The Impact Of Sales Promotion In The Purchase Intent Of Goko Cleanser


It is patent to state that from the onset of this chapter that there were little or no Literature in the subject matter. In other words, literature available on the impact of sales promotion on the purchase  intent of Goko Cleanser among student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Cover different issue such as:-




Benefit and other Problems

One of the problems that confront the researcher on the subject of sales  promotion impact is the definition.

This is so because criteria are used in the definition of capacity of the industry. While some emphasis on the amount of investment in the sales promotion.

2.2  Review of Current Literature

Clente, (1973) defined sales promotion as those system and channel a firm uses to make its product known for Mass sales of their product with a view for making sales for the company. The federal ministry of industry defined sales promotion as the lest stage from all the stage of product on which it ignored the impact.

The  differentiations of sales promotion are given because of different criteria used by different countries and invest group.

There is hardly any consensus on the matter. That is why both Clerk (1973) and Ogunpola (1979) point ote sales promotion on purchase intent with precision and exactitude is a fruitless effort. You could go on providing words on the subject and succeed only in deceiving out readers in group with burden. Here in Nigeria, some export indifferent fields of studies, have written in favour of rural  industrialization  and sales promotion of company product. For example, ogunpolo(1978) written on employment generation of small industries has recently received a lot of attention in the literature of development planning partly because of  flourishing and expanding of small scale industries on the rural area would be expected  to retend the raid immigration of people from other rural areas to the cities through extensive promotion of their product widely.

Some firms find it difficult to raise capital because of lack of popularity.

To a philosopher oriented towards determining and influencing customer need and want adjusting production to come from demand. The emergency of marketing concept and philosophy introduced a feedback link  buyers and sellers.

Where the wisher and craving of buyers serve as primary determinant of company’s marketing strategies we are un-abundantly affluent society where excessive marketing effort based on the marketing concept can basically be visualized. It is necessary that successful marketing must be turned to the attitude, believer, opinions and image developed by potential customers before embarking on a promotional strategy that will enhance responses to the company’s interest.

In his own contribution martin .A. Johnson said promotion strategy is a controlled integrated programme, communication method and material design to present a company and its product to prospective customers to communicate needs satisfying attributes of product towards them and by facilitating sales and thus contributing to the Long run profit.

In defined problems of allocating advertising expense is the limited state. Robber.W. has asserted that at least  once in a year every company marketing or advertising director in the united States must perform his advertising dollars to various alternating media in order to obtain optimum impact in the market place. Such discussion of how much to allocate for bill board and especially advertising items must be made where there is no other course of action open.

The various media available are not equal in cost and market penetration thus; it is a rare instance where one media solves the marketing directors’ entire problem.        He still emphasized that some form of mix of the various media leads to most effective communication with the market place. But the problem is how does a company go allocating, obviously it is not  an easy  job and mistaken can be costly.

Hon’s holders has defined the best method of allocating of advertising budget to the various media in other to achieve the most effective communication with market  place. He states that advertising is a communication processes that at reading and influencing people with its message. For this reason, Hon’s also determine how advertising budget could be manipulated to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Creating Awareness
  2. Arousing Interest
  3. Creating preference
  4. making Specific proposals
  5. Closing
  6. keeping Sales

In his data collection and analysis, Hon’s Quoted the 1971 bank expenditure conducted jointly by the American Association. He disclosed that seven media are advertising, newspaper, television. Radio, magazine, Bill board and direct mail.


2.3  Summary of Literature Review

Sales promotion as chained by these two writers as a function that complement both advertising and personal selling efforts such as contest premiums, price incentives, company decoration display etc. It is used between producers and customers to stimulate retail sales effort. It is also between producers and customers to stimulate demand since the impact that sales promotion creates needs not to be over emphasized.

2.4 Types of Sales promotion

Sales promotion techniques or device range from immediate techniques  or device incentive. It also includes all those device used as industrial incentives, point of display (POS) and merchandising exhibition and approtionship.

Table 1

Immediate customer Incentive Frequent Rare
Industrial Incentive Occasional Frequent
Point of sales Displays (Pos) Frequent Rare
Exhibition Frequent Frequent
Sponsorship Frequent Frequent


Sales distribution techniques were adopted from Rodern A.N. of marketing the currency press Limited of Britain (1987 p.457)


Immediate Customer Incentive

  1. Free sample
  2. Multiple packs
  3. Free Gift and premium
  4. Adult competition
  5. Children Contest
  6. Cash award for use of Product.
  7. Price cost.
  • Free Sample: Customer are given a small package sample of what a producer have come to know that a reasonable percentage of people do not want to try out newly introduced product for either the fear of being used a quined pios, or because they are not of quality.
  • Multiple Packs: This is sometime referred to as use of multiple Jumbo packs in sales promotion is to net in bigger sales from product that are normally  procured  in regular sizes of the product, the manufacturer may decide to produce bigger size of product and small quantities instead of the product of the regular sizes of the product.
  • Free Gift and premium: A manufacturer may decide to give out a pack of a product to a customer who bought three packs of the promoted items. Another alternative is that all entirely different products may serve as the free item for the item so promoted.
  • Adult Competition: Unlike children contest, adult competition needs bigger prize if it to attract the attention of a reasonable percentage of the adult population. Companies like coca-cola, Pepsi, Guiness, Hi-Malt, etc are some of the Nigeria items that are known to have involved themselves with adult competition to recent times and shall not be  too prolonged.
  • Children Contest:- This is mainly in the form of painting and coloring competition among children. A reasonable number of children are normally invited to the firms premises  for the contest. After the contest prizes are usually given to the best three painted coloured works. After the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize, other children that came to the contest should be given some prices  for their having participated. The cost of children contest is usually low. Some people may start asking why organization should get involved.
  • Cash Award for use of Product: A stimulated amount should be given to any customer who can show prove of having used the promoted product. The firm send out its sales people to give away cash to anyone who have possession or can show evident  of use of the product being promoted. The major objective of this promotional device is to motivate prospect to bring more of the product during campaign period and its only really be enjoyed  by neither purchase non the consumer of the products.
  • Price Cost:     Occasionally, a company engaged in sales promotion campaign may decide to utilize price cuts as an incentive to motivate prospect to buy a promoted item.

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