Effective Ways of Controlling Erosion in a Building Site in Selected Sites


Bernard Huss (1953) defines erosion as something that takes away the five soil rich in plant-food. The word erosion means” gnawing away” and has the same root as hats or mice, but in soil erosion the thing which is engaged in gnarring is the farmers greatest friend, the water which however, can also become his greatest energy. If not properly managed. [Read more…]

Production of Wood Adhesive

 Production of Wood Adhesive

 Production of Wood Adhesive – It is not actually sure to say with precision when the technique of adhesive was first used. But it’s use can be traced as far back as 400BC when natural resins and bitman were being used. History made us to know that Egyptians used starch and cassava during the era of Pharaohs. The claims can be attested to because of the discoveries of glued cedre-wood chest and other glued objects which were found in the tumb of Tukankhanam (1356 BC) [Read more…]

Corn Shelling Machine – its Design and Fabrication

Corn Shelling Machine  – its  Design and Fabrication

Corn Shelling Machine  – The increasing usage of corn makes it imperative and significant for the designing of corn shelling machine to enables it for a large quantity production. The previous various ways of shelling corn such as hand method lacks merit and requires so many time consume for one to shell a basket of corn, [Read more…]

Information Communication Technology and Human Development in Nigeria

Information Communication Technology  and Human Development in Nigeria. The Application and Challenges

Information Communication Technology – This research work started with an introduction which describes information theory as representation of the conditions and parameters affecting the transmission and processing of information. The historical background was traced from the creation of the telegraph and telephone int1844 by the American inventor Samuel Morse between Washington DC. [Read more…]

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