Effective Implementation of Organizational Policies and Procedures in Nigeria Business

Effective Implementation of Organizational Policies and  Procedures in Nigeria Business

The term effective implementation  of  organization policies  and procedure in Nigeria business have been different by different social i.e different school of thought in many ways overtime. Its complexity is such that it carries a number of acceptable  meanings.  It can therefore be applied in different ways with it meanings discernible from content.

MCFARLAND (1974) defined effective implementation of organizational policies  and procedures in Nigeria business as the process which managers create to direct maintain and operated and co-operative of human effort.

It is also the process of getting wings done and equally the process of utilization of resources in relation to attainment of organizational goals  and objective especially in business environment.

It can also be defined as the tools in which managers use in achieving and maximize the organizational goals.

Therefore from the above definitions, it can be understood that the aims and process of effective implementation of organizational policies and procedure in Nigeria business is  deeply roofed in the interaction of people at work, that is in business operation.

Effective implementation of organization policies and procedures in Nigeria  business is primarily a martial activity combined with the work of the following attributes which are planing, organization and controlling the activities of an organization in business  operation for the accomplishment of certain designated goal target and objective which is beckoned on the managers in an organization who do not sit there as  a ceremonials heads rather the have role of implementing the organic function of management in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment in Nigeria business.



The function of effective and serious minded  managers in business operation include the followings:-

Planning, Organizing, Motivation and Controlling.

PLANNING: If group effect is to be effective, people must known  what  they are expected to accomplish.  This is the function of planning.  It is the most basic of all the managerial  functions.  Planning is deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, when to do  it and who is to do it  bridges, the gap from where we are to where we want  from  to go.  As an intellectual demanding process, it requires the  conscious determination of course of action and the basin of decisions on purpose, knowledge, and considered estimates.

This is the  first major function which is guided with effective implementation of that which is been planned.  Through planning, objective are developed for each  level of the business in the organization as well as ways to achieve  these objectives.  Examples of plan that help to accomplish objective are strategies, policies, procedures, methods and budgets. Nonetheless the scope of planning, depth and sequences of analysis differ depending on the size nature and characteristics of the business.

All effective managers in business organization engage in planning.   Nevertheless, the scope  and time impact of the plan  carry  according to the level of each manager since  it says  that the higher one is in any business organization.  The broader the scope of planning and the longer the time  impact.


ORGANIZING: Organizing is the fundamental function for all effective manager in implementation of organizational policies and procedures in Nigeria business  activities.  It involve division of work among  department  and individuals.  That is separation and activities  undertake by different  organs  or department that form an organization.  As work is assigned to each person or department in business operation is given commensurate authority to do there job and held responsible and accountable  for result  or the level of output.  Organizing function encompasses changes in duties, rearrangement of work flow or grant of more authority to an employee.  It is  this, an ongoing process for effective managers and  effective implementation of duties.


MOTIVATING:- (Or Inspiring Morals)  that is  getting the all members of the teams to pull their interest, weight  effectively  to give the loyalty to the group and the task to carry out properly the



Effective controlling is concerned with the following:

i)                   Comparing the outcome / process and effective implementation  of work force  in business  operation.

ii)                Making  necessary corrective measure where  events have deviated or are expected to  deviated from  plans:-  (Hicks H.C  & Gullet C.R)

iii)              Comparing the  objectives with the actual results for the  purpose  of indicating variance from planned performance in the various  spheres of  business operation and  informing the relevant manager of significant deviations (Variances)

iv)              Making decision based on the relevant information, which leads to  plan and the productive assets  and services available to management.

Planning is pre-requisite for effective controlling, without planning, understanding of desired performance will be futile.

Effective controlling is important for many obvious reason, firstly effective implementation of  organizational policies  and procedures in Nigeria business and industrial  objectives are usually different for instance, objective of a business is to maximize  profit and that of a worker is to maximize  income.  These objective  are not identical that is they are not the same to the organization and consequently controlling is needed to reconcile them and ensure that members are to  work towards the organizational policies and procedures  in  Nigeria  business is to enable  them  accomplish their  objectives.

Secondly, effective  controlling  is necessary because  there is always  a delay between  the time policies and the procedures that are formulated by the top managers to  relive subordinate  of the necessity of re-thinking the factors upon which the polices and procedures of the organization was based.

Thirdly, effective  controlling provide  adequate training  facilities to enable the employees learn  how  to do their job effectively through effective implementation of organizational policies and procedures  especially in business operation.

