Twitter Sign Up – How to Sign up on Twitter

Twitter Sign Up – How to Sign up on Twitter

Twitter Sign Up – Are you new on the internet and want to sign up on twitter? You are in the right place! All you will need to do is to follow all the detailed steps listed below.You can also read on How to Create a Yahoomail Account and How to Create an Amazon Account.

7 Steps to Twitter Sign up:

Go to the Twitter Official Website, on the top left side of the home page you will see “Sign up”, click on it

  1. Select an account name. This is what you will be known by on Twitter (that is, your @ name). I will advise that you use your real name, or your initials. For example, I’m @AwesomeUzor. I’d have wanted something else but all other options were already taken. Also, ensure that your profile name isn’t too long. Twitter has a 140-characters limit; so make your name short and easy to remember.
  2. Upload an image of yourself, not a logo. This is important, if you want people to be able to connect with you on a personal basis because most people do not like relating to individuals who are vague. So do not upload a cartoon image, neither should you settle for the defaultĀ  picture from your “pictures folder” on your PC. Every time you post a tweet, your profile picture is shown, and this distinguishes you from all other tweeters.
  3. Update your Bio. In 160 characters, you can briefly define who you are, what you do for a living, hobbies, and etcetera. Make it interesting and sociable, so that others can connect with you. Just be yourself. I have found out that you can follow anyone or have people following you just because of what they read in your bio. This has happened to me a number of times and i have found some awesome fellas that way.
  4. If you own a website, Twitter provides a column on your profile, where you can add your website. Even if you have no website, you can put a link to your blog, or to any online page where people will find more information about you – like your profile on Facebook or LinkedIn. Any which way, just ensure that you fill the space.
  5. Follow specific people. Now, i’m not saying you should line up right behind celebrities; even though you can follow whoever you choose. Follow people who are relevant to your cause, whether personally or business-wise. Try not to follow too much at the beginning; you might just get confused. You could look at those who are following the profiles who have the same/similar kinds of clients as yourself.
  6. Start tweeting. As you get involved in how it runs, you’ll become more experienced. Learn from those who have been there longer than yourself. Ask questions, join some conversations. Don’t start out being too serious and intellectual; add a pinch or two of fun.
  7. Monitor your conversations. It is important that you do this. Always note who is talking to or about you at every particular time. A lot of people do not do this, and others forget. One major aspect of Twitter is conversation! You should try to stay in touch at all times, speaking and responding to people, and joining conversations.

Twitter Features

Direct Messaging

These are more like private chat messages which are sent from one twitter user to another user which they follow and who follows them back, or to the public. Thus, you are unable to send direct messages to a user who you do not follow and does not follow you. Direct messages are the only channel through which private conversations can take place. They are more like emails that are restricted to just 140 characters per message.


‘RT’ing, as it is also called, is done when you wish to post a tweet that another person has previously posted, to your own followers. It is very simple to do this. has a native retweet functionality. This feature is inbuilt into many mobile and desktop applications, and provides the easiest way to retweet stuff. The tweet at the bottom displays a native retweet, and it has a small symbol in the top-left corner and indicates who retweeted it at the top.

Another common way you can retweet posts is by copying the entire post, plus the tweeter’s username, and put RT in front. Your followers automatically know that what you’re posting was said by that person. One other way you can also easily retweet posts is to quote the tweeter by saying “via @ username” e.g via @ AwesomeUzor, right after the copied post. Ensure that you do not replace the real owner of the tweet with the newest user to RT it.

Hashtags Concept

Hashtags are used to tag certain tweets, so that other twitter users can see posts on the same topic. Hashtages have no spaces or punctuation, and they usually have a ‘#’ at the beginning. Many times, organizers of concerts and conferences tell their invitees and those scheduled to attend, to put a specified hashtag in their tweets to create awareness and get feedback about the programme. By using hashtags, trending topics and issues can be developed by Twitter users. For example, one user may start a cool conversation by simply creating a hashtag.

On a final note, hashtags are also used in punctuating statements or jokes on the network. A number of twitter users create lengthy hashtags to make fun.

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