Boko Haram in Nigeria

 Boko Haram in Nigeria

Boko Haram is the Islamic sect that have emanated from the northern part of Nigeria agitating for cancellation of western education in Nigeria and also to make Nigeria and  Islamic country.  They are the Islamic fanatics that are using religious to carried out their destructive plans on the innocent Nigerians.

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The basic function of the media in making sure that their menace come to an end in this great nation is through the following ways:

–      Sensitization of Nigeria populace

–      Education of the Nigeria populace

–      Mobilization of the people

–      Advocacy   on behalf of the people to the government to increase more security or surveillance

–      Informing the people about the activities and strategies of the organization, body or group  called Boko Haram.


Boko Haram  is the Islamic groups that started carrying   out their  evil intension and action on Nigerians since late last year their first place of operation was Bauchi state police stations, second was outside Eagle square Abuja after last year independence celebration, thirdly   was  the bomblast on united  Nations office in Abuja killing about twenty- six expatriates.

To purchase the complete Project Material, Pay the sum of N3, 000 to our bank accounts below:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0044056891

After paying the sum of N3, 000, send your full name, email address and the title of the project topic as text message to our phone: 07033378184

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Boko Haram, the Islamic fanatics that came from the northern Nigeria has become a serious threat to the security of lives and properties in Nigeria, Boko Haram groups does not know what they want  because what they are saying can never be possible as long as this great nation is concern, the cancellation of western education and making Nigeria an Islamic country will be practically impossible. Boko Haram groups activities and operation is a threat to the national security, also their operations does not give peace, harmony,  unity and love a place or chance in this country.

 Theoretical Frame Work

The appropriate theory that suitable for this piece  of work is called “hypodermic Needle” (Bullet theory) this is the earliest propounded theory by sociologists and psychologists respectively, this theory compare media messages to that of hypodermic needle or bullet theory, that the effects of media messages in human society does exactly what the bullet does when the person who owns the gun shot it that without delayance the bullet will go and carries out the expected functions.

In the same vein the media messages of functions in this particular period that Boko Haram groups are ravaging the lives of Nigerians without mercy with their suicebomb  media should expected to  do.  The essence of media functions is to effect a change in the society, meanwhile, the media functions in this regard are numerous but if the society will  embrace what the media will do through their programmes then hope will be given to Nigeria populace. Particularly broadcast media (Radio)  is the most effective medium or channel for such message to get to the target audience.

The Body of the Paper

In the introduction alots have been said about the groups called Boko Haram, they are Islamic fanatics that are agitating for stoppable or cancellation  of western education in Nigeria and also saying that Nigeria as a country should be made an Islamic country.

This Islamic sect or groups are fighting Nigerian over two issues

–      Cancellation of western education in Nigeria

–      Making Nigeria an Islamic country.

This is not the first groups in Nigeria that have come up with request, in the previous years in the Niger-Delta states or south-south region of Nigeria some groups came and they are called “MENG” meaning movement for the Emancipation of Niger-Delta, their own agitation was to control their resources which the petroleum  that was gotten from their region then those groups does not kill innocent Nigerians but they are only kidnapping the foreigners who are working with those on companies in those region and ask for ramson for their release. But 1999 during  the blessed memories of late president Yar’adua the federal government granted the people of that region amnesty and peace and was restored in that region and  in Nigeria as a whole. Since the amnesty programme commenced in the Niger-Delta, region the issue of kidnapping oil workers become things of the past.

 Boko Haram and Destructive Tendencies.  

The tendencies of Boko Haram groups is not the positive tendencies on their region like movement for the emancipation of  Niger-Delta (MEND) but Boko  Haram groups is purely destructive in nature, in actions and in operations.

Boko Haram groups or sect are really agents of satan on mission in Nigeria, because what they are demanding for does not worthy it, because for Nigeria that have over 140 million peoples and over 250 languages or ethnic groups  for some groups to come up and said that western education should be can celled  and Nigerian should become an Islamic country  will be practically  impossible.

