An Over-View Of Local Government Finance In The New Millennium

An Over-View Of Local Government Finance In The New Millennium


This work is undertaken in response to the vexed question of mismanagement improper harnessing of revenue and ineffective control and accountability of local government finance in Nigeria. no doubt there has been a trend of mismanagement of the council revenues. This situation dove fails to the last millennium and has adversely affected grassroot development.

It calls for a reversal of the friend for proper generation of revenues, for proper accountability of funds available to the councils for even development etc in the new (third) millennium.
To realize these onerous objectives this research is made it attempts at analyzing the problems and prospects of the third tier of governments in the third millennium of our Lord.
However this research work is confined to Igbo-Etiti local government council, Enugu since we cannot review the writes 774 local government councils in the country within limited scope of the reason for this confinement is obvious. It is informed by the nature and character of the academic respondent with its peculiar scope and limited resources to do otherwise within the circumstance would have been unusual ” a situation analogous to stretching the skin of a rat to cover an elephant.
The project undergous for chronological chapters with the first chapter highlighting the introduction with its background, scope, significance etc.
Chapter to reviews available literature on the problem and underscores the structure, constitutional basis and reforms of the local government systems, their revenue sources and expenditures their statutory roles etc. the project reaches its climase in the third chapter which is the over-view of Igbo-Etiti local government finance in the third millennium of our Lord as a case study of local government finance in Nigeria.
The study is wound up in the fifth chapter with summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion. This was facilitated by the presentation. Analysis and interpretation of Data in Chapter four.

Title page II
Approval page III
Dedication IV
Acknowledgement V
Abstract VII
Table of contents IX

Chapter one
1.0 Introduction 1
1.01 Background of the study 1
1.02 Statement of the problem 2
1.03 Objectives of the study 3
1.04 Significance of the study 4
1.05 Scope and limitation of the study 5
1.06 Statement of hypothesis 7
1.07 Definition of terms 8
1.08 Research design and methodology 10

Chapter two
2.0 Literature review 12
2.01 What is local government? 12
2.02 Local government administrative structure 13
2.03 History of local governments in Nigeria (local government reforms) 16
2.04 Functions of local government 18

Chapter three
3.0 An over-view of Igbo-Etiti local government finance in the new millennium 21
3.01 Igbo-Etiti local government sources of revenue in the new millennium 21
3.02 Problem and prospects of Igbo-Etiti local government finance in the new millennium 24
Chapter four
4.0 Presentation, analysis and interpretation 29
4.01 Test of hypothesis 32

Chapter five
5.0 Summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion
5.01 Summary of findings 34
5.02 Recommendations 35
5.03 Conclusion 36
Bibliography 37
Appendix 39

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