Drug Abuse – Its effects and Solution

Drug Abuse – Its effects and Solution

Drug Abuse – Its effects and Solution 

WHAT IS DRUG? A drug is said to be an illegal substances that people take, smoke, inject e.t.c for the physical and mental effect it has.
THE MEANING OF ABUSE: is to take or use something in a way that is wrong or harmful to the user. Abuses are to misuse anything in access.
CONCEPTS OF DRUG ABUSE: drug abuse has since be define by many scientist. Olikeh (1980) described drug abuse as a substance that is use when it is not pharmacological or physically necessary. It can also be the misuse of anything in access. Bascom (1961) defined it as a situation whereby the dosage of drug or substances is exceeded by the user.
CAUSES OF DRUG ABUSE: there is no single cause of drug abuse but the most persuasive elements producing students addicted to drug abuse is on parents who devote more of their time to pursuit of money than child care. Ezeku (1985) stressed that the power in balance in the family can also contribute to drug abuse by the children. The children as left to themselves while the parents exchange their parental love for money.
Olikeh J.A (1982) also suggested that social disorganization link with this social malaise. Most urban parents insist on educating their children in order to achieved the desired urban goal, since, the school system has failed to provide options of achievements for those of the populations who academically inclined that opportunity should exist outside the fall walls of the school for attaining excellence an self actualization unlike traditional society where avenues for excellence are clearly spelt out.
There are many effects of drug abuse examples are mental alertness, sleeplessness, irritability, boldness, lack of concentration, aggressiveness shortening of life span, physical and mental damage.
The sedative action of drug controls the student’s excessive and painful anxieties, this stimulant action of drugs induces a feeling confidence and makes him find identity amongst others.
Olaruwa (1974) observed that abuse of drugs such as caffeine which is normally use to cure hanger and gain strength drought in the northern part of Nigeria affects the central nerves system.
Pela (1981) states that the use of alcohol apart from shortening life span and damaging of physical health, the social and economical damage of self is usually gastritis and irritation of the stomach lining, this is one of the several factors that reduces drinkers appetite.
So also Ezekwu (1988) says since learning is behavioral change, drug abuse which evolve from experience is therefore a learning behavior, Ezekwu sees drugs as a reinforcer and holds that evidence from chemical studies reveals that certain drugs provide inherent gratification.
Oshodi (1981) feels that the major reason for alcohol abuse among secondary school students in Benin psychological attempt to feel better, reduce pleasure with other special factors such as seeking god times to celebrate, some students according to Oshodi use drugs because of peer group pressure confusion of self image and availability of alcohol and cigarettes.
Furthermore, self modifications are known to have caused many special problems. A lot of criminal arts one committed under the influence of drugs.
SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS OF DRUG ABUSE: so many solutions have been suggested by so many scientist, politicians, economist, psychiatrist, sociologist and so on.
Since, we have agreed that illicit drugs are illegal and there are law made by the government bounding the sale of hard drugs. These laws should be given a better judgment example making the punishment to be hard on the peddlers and users.
Parents should take it has a challenge upon themselves to guide their wards on the dangers of alcohol and hard drugs (cannabis) which is common among out youths, there should be a way parents are to relate with their wards to know if they are on drugs and to look for a psychiatrist to help solve your child’s problems.
So also, a case work, this is a sociological method whereby help is given to the individual case by case in order to resolve, alleviate and prevent those of their daily lives. It is an individualized approach to solving the problems of drug abuse the client is helped to cope with his or her problem as a far as age, mental and physical status are concerned.
Then, there is group work which is a scientist method of social work, which helps abusers to enhance their social functioning through purposeful group experiences and to cope more effectively with their personal group and community problems. The abusers can be introduced to new ideas, skills, change attitudes, and improve their personality.
Furthermore, community organizations is a scientific action or design taken to meet the drug abusers and the people that compose the community in order to identify and define the social, biological and psychological needs of the community with the aim of providing them, thereby solving their problems with results in a change in the community.

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