How to Start a Blog in Nigeria – Part 1

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria – Part 1

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria – Within the last few years, blogging has become a very popular phenomenon in Nigeria. Now you hear people introduce themselves as “bloggers”, vloggers of internet entrepreneurs. Blogging has come to stay in Nigeria and like any other profitable business is enormously sought after by Nigerians today for a lot of reasons –how to start a blog in nigeria

  • Won’t you love to work full time from the comfort of your home?
  • Won’t you love to be your own boss and work when you want to?
  • Won’t you love to start a million Naira business with little capital?
  • And won’t you really love to make tons of cash just working few hours every day?

Did I hear you answer “YES”? Then join Linda Ikeji and my humble self to make several millions as passive income by taking the initiative to start a blog in Nigeria. However, before we go into how to start blogging in Nigeria, am going to debunk some misconceptions Nigerians have about blogging.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Whoever told you that once you start a blog, you are a rich lied to you. Making a kobo from this business involves a lot of hard work. In fact you can even work for 3 – 4 months without any result to show for it.  So if you are looking to make some quick cash from blogging, now is the time to stop reading.  However, if you persist, you will definitely get to a place where you will be smiling to the bank on a daily and monthly basis. One of my mentors once told me that working as a blogger entails that you work so hard like no entrepreneur does for a few years and then you retire from hard work for the rest of your life. That is so true. Am experiencing the first stage of my retirement as I write this article.

Blogging is not just about getting any domain name and hosting a website, writing a few articles, then sit down and wait for the money to start rolling in. If you do this, you will grow as old as Methuselah and won’t make a penny.

Blogging should not be seen as a full time job until it has started fetching you good money that can cover your needs. I advise people who are interested in blogging to remain in their paid employment while they are still working at their blogs because you may not start earning money from your blog for a while – say 3 months. And when the money starts coming, it comes in trickle before it starts flooding in.

Blogging is not internet scam. Some people see bloggers as internet scammers and most yahoo -yahoo boys call themselves bloggers. Well, they are not the same. Blogging comprises of legitimate ways of making money on the internet while internet scam is the opposite. A blogger will collect your money and render an agreed service but a scammer will make promises, take your money and disappear.

That said, let us go into our talk for today” How to Start a Blog in Nigeria”

Start a Blog: Step 1 – Get Your Tools Ready.

Just as a farmer will not go to the farm without first checking and preparing his working implements, that’s how you cannot start blogging without making sure that you have what it takes to venture into the business. On one side, you will need a durable laptop and fast internet service.  Without these equipment, you will only be scratching the surface. Someone once asked me if she could blog by using her phone. My question was and still is “partially”. This is because there are a good number of blogging activities that you cannot carry out on your mobile phone or tablet. In fact the best that you can do on your mobile device is to monitor the effects of the blogging actions you have taken. You cannot properly research a niche, do your keyword research, write an article, edit it, post it, get backlinks and promote the post from the confines of your smart phone. It won’t work!

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On another side, if you do not have the emotional strength to handle the challenges that will you come your way on this road to financial freedom, then don’t start. The truth is that blogging is harder than the regular 9-5 job. You are not assured of a salary at the end of the month, you will not see immediate results to the time and energy you will put in; there are no short cuts or cutting corners with blogging. It’s real WORK and you will have to be patient, persistent, strong-willed and dogged to make it happen. Take me for example; I failed at this blogging thing 4 times in 3 years before I started making good money from it. Back then, I wrote a 1000 words article each for my 4 blogs. I had to go to bed by 2am every day and woke up by 6am to prepare for my regular work. I gave these blogs 100% of any free time I could get yet I failed on 4 different occasions. But for each time I fell, I got back up, dusted my butt and kept pressing on. And here I am today, making 4 figures in dollars. That’s the spirit you will need to succeed in blogging.

Start a Blog: Step 2 – Pick a Niche

As in any other business, you will have to pick an area or an industry which appeals to a certain group of people to focus on in your blog. In blogging, it is known as a “niche”. A niche can be said to be a particular geographic area, age group, problem or solution to a problem. Let me use examples to enlighten you. “Weight loss” is a very large niche in the blogging community. So you can start a blog that concentrates on smaller niches (sub-niches) in the weight loss niches. For example: best weight loss pills, best weight loss pills for women, best weight loss supplement, best weight loss program for women, weight loss diet, etc. You can decide to make your blog about “best weight loss program for women” where you will blog about different weight loss programs that women can enroll or do at home. Do you understand what I mean now? Other niches that you can venture into include:

  • Health
  • Dating and Relationship
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Make money online
  • Mortgage
  • learn to sing
  • Credit
  • Lawyer
  • Attorney
  • Green Energy
  • Donate
  • Degree
  • Hosting
  • Claim

Note: Everybody is passionate about something therefore you must be passionate about the niche you want to get into. Passion is your driving force in this business not money. Identify your interests and passions. You can figure out your passion by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of movies, books and magazines do I watch and subscribe to?
  • What topics do I like to talk and learn about most?
  • What social clubs and organizations do I belong to?
  • What problems am I passionate about solving?

If you pick a niche just because it is profitable, then what happens to you when you are faced with challenges and seemingly “slow days”? What will happen when you will have to continuously write blog articles on topics that you are not passionate about? Chances are that you will get bored and frustrated within a short while.

Start a Blog: Step 3 – Research Your Niche

Having a niche is one thing; making sure that your niche is profitable is another. You cannot just jump into a particular niche without knowing if the niche will be lucrative unless you are not planning on making money from it. So you will need to do a detailed research on the niche you intend to go into. Make sure that there is a market for your niche. In other words, see to it that there are people searching the internet for information, problems or solutions within and around your niche. There are many ways and tools to research your niche but am going to talk about that in a post of itself.

In this article “how to start a blog in Nigeria – Part1” we have talk about what blogging is and what it’s not, getting ready to start a blog and researching the niche you want to get into. When you have all these in place, then you have just done half the work and you are already on your way to success. Remember that you have not started the act of blog already. So in my next post, am going to talk about how to set up your blog, content management, promotion and the keys to success in the blogging world.

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