Requirements for NYSC Camp – Mobilization Requirements

Requirements for NYSC Camp – Mobilization Requirements

Requirements for NYSC Camp – The timetable for the orientation course for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Batch B program has been released and it shows that it is barely a month to the beginning of the orientation program. The orientation course is slated to begin in the last week of November and it will be held for three weeks. As a result of this, corps members are expected to report to the different orientation camps in the different states of the country. Below are the requirements each corps member is meant to satisfy to be admitted into the orientation camp:Requirements for NYSC Camp

  • All prospective corps members are expected to report to their designated orientation camps within 72 hours of camp opening, arriving later than that will mean the prospective corps member forfeiting the opportunity to participate in the scheme.
  • On arrival at the orientation camp, the prospective corps members are required to present the original copies of the documents uploaded on the NYSC website during the registration for mobilization. These are necessary for physical verification of the uploaded documents. Submission of fake documents will mean that the prospective corps member will be decamped and demobilized with immediate effect. The NYSC publication states, “All are also to note that original copies of academic credentials and other documents uploaded during the online registration MUST be presented on camp for physical verification.”
  • Recent publication by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) states that asides the educational certificates presented at the orientation camps, they must also present a recent medical report to show their present health status. This is resultant from the loss of three corps members during the orientation exercise in 2016. The management paper stated, “All Prospective Corps members MUST present medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted for the Orientation course.”
  • Asides these, the corps members are required to present passport size photographs and a valid school identification card.
  • You should also come with a file or two to properly keep your documents.

Here are a few optional items which could make the prospective corps member’s stay easier at the orientation camp:

  • Either a stapler with one or two packets of pins or a bottle of paper gum. It will help while undergoing the registration process.
  • Two or three pairs of white tee shirts and shorts. You will be given two sets but for convenience sake it is better to have a couple more.
  • You should also get two or three pairs of white stockings as well as one or two white tennis shoes.
  • You will need a bucket for taking your bath. This can be bought at the camp market to ease you of the stress of carrying load.
  • You should also add to your bag a pair of bathroom slippers, bed sheet, a bottle of Dettol, mosquito net, sponge, soap and detergent.
  • You should also you ensure you have with you substantial amount of money to avoid getting stranded during the camp. You can also go with ATM cards as you can gain access to POS machines at the camp market.

Note that to enjoy your stay at your designated orientation camp, travel and get there early enough, it ensures you get a good bed space as well as great understanding of the environment.

A few things to expect at the orientation camp

The screening of prospective corps members begins at the gate, you will notice quite a number of uniformed men on entering the orientation camp arena. Below are a few other things you should be expecting:

  • A thorough search of your belongings to avoid prospective corps members entering the camp with contraband materials like irons, knives, metal forks, etc.
  • Registration procedures. Several registration will take place, the first of which will be registration for bed space. Tags will be given, ensure that you do not misplace the tags and make sure you strictly follow all instructions given to avoid getting into trouble.
  • Collection of uniforms and other NYSC kits. These include shoes, stockings, belt, cap, khakis and white shirts and shorts. It is advisable to properly mark these items with your designated code number for easy recognition especially in the event of theft. The code number is your temporary identification during your stay at the orientation camp.
  • Casual wears are not allowed during the camp exercise, you are only allowed to wear the white tee shirts and shorts all through along with your white socks and tennis shoes. You are not allowed to wear pam slippers or any other form of shoes asides the white tennis shoes or jungle boots.
  • Getting your NYSC allowance. On camp you will be paid #1,500 as bicycle allowance on the first week of your stay at the orientation camp. Subsequently you will be paid your allowance, known as “allawee” on the last week of camp.

I hope this guide helps you have a great stay in camp, good luck.

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