The Role Of Accounting In National Development A Focus On A Developing Economy

The Role Of Accounting In National Development A Focus On A Developing Economy

1.1 Background of the study.
The basic economic problem that confronts an under developed or a developing country and especially the new independent ones is how to attain within a relatively short period, a notable increase in the rate of economic growth which is envisaged will bring it to the level of perpetual real income comparable to those of more admired economics of the world.

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In order to attain this oval, the country would have to ;
1. Provide those basic government services especially in education, public health and transport. These services will serve as fertile soil to advancing the nation’s economy.
2. Stimulate a higher rate of capital formation in production facilities either in government or private sectors. The first accomplishment requires transportation on needed factors or resources to the governmental ;sector of the economy for the production of those services or facilities required by the entire populace..
The second accomplishment required transfer of resources to capital formation either strictly in the private sector or through the governmental sector.
These resources may come from:
a. outside the control
b. present use for consumption
c. present use in production of capital of or types regarded as not contributing to economic growth.Idle or partially idle resources primarily manpower.

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