Fourthly effective controlling can be seen  a often  based on  deviation  from planning  performance which can be regarded as  management by exception.  Management by exception is a concept that all management task  to carry out properly the activities allocated  and generally to play an effective part in the operations services or  task  that the  organization has  undertaken.  With this general inspiration  goes a process  of supervision to ensure that the working teams are keeping to the plans and attaining adequate  level of effectiveness and  economy of work.  Therefore the effective  implementation of organizational policies and  procedures in Nigeria  business involving working with true and  active partner  who have common goals, target in achieving the  organization objective.  Effective  and serious minded managers must, therefore create a conducive condition and atmosphere that encourages employees to do their jobs well and  this  goes with incentive which  encourage the workers to put in their best in achieving the organization objective.  And this is what motivation is all  about.  It provide  reward promotion.  Is  also  create condition so that employees can get satisfaction from accomplishing a challenging  task.  It  provide  good and favorable result and  level  of  out put of the business activities.


COUTROLLING:-  Checking current performance against  predetermined  standard and  target contained in the plans with  a view to  ensuring adequate process and  satisfactory performance  whether physical  or financial, also contributing to decision in continuing or changing the plans, as  well recording the experience  gained  from the working of these plans as a guide to possible future operation.

This complete the loop of  effective  managerial  functions.  It evaluates the  results of activities, compares them against predetermined  objectives and have corrective action in necessary and effective implementation should be taken also for   proper flow of business.  The purpose of control in effective function  of  manager in business operation is to defect variations in the behaviour of a system so that control signals can be

Communicated to the appropriate manager, also control is concerned with the guidance of the internal operations of the business to produce the most satisfactory profits at the lowest cost  and the efficient use of resources  to achieve a previously  determined objective or set of  objective contained with mangers to see essential  deviations easily and leads to their immediate  correction of the adverse trend.



In 1893, a company known as elder Dempster was registered in London and was  given authority to distribute coins in Nigeria , later in  that year, Africa Bank Corporation took the  trading to make  corporation took the trading to make it a bank.  In  1894, it was fully  registered in London with head office in level-pool, England.  In May 1894, it opened it First West-Africa office in Lagos , Nigeria , a second branch was opened in 1970 at Calabar.  Then in 1966 merged with stand bank of London and changed its  name of London and changed its name  to standard  Bank  of West-Africa, In  1969, the Bank changed  it name to Standard  Bank of Nigeria with much requirement of  all companies operating  in Nigeria to incorporate in Nigeria in compliance with the  companies degree.  1968 with its headquarters at the marine in  Lagos.  Then in 1977, the name standard Bank of Nigeria was changed to First Bank of Nigeria Plc is  one  of the strongest Bank in Nigeria, with  their shareholders and is functioning  very effectively.  Also first  Bank of Nigeria Plc the  relationships activities  and communication flow are structure by the management function of organizing and this gives  meaning and identify to various parts  of the organization.   The First Bank of Nigeria started it operation with a paid-up capital of 1,200  pound-starlings. The  bank worked  in a close co-operation with the colonial government, in its early  year in performing the traditional roles of a central Bank such as the issue of specie money in the West African sub

-region and managing  the colonial government accounts.

The Bank  expanded rapidly over the year at inception.  Its total assets was E10430 pound –starlings, an  equivalent of N208,060 at that time  and in 1992, it has grown to N17- billion.

Moreover it deposit  base moral from 88000 pound-starlings an equivalent  of  N176000 at that time to N12 billion in 1992.  Again  it staff at inception in 1894 was six made up of

Three  expatriates and three African but this has increased  to  over 10,  000  workers presently.  It has today, this largest network of branches in  Nigeria with it’s 300 branches  spread over the federation and in the City of  London.  The Bank has consistently responded to dynamic market environment by reviewing its corporate entity, organization structure, management policies and operating procedures.

Today, the ownership structure stand  at 87% and  38%  by Nigerians and standard chartered  Bank of  UK respectively.  This superceeds the previous ownership  structure of 44.8%, 38% and 17.2% by federal government, standard  chartered Bank and Nigeria. Public respectively.

Since 1947 the  bank has continue to maintain leadership position in long term financing and development of the economy it presently has one of the largest portfolios of diversified loans in the country and credit facilities to various sectors of the economy.  It has the best record in rural Banking and its  agricultural credit facilities.  The  agricultural credit facilities.  The community forming loan scheme  has given peasant farmer access to bank credit.  The bank has worn for consecutive years, the first  position at the central Bank of Nigeria (i.e C.B.N) farmers merit ward for financial reporting in the banking sector conducted in 1992.  The  bank has been alive  to it social responsibilities.  It has made immense contributions to worthy social, philanthropic,  educational,  cultural and sporting events.  Its  primary objective is to remain true to its name at all time as the heading financial  Institution in the country, by providing to its customers, across the nation and  beyond, within the boundary of regulating, within the boundary of regulating policies, the best banking services available.


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 Effective Implementation of Organizational Policies and  Procedures in Nigeria Business

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