Police Public Relations as Mechanism for Improving Police Community


According to Ogbemi (2004:17), “Public Relations has been a terrible victim of misconceptions and misunderstanding”. It has often been mis-understood as publicity, sales promotion, advertising, sales promotion advertising marketing and so on. There is no doubt that they are much related but they are not one and the same thing. It could be described as a combination of all of them and even more. [Read more…]

Public Relations as a Management Function

Public Relations as a Management Function

Every a public relations officer must or will was faced the problem of lack of confidence.  Not so much in himself as in the value of the job he has to do.  In some causes, this is because of a failure by those in the management to appreciate fully the purpose and objectives of public relations in others, it is because of the appointment of the incompetent wrong officer who does not understand the subject or lacks the personality to convince those around him of its importance.  Yet in others there is a misguided sense of economy, which postulates that public relations is an expensive luxury.  This line of thought often leads to the appointment or the transfer of a man or woman to the post on the ground that he or she likes meeting the public or some other poor reasons.  Modern public relations practice is an indispensable instrument of any management public relations principles into management decisions. [Read more…]

The Role of Public Relations in Building Corporate Image

The Role of Public Relations in Building Corporate Image

The following are important  in reviewing  literature related to this study

a.       The origin and concept  of public relations

b.       The place of public relations in an organization

c.       Corporate public

d.       Corporate image

e.       Social responsibility [Read more…]

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