Computer An Important System In The Processing Of Accounting Information


Akinlade; T. O: The computer is many things to many people to some, it is terrible complex invention which is best avoided while to others it is the ultimate solution to all problems. These are only two examples of several misconception about the computer.

While the former view depicts a deliberate and ultimately futile attempt to ignore an overwhelming technology development other the later view is rather simplistic as it invariable leads to disappointment and frustration.



          Computer is an electronic device which on receipt of an appropriate input, is capable of processing the input according to set of previously supplied instruction and making the result (output) available if desired.

According to Chukwu D.C. it can be said to be an “electronic gadget that with the aid of human guidance accurately speeds up work and aids management in decision making.

Ogidon R.I. “ a computer is a complex system of electronic, capable of solving problems accepting data, performing prescribed operations on the data and supplying the results through an output unit such as Visual Display unit (Monitor) and (Printer)

Basically, computer can do the following

  1. Mathematical operation such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
  2. Comparisons of numbers, letters or symbol with one another to determine if they are the same or different.
  3. Performance of additional mathematical operations based on the result of its previous computation and comparisons
  4. Issue of message e.g. calculation of results, processing errors and operate message etc.
  5. Recognition of positive and negative numbers and zero.
  6. draw graphs such as Pic chart, line, group, histographs, bar charts etc.
  7. Draw pictures such as Maps automobile aircraft.
  8. Carry out design arts of various types.


          Computer as was known them today, have only been around for less than half a century, computing is, therefore a very recent phenomenon indeed. However before the middle of the 20th century, there were several attempts at constructing machines which in the main time performed calculations quickly and automatically. Notable among the successful attempt were:

  1. The Chinese Abacus dating back to about 500BC version of which are still in user today.
  2. The calculating machine by the French mathematician and philopher Blaise pascal in 1642.
  • The Joseph jacquard technique for controlling the operation of a wading 100m in 1804
  1. The annalistic Engine by the English mathematics Charles Babbage about middle of the 19th century
  2. The punched card and electrical tabulating machine developed by Hermon Hollenth for United State Accounting Machine (based on Holloriths design) which were used in the early part of this century for such thing as payroll, billing etc. this machines are now mostly absolute.

In Nigeria the early use of computer could be traced to 1945 when Nigeria ports Authority acquired a computer to help them in their operations.

According to Adekunle A. “Computer is the latest craze in Nigeria today and will continue to be relevant to be relevant as the country develops.



          According information system is defined as a financial information system which dudes accounting firms, records, reports on employee work assignments and internal control procedure design to fit the particular need of the business.

Glautier and under down said that: it include the equipments procedures aid services used to process financial data to produce the feedback in the form of statement and reports necessary for management controls.

The computerized information system to the accountant, can be seen as “ accounting information system” thus ASEHEME noted that the organization of ais varies from one company to another. There are two basic approach entails placing the computer system at part of the financial controllers (chief accountant) office. This happens in small applications predominate. But it is more common today to find computer installation that are separate from the accounting department and that handles application of both accounting and non accounting types. A typical organization charts of large installation is shown below.

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