Morality And Reason in Thomas Aquinas Philosophy:A Critical Analysis


Aquinas was born (1224/25-74), of the family of the counts of Aquino, at the castle of Roccasecca, near Naples in the winter. He received his early education at Monte Cassino and the University of Naples. He joined the Dominican friars when he was nineteen, and studied under Albert the Great in Paris for three years. From 1248 to 1252 he collaborated with Albert in the foundation of a Dominican Institute of General Studies. Subsequently he lectured as Dominican professor in Paris until 1259. [Read more…]

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities – Get your own Philosophy Project Topics here! These Research /Project topics below has duly been researched and approved. All Philosophy Project topics here contain the complete relevant chapters required.You can view the chapter one or table of contents of any of them before payment. To do so, text the topic of the project material, its serial number and your email to  (eg: Panacea To Nigerian Predicaments In The Light Of Soren Kierkegaard’s Authentic Existence (,01 ,infopnig@gmailcom) [Read more…]

Marxist Doctrine Of Alienation – It’s Relevance To The Nigerian Society

Marxist Doctrine Of Alienation  – It’s Relevance  To The Nigerian Society

Karl Marx was born in May 5, 1818, in the City of Trier (Rhenish Prussia) Germany. He was born into a Jewish family that later renounced the Jewish faith to embrace Christianity. His father was a lawyer.1 At the age of 17, Marx entered the University, first at Bonn and later in Berlin where he read law, majoring in history and philosophy. He concluded his University course in the University of Jenna, in 1841, where he obtained his Ph.D. degree, submitting a doctoral thesis on the Philosophy of Epicurus.2 [Read more…]

Existence and the Individual

Existence and the Individual        

“Existentialism insists on a return to the singular, to the individual real-life human being.”[1] This presupposes that there has been a trend which was on in the philosophical world. That philosophical trend that came immediately before existentialism was the metaphysical idealism which was capped up in Hegelian philosophy of Absolute spirit which considers anything that cannot be universalized including man to be unimportant. [Read more…]

The Nigerian Political System

The Nigerian Political System

The geographical area that is known as Nigeria today is a composition of divergent ethnic groups, tribes, dissenting cultures, and like the rest of the African world, varying religious traditions. Yet, by the amalgamation act of 1914, it came to be known and referred to as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The present political situation of Nigeria is infected with myriads of problems, a sign of weak foundation and invariably weak superstructure made worse by bad leadership and administration. [Read more…]

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