Time Management, Time Managementan Effective Tool in Today’s Business



Effective time use in an organisation leads to a profound impact on productivity. And if you really do want to begin to organize your self, you could  start by keeping a log of the task you perform during a week. Then think  about how you should be spending your day and decide which task take priority. But before you can analyse your time log you need to know your purpose of joining that firm that is the purpose to assist the organisation, you should know the activities that makes up your time and also analyse your job for a profound productivity.

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Business organisation is a decision making unit that set out to produce a product, the form goods or services. It can say to mean activities of making buying and selling. From the above you can see that any business organisation has a lot of activities to undergo before achieving it main primary objective that is profit maximization. Such activities of business organisation include production, motivation, decision making etc. and for any above activities he need to manage time and manage the cost incurred in producing the goods so that he can produce the required good or service at the required time and also at a low cost and produce a qualify and required product for to manage is to forecast & plan, to organize, to communicate, to coordinate and to control. During production process, if the manager involve does not manage time effectively he might not produce the required product which is required of him at the end of the day. Even the marketing manager cannot achieve the organizational objective without him knowing how to manage and utilize his time.

Finally, unless those involve in the management of a business organisation manages themselves and time effectively there is no amount of ability, skill experience or amount of ability, skill, experience or knowledge that will make such manager effective. And it is when those involve in the management of an organisation manage there time and the business effectively will there be organizational development.



To get more work done in a small time begins by planning time inventory/log. It is necessary because we need the revelation of the provide the determination to manage our selves more effectively in the respect for the benefit of time management are not limited to time savings. Again is that by planning our work we will be able to produce more product in a less time due to the fact that we have adopted the technique of time. And time which is well utilized in a business organisation controlled of time for when they are able to utilize the limited time which they have to produce large quantity and require quality at the particular time . it is needed in a less time.

And again, in order to create an advantage through time compression the organisation need to create new opportunity and this rely so much on different abilities. Reading to changes requires that new competencies must be developed to form new or better forms of competitive advantage in that business organisation. Creating new opportunities to exploit the markets of the future enquires the building up of entirely new competencies, for example, in new technology. Time based strategies provides a techniques that can be used to help develop these new competencies time management provided the means to optimize the use of time in an organisation and can motivate an organisation towards competing a changing environment.



As we have seen the steps that can channel us to creating and developing a vision and target we need also to know how to create an environment for a change in our business organisation. The objective of a change programme is not just to change the company once. What is required is the development of a capability to change increasingly quickly and at an increased frequency. And in that way the company can be able to constantly react to its environment and in doing so increase it changes of survival.

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