The Role of Public Relations in Consumer Acceptance of Pure Water in Anambra


Published works public relation are few until recently works on public into the area were not given or occurred or appropriate work treatment. This is ironical that the first set of published workers on public relations that went into the side circulation was those written for us about foreign scholars.

Today, however, many scholars have manifested their interest in the study of public relation as planned and conscious efforts to influence opinion.

Joseph Geobels while reading on the effecting in creating attitudes on really evolved uses, such issues to him includes new law, polities’ techniques and regulation.

According to Charles .S. Stanberry in his book, the mass communication, “a public relation man is a specialist in techniques of analyzing new ideas interpreting and influencing public option”

He is therefore an important company in the activities of business and industry, education the art, labour or any social, political or economic in another development, clip and center in.


While house office of managerial and definition of public relationship which seen public relation as the publicity to companies of an activities. Public relation companies are taken as complementation of public new method of advertising new sales agencies activity to its public and mobilization to support of the agency itself.

Berelson in his book, effect of communication on public opinion, said in influencing public opinion on new or instructed attitudes.

U.S.A research, in public relation catering. Bendy in one of the book, talked about it published in 1982 showed that “it was a break down dialogue that causes in decision and wrong decision making business”

The study showed that in business; approximately 90% of the failures were due to breakdown ineffective communication with people while only 10% were due to technical failure.

Most fraises in his book, public relations principle, causes and problems said that, “The relationship of the public relation in business is built upon two. Firstly, the public has all right to know, hence, marketing managers’ official to report to customers participating and support”

Secondly, it was only through two ways of communication that companies can achieve a positive sense of unity.

In the effects of lack of public relation department in the house, Blessing Osunagwu noted the duty of monitoring and surveying public opinion. The enlightenment of public opinion and publication of the legislative were left performed.

The legislative were left electorate due to lack of feedback for electorate and to lack of public relation department to achieve by planned and under spread information fulfilment of their common interests.

Another population definition is that international public relations association London the definition is popularly known as “The Mexican standard” “as agreed at the world Assembly of public relation association held in Mexico in August 8, 1987”. It reads furthermore, H. Kanu Offonry defines relation as a continuing contructive inter-change between those who are affected by or interest in that business” in order words, to create goodwill for ideas with group of people which can be affected.


Lack of understanding and information can bring about downfall of governments, organization, business enterprises and individual, while essential information and proper interpretation of plans and programmers can result if public acceptance and goodwill.

It is surprise that prestige and public goodwill are the most valuable assets of any business organization.

Again, public relations effective in maintain employers and employee’s relationship of relations in lacked, there is generally lack of trust and low productivity.

I should however, be routed that business organization rely upon many people for the skill material component and market for their products, social welfare.

Organization trade union, business and professional association rely upon their member financial and government depends upon people for voluntary services and financial and government depends upon people for voluntary service and financial aids.

Government depends upon financial support manpower and public approval.

The relation of institution on people is one mutual dependence of people and business organizations has created the need for a new philosophy and function of management, which are referred to as public relations.

According to website Dictionary, it says general public relations in relation with general public as through publicity specially, these function of a corporation organization etc. concerned with attempting to create favourable public opinion for itself”.

The international public relation association (IPRA) defines the practice of management function of a continuing and planned character through which public and private organization and institution seek to win and retain the understanding sympathy and support of these with whom they are or may be concerned”.

This is by evaluating public concerned about themselves, in order to co-ordinates as far as possible, their own policies and procedures to public relation are needed more in handling youth of the present generations. This is as a result of change taking place in a quicker succession in this modern world due to scientific and technological advancement. It was friend mention who said that, public relation is the art and science of analysis trend predicting their consequences counselling organization leaders and implementing planned programmers of action which will serve both the organization on and the public interest.

In all the definition of public relations should be noted that public should embrace some of the following aspects, public relations in planned and concluded as a business like any communication and used to build goodwill and profitable relationship with the public.