Boko Haram groups are really out for a mission of killing Nigerians because their  demand or request can never be granted in their favour,  already it is been enshrined in our country’s  constitution that every body is free to join any religion of his or her choice as long as the religion does not jeopardize the peace of the nation, therefore no groups should force Nigerian to join their groups, using destructive measures will not help the matter rather than worsen the whole situation, in Nigeria in freedom of worship is allow in the supreme document which is the constitution of Nigeria.

Media Reportage of Boko Haram Operations    

The media is the hope of common man, media should be objective in their reports of Boko Haram operations in Nigerian so that the Nigeria populace will not be in confusion, media have power, the society believed so much in the media messages.

Therefore. Unnecessary exaggerations should be avoided by the media practitioners particularly now that the country is passing through security threat and challenges from Boko Haram groups or sects. The  most amazing about Boko Haram groups operations was that those  groups started their destructive operations with the security agents particularly the Nigerian police force, their first operations in Bauchi state was the burning of police stations killing some police men who are duty and carrying away their arms.

Basically, what the media will do about Boko Haram groups or sects operation in Nigeria are as follows:

–      Awareness creation

–      Advocating

–      Mobilization

–      Sensitization

–      Information

–      Education

–      Appealing

–      Organizing crusades to discourage the fellow Nigerians

–      Making unity, harming and love messages the centre of their programmes.

–      Telling Nigerians to be security  conscious at all times

–      Alerting the Nigerian populace and also teaching Nigerians how to be at alert at all times and everywhere.

The actions mentioned above and much more is what the media can do to help Nigerians from Boko Haram menance  in Nigeria, no nation can record any meaningful development in any sectors where there is always bombing of public places, killing the people in the work places, market squares and schools, therefore media and government should work in collaboration to fight this Boko Haram menace in our society.


The expectations of the Nigerian from the media concerning the Boko Haram operation in the country is to give   accurate, fair and objective reports about their operations and also to senstise, advocate and educate Nigerians on how to escape the destrucive strategies of Boko Haram groups by always be at alert security conscious always, know whom you are living with be sure your environment is free from the bombing substances.

The Media is the hope of Nigerians by giving them news of encouragement about Boko Haram operations not to be given threaten and fearful nessages that can cause emohional trauma in the lives of Nigerians.

In the time like this sentimeutal, tribal message or bias news presentation must be avoid to avert further destruction in the system.

Meanwhile, let all Media messages gear toward improving the  harmonious relationship among Nigerians regardless of their ethnic groups, gender social status and educational affiliates, we believed in one Nigeria.


In conclusion, the media should be conscious of what to say this period of trial in the whole Nigeria as a country, the media message at this time should be the message of hope, eacouragement, harmonious relationship among Nigerians against all odds in our society.

Media should as a matter of delivering their statutory functions still stand on their basic functions of informing, educating, advocating, sensitising, shaping people’s mentality discouraging people from negative tendencies that produces negative actions. That all media houses or outlets in the country should have one message which is  ‘’united we stand and division we fall’’   also that all media should encourage harmonious relationship among Nigerians regardless of gender, social status, academic backgrond, but we should embrace each other as one nation, ethnicity, and sentimental messages should be discarded. Let us embrace peace, harmony love and progress in the country.


(1)   To eradicate Boko Haram’s operations is a collective effort of all and sundry in the country

(2)   Government at all levels should put their resources together to fight this menace to the end in order that peace and harmonious relationship will be in the land.

(3)   Government agencies should use dialogue and resolutions in tackling this issue that have been ravaging the lives of Nigerians.

(4)   The fight of Boko Haram menance in Nigeria demand all in the land governmental, non-governmental organisations, public and private  institutions come together to fight the menace

(5)   Media in the country should stand on their functions of informing, educating, mobilising, sensitsing, advocating, the Nigerians    on the operations of the groups called Boko Haram


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