Sample Eagle Scout Award Recommendation Letter

2929 Bartlett Avenue,
Farmington Hills, MI 48335,

Dear Eagle Scout Board,

It is a privilege to write this Eagle Scout letter of recommendation in support of my student Edward. He is a hardworking student, caring son and helpful friend. I have been his teacher for the last three years, and I must say it has been a pleasure educating, and interacting with such a promising young man.

I first got acquainted with Edward in 9th grade when I became his Art teacher. I usually like all my new students to introduce themselves during my first class. I believe it builds camaraderie and also helps me get familiar with a little bit of the student’s character from the onset. During introductions, Edward stated his name and added that he was a boy’s scout. He was obviously proud of this affiliation. Since that day, I have been a first-hand witness of his obedience, friendly attitude, cheerfulness, respect to his peers and integrity. And I must say; he never fails to uphold the Scouts law.

In terms of leadership, Edward has always been exemplary. As you may be aware, Art class can get quite messy. Edward is always willing to assist in clean up afterwards. He also offers to do the leg work when volunteers are needed to bring certain supplies in order to aid certain practical classes. Beyond the classroom, he has effectively led his peers through numerous scouting activities, displaying tenacity and responsibility beyond his years. Last summer during a camping trip with his troop, unforeseen weather challenges hit and while other troop members panicked; Edward gathered them and reminded them of the scout motto: “Be prepared”. Drawing inspiration from his training, he proposed a shelter building activity. He motivated the scouts with the spirit of team work and delegated tasks to each member depending on each scout’s skills. They successfully built sturdy shelters and bid their time till the bad weather passed.

I have also had the privilege of witnessing John lead his fellow scouts in various community projects. One project his however, is particularly very dear to me. There is a nursery down the street from our school and their signpost was quite faded due to years of neglect. After class one day, Edward met me and told me in a voice filled with genuine concern and compassion that he’d need some blue and white paint from the art lab to help repaint the Nursery’s signpost with the help of his fellow scouts. I obliged but only on one condition, I would have to supervise. A week later, Edward with his troop armed with paint cans, cardboard papers, scissors, and paint brushes, gathered around after school and waited for me. I met up with them and we walked to the nursery school and did justice to the signpost.

In conclusion, I earnestly endorse John for the Eagle Scout award for his outstanding character, unique leadership and devotion to community.

Yours truly,

Halle Bailey
Art Teacher 

Letter 2

485 Hall Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89101,

Dear Eagle Scout Board,

It gives me great pride to write this recommendation letter in favour of my young friend and parishioner, Daniel Ruger. I have known Daniel almost all his life. I actually baptised the little man as an infant. I have watched as he has transformed from a young shy kid into a confident, respectful teenager since he became a boys scout.

Daniel is adored in the church. He is a calm, honest, respectful, and trustworthy boy who is very much devoted to his family and God. Despite his hectic schedule and commitments he is always punctual to church and shows integrity in everything he does. His teachers tell me he is just as astute in his dealings in school as well; obedient to authority and eager to help out his mates wherever and whenever necessary. 

He is a team player who works well with others to achieve group goals. His leadership skills are always on display when given tasks and he does not shy away from responsibility. A few weeks ago we organized a successful youth outreach in the church; Daniel was at the heart of everything from planning, to delegating roles to other members, he did it all. I also hear tales of his leadership attributes among his fellow scouts. One story that encompasses this young man’s influence is one I heard about a year ago. Daniel and his troop had organized a 30km marathon fundraising event for the community, tickets were sold and a date was set. On the day of the event, a tree fell across one of the major pathways to be used for the marathon. There were suggestions from some of the people involved in the planning of the fundraiser that the spot where the tree fell should serve as the finish line for the marathon. But Daniel rallied his fellow troops and asked them to employ their scouts training to try and solve the problem instead of giving up so easy. Different solutions were proffered and at the end it was decided that the tree would be butchered using a chainsaw and rolled away in bits. The plan worked and the marathon went ahead as planned.

Daniel is also a big humanitarian at heart. He has been involved in a lot of community service within the church, in school and during scout projects. In December Daniel and his troop organized a book drive for a local children’s shelter. They collected books from neighbors, family, friends, school, churches, and local businesses and delivered them to the local children’s shelter, providing reading materials and fostering a love for learning among the children in need. After the book drive was successful and done, Daniel ventured out on his own and built a book sharing box in front of the shelter to encourage a cycle of continuous donation of books all year round, to make sure the children never run out of quality reading material .  

Based on the character, leadership and community service that my young friend Daniel has demonstrated in all his endeavours. I am confident in recommending him for the Eagle Scout award. I believe he is an exemplary scout who embodies the values of the scouting movement.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Lookman Ings

Parish Priest, St Dominic Catholic Church

Letter 3

4284 Cameron Road,
Buffalo, 14202,
New York.

Dear Eagle Scout board,

This letter of recommendation is for my apprentice Jane Cosby. My name is Nicole Wuntzay and I am a fashion designer. Jane has been an apprentice at my shop for 8 months, and if I was to write this letter after just knowing this brilliant lady for only a couple weeks, I suspect I’d be as convinced of her deserving this Eagle Scout award as I am now.

Only one adjective cannot capture the true essence of Ms Jane so I’ll just rattle them off. She is hardworking, honest, creative, bold, outspoken, kind, smart, and most of all; reliable. I’ve been alive for many a year, I have encountered countless young women and I will say Jane Cosby is the most reliable teenager I have ever come across. Never shies away from responsibility. Even her peers depend on her for guidance despite being a little green behind the ears herself.

In my shop, we have “design meetings” at the beginning of each week where we discuss upcoming and ongoing projects. From the first week Jane started at my shop, she was very eager to contribute during design meetings. She gave suggestions and asked a ton of questions. By the time she’d spent a month at the shop she was basically anchoring design meetings and helping her fellow staff members with creativity and decision making. 

Finding out Jane was a girls scout proved to be a huge enlightenment on my part in understanding why she was who she was. She has a strong attachment to her society and is always involved in one project or the other. Recently, she organised a detailed community service project to clean up a local park. She broke down the project into smaller tasks and assigned each task to a specific member of the troop, taking into account each person’s strengths and interests. This ensured that everyone was able to contribute in a meaningful way and that the project was completed on time. Jane’s ability to organise and motivate the troop was a key factor in the success of the project.

If her industriousness as an upcoming fashion designer, her leadership ability and her commitment to societal development is any indication of her commitment elsewhere, I am very confident that Jane wholeheartedly deserves the Eagle Scout award. 

Yours faithfully 

Nicole Wuntzay

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