According to Frank Jackings, he says “public relation is involved in every aspect of the marketing, since the marketing director is constantly, school authority should know the present in thinking pattern of youth adding that:-

  1. Youths believes that a decision is an illegal something that people affected by it take place in deciding it.
  2. Students believe that how one lives today is more important than how one live tomorrow. They are not goat oriented.
  3. They plan conventions and identify individual.
  4. Modern youths seek upon and honest relations and fight what they form on own reciprocal personalities.

It is clear from above, that public relations means institutions have numerous roles to play. In this book, Brown Rich, through persuasion Nepolen Hill pointed out that the most important job of learning is how to negotiate with others without friction, we should therefore, see public relation as “fuel of harmony” spreading peace and understanding in institution and organization.

An earlier study by R. I. Arinze in 1982 on internal communication gap in I. M. T between the management staff and the students of the institution.

According to him, the gap was causing dissatisfaction among the people.


From what have been said so far about public relation to this situation the researcher recommended the establishment of a public relations department for the problems of communication gap and to ensure good understanding gap and installation and its various public.

A study by cash and French showed that adult and children alike hits to be told to do things.

In resistance to being to do things, the co-worker just clamp-up and income passive, refusing conversion and participation.

Student and workers want to know that the management has their interest at heart in taking official decision affecting them.

Therefore, Moris Philip Woff MD Robert, answer and said “if you are sincere and can show your subordinates you have something for him, you break down the wall between yourself”. What obtain in educational institutions can be linked to the lower society.

A survey by David Yaike Lovied in USA agrees with the view when said, both the Gerald and Jimmy latter agree that when the slash crept between the government and the people. They are caused by a break down on communication between the government and its people.

Students and workers asset the amounts of interest government have in them by the amount of interest shown on their values.

Feed backs helps to determine what is right and what is wrong about a particular communication.

It can serve to stimulate change through stick and carrots in view of these Edward Bsckey assets when the boss listen supportively, employee can develop confidence to participate with helpful suggestions and listen carefully in return when work is delegated on policies handed down.

The opinion research co-operation, USA conducted on exclusive survey on employee communication. The survey revealed that 86% of the employee complained that by the company out of information, they would have reserved it from other sources.

70% of the hourly workers lamented that they were not adequately informed about the company’s place while 68% of the technical staff said they rely on “gape-line” for information about the company.

Situation like the above bound to lower employee morale and could lead to dissatisfaction and lower productivity.

In this study, more in USA have shown in action “inefficiency reduces output, loss of morale, costly strike and other personal problems that adversely affects sales profit and the organizing public image”. Promise Okolie found out that improving the services of PHCN without adequately informing the public would not improve the image of the organization.

He observed that, public relations department of PHCN was not fully utilizing the services of the mass media to enlighten the people about the activities of the organization order to achieve success.

The president of the public relations Consultations Association of Nigeria, Mr. Tony Okeke, also ranked that public relation is the effective.

The public relation serves as a form through which an organization exposes, promotes and explain a policies in order to obtain public goodwill. Public relation also functions primarily in organization as a whole to the public relation objectives are directed towards the creation of a better corporate image.

It is however, believed that once an organization is able to create a good image and continues to that when it comes to the purchase decision time the political buyers and likely to lick the firm’s product brands among various competing branches at the various retail outlets.

It is the effort of an organization to motivate people to think well of an organization in terms of buying also to respect; support and stick to the organization in time of trouble. Organization should know people like and do things the ways they like it and finally to accord premium to interest of people in all matters to the organization’s existence or life.

This study is designed to explore and keep affectively the readers mind the role which public relation can play in consumer acceptance of pure water in Anambra State.

The basic value of the topic including all other relative factors that will offer audience to the study under review. The fact have it that for an organization to their goodwill of its customers paramount and if this goodwill is deficient or adverse consequences may arise or pose problems to the existence an organization.

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