members financially. In other words, Ultimate Cycler members donate money to fellow members; this means that there is no Ultimate Cycler central bank account where members pay in cash. You pay money into fellow member’s bank account.

Do you know that by joining Ultimate Cycler, you can be a millionaire in a matter of months?  And the crazy part of it is that you can start with just N12500 alone! We are still coming to the good part. Do you know that with your N12500 you get a whopping sum of N50000 in just days, 2 weeks at worst! Can you imagine that? I know that with MMM, you get 30% interest on your investment over a 30 days period. But with Ultimate Cycler you are making 300% interest in a matter of 7 – 14 days max. Can you beat that?

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register ultimate cycler today

What is Ultimate Cycler (UC)?

Ultimate Cycler is a home based business that was founded by Peter Wolfing. UC is a 2×2 matrix program which offers a compensation plan where members pay directly to members and allows 300% payout on commission. Ultimate Cycler will surely earn you tons of cash within a very short time.

How Does Ultimate Cycler Work?

As Ultimate Cycler is an online based business, you will need to use an internet connected laptop, mobile phone or device. You will have to register on their official website or via a referral link of another member (don’t worry I will teach you about referral link soon). The official domain for Ultimate Cycler is: www.ultimatecycler:com.

To Register Ultimate Cycler Account, Click Here

register ultimate cycler today

Note: Before registering your ultimate cycler account, make sure you have the required money (i.e. N12, 500) to participate in the program. This is because within 48 hours, you will be donating the money to a fellow member as part of terms and conditions agreed upon during the course of the Ultimate Cycler registration. Towards the end of your registration, the system will randomly generate a member who you will make your donation to.

For the purposes of clarity, let me use an illustration – let us say that by the time you were done with the registration you were randomly matched with one Mr Uzor. So you go to the bank and pay N12, 500 into Mr Uzor’s account.Once Mr Uzor gets the confirmation alert of your payment, he will go to his own ultimate cycler account and confirm that he has received your money. Once Ultimate Cycler admin acknowledges Mr. Uzor’s confirmation, they will randomly assign four (4) registered members who will pay the sum of N12, 500 each, into your bank account. Usually, it takes within 4 – 14days for you to get your money with interest back.

But if you want to get your money back within a few days, you can introduce 4 or more people to Ultimate Cycler and have them register through your referral link (I will teach you what a referral link is in a moment).


register ultimate cycler today

So after you have made payment to the member that you were matched with, log into your Ultimate Cycler Account, move your mouse to “My Profile” and click on it, when your profile opens, scroll down to the section that says “Payment Instructions”. You are to delete the default text you see there and enter your bank account details there. Make sure that your bank account details are correct because that’s where other members will be paying your money to.

Be sure to confirm every payment you get from other members so that they too can get other members using their referral link. This will enable the cycle to continue faster.

What is Ultimate Cycler Referral Link?

An Ultimate Cycler referral link is a link that is given out to each member who is invited to participate in the program. This link is unique to each member and appears in your Ultimate Cycler account after you have donated money to another member and he has confirmed your donation on his own portal.  So from our previous illustration, you will receive your referral link after Mr Uzor has confirmed your payment. It is with this referral link that you will use to register other potential members to make your money faster.

register ultimate cycler today

Ultimate Cycler Stages and Earning Summary

With Ultimate Cycler, you stand the chance of not just the N50, 000 in profit but you can earn as high as N1, 600, 000. See the earning summary below for each stage:

Level 1.

You invest $25 (N12, 500) and you get $100 (N50, 000). Your net profit is N37, 500.

Level 2.

You invest $50 (N25, 000) and you get $200 (N100, 000). Your net profit is N75, 000.

Level 3.

You invest $100 (N50, 000) and you get $400 (N200, 000). Your net profit is N150, 000.

Level 4.

You invest $200 (N100, 000) and you get $800 (N400, 000). Your net profit is N300, 000.

Level 5.

You invest $400 (N200, 000) and you get $1600 (N800, 000). Your net profit is N600, 000.

Level 6.

You invest $800 (N400, 000) and you get $3,200 (N1, 600,000). Your net profit is N1, 200, 000.

Important Warning:

Do not for any reason give out your ultimate Cycler login details to anyone. If you are using a public computer in a cyber cafe to access your account, make sure that you log out yourself once you’re done with your account. NEVER instruct the browser to remember your login details. This is because if a fraudulent person gains access to your account, he might have complete ownership of your Ultimate Cycler account by changing your password, and bank account details. By so doing, you must have lost all your cash. You are warned.

Like every other MMM packages, joining ultimate cycler is solely at your own risk. Nobody will take responsibility for any loss but you.

register ultimate cycler today

Click Here to Register Ultimate Cycler

To Register and  Become a member of our Ultimate Cycler Group, Call us on 07033378184.

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  1. When will d link for reg will be ready Pls people are waiting for me ooo to reg them

    1. Hello James. the link will be ready as from monday, the 12th of Dec 2016. You can call us on 07033378184 to confirm. Thank you

  2. When will the link for registration will start I don’t understand few days people are waiting I don’t want them to lose hope…..I should call u are u the Peter dat I will call u man I don’t have dat card

  3. Pls a friend lost her password to UC and email, she she could not have access to her UC act. Her user name is Rebeccaibe

    1. What should she do Pls?

  4. okon itohowo says:

    I have been in de ultimate cycler since last year December.l have not receive my payment ; what is going on ?please Iet me know.

  5. Ohunene Muazu says:

    So what happened for the one i registered before? I was told that the website was been expanded but ever since then my user name and password have been incorrect.

  6. I hv an acct in ultimate cycler thy hv nt pay me

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