Cost Accounting Information and Price Determination

Cost Accounting Information and Price Determination

Since the project is dealing with cost which is universally accepted as a measure of value, we shall not demarcate foreign related literature and local related literature as such. And since we are dealing with cost and its effects on pries, we shall review both not so in independently, that is, both cost and price are to be reviewed and analyzed concurrently where possible.

The study “cost Accounting information and price determination’ in a nutshell refer to cost information as an input data which management uses in its pricing policy decision. This task of providing cost information to management according to Allah R. Drabin in his book ‘Managerial accounting, an introduction “consist of the following. [Read more…]

Cost Accounting Information – Its Effectiveness in Price Determination

 Effectiveness of Cost Accounting Information in Price Determination: A Study of Nigeria Bottling Limited, 9th Mile Corner Enugu State

  Cost Accounting Information – Accounting serves as language of business, language refers to as a means of communication. Accounting deals with recording, measuring and reporting the income and expenditure of an organization to two separate groups of people i.e. the managers and owners. The basis of accounting which focus on recording making is known as book keeping is mainly concern with the analysis classification and recording of financial data relating to business operation in a significant and orderly manner. [Read more…]

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