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Register PaidRocket – Paidrocket falls in the same category of ultimate cycler, gethlep, MMM, etc. It is a networking platform or system that ensures that you make tons of money with just N1000 ($2). In this platform, you have the opportunity to participate in a member to member donating of funds in multi-level system and you will pay directly to fellow member’s bank account. Unlike other ultimate cycler which requires a N12, 500 capital to start or MMM which pays 30% interest on investment, with paidrocket you can earn up to N29099520 ($92160) with just a N1000 investment. [Read more…]

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Join Ultimate Cycler – Ultimate Cycler is one of the latest ways of making stress-free cash in Nigeria today. So quit complaining about the back-breaking recession in Nigeria. Because while you are busy worrying about the economic condition of the country, other Nigerians are busy making good money from Networking Marketing by joining Ultimate Cycler. Join Ultimate Cycler today and start hanging with the big boys. [Read more…]

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Register Ultimate Cycler Now! Ultimate Cycler is by far one of the best and biggest online network business in Nigeria. It falls in the same category of iCharity,Help2Get, Helping Hands and the almighty MMM.  The idea behind Ultimate Cycler is creating and community where members help other members financially. In other words, Ultimate Cycler members donate money to fellow members; this means that there is no Ultimate Cycler central bank account where members pay in cash. You pay money into fellow member’s bank account. [Read more…]

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