Problems and Prospects of Student Hostel Accommodation Problem

Problems and Prospects of Student Hostel Accommodation Problem

Accommodation is very essential to student physically academically and for their social  well- being   investigation carried out by previous researchers has proved that without adequate and comfortable rooms for student the achievement of academic progress can not be wholly achieved.According to Wesetal (1970) “ Accommodation could be defind as rooms made for living or shelter. It could be temporal or permanent. Reading to the definition and estate  value an architectural graduate of UNN mezue classified the essential kind  of a accommodation.

Similarly, researcher carried out as well as eminent personalities has shown that accommodation irrespective of its kind must ensure maximum comfort and relaxation and that the absence of certain recreational facilities like library centers pipe borne water electricity’s to mention but a few because a lot of dissatisfaction which in turn has adverse  effect on the student academic progress.


The head of Department student affairs state that the cause of hostel accommodation problem in I.M.T are as follows

  1. Inadequate Hostel rooms for  accommodation in not well proportional to the number of student g to secure a space this reflected to what TAME Robert Malthus said in Economics impact as profession ,  he states that due  to faster rate of greater number of individuals demanding for particular means of satisfaction.    The circular notice from allocation committee states that since

.    The circular notice from allocation committee states that since the available number of campus hostels are more than 7,000 the mode of applicant will  be first applied, first served . That is why more Hian 10,000 students struggle to apply for over 20,000 hostel  rooms . Information , from investigation  gave a clear fact that more than 5,ooo student deliberately go for squatting or attachment in the space meant for comfortable staying of the normal number of student required for a room. this Juncture, students’ should b e held responsible to eliminate such congested accommodation.

To describe such condition in hostel accommodation encompasses a lot of problem like black ache of ventilation easy contamination of existence of student career. The plight of many students who in a bit to avoid this impediment slept in one –space classroom deserves consideration from (b) planlessness

Planlessness includes the ability to forecast the future need organisation in such a way that the infrsture will rhyme with the number of the student they will accommodation. The investigation carried out by the researchers reveals tat (I.M.T) has not been taken in to consideration the statistics of both her current and future \ anticipated student before offering admission. Here it becomes obvious that while the school infrastructure remains constant, her number of student in – take increase annually unimproved. In the book growth and economic development in Africa opined et al  (1972p401) in an attempt to explain the cause of poor development planning says.

Planning is the at temple to guide all control processes of change instead of accepting these as implore by outside forces

A this juncture, one can conclude that lack of good development planning amongst other factors is one of the major causes of accommodation problem in I.M.T  as a result of this majority of I.M.T student who applied for hostel but were disappointed are often in their           hundreds perambulating at every nook and crannies of Enugu city in search of shelter. This is highly detrimental to even those who succeeded at being exploited by greedy landlords and are in the basic of coming late to school for want of vehicles and exorbitant transport fares.


The head of department student affairs and the chairman of the hostel allocation committee,  during the course of an investigation said that ion addition to external aggression  most of the case treated by their  such problems of stealing , quarrelling and fighting usually generating by the student living in the hostel are as a result of lack of inadequate and comfortable rooms of accommodation

According to them, these problem come in their Thousand that they have enough time to adjudicate on men alongside with other purely administrative and lecturing activate some time they are called upon before a constituted panel committee to re-explain and educate on how the hostels were initially allocated.


First of all lets takes a look at the accommodation, the school provides for the students and the excitement one could derive from them.

The hostels which were made for both the male and female gender on separate place are both skimp for the number of students that would like to stay in the hostel. Moreover, the hostel maintains an unhealthy environment some students gradually yet used to the nature at the hostel some eerily get used to it while some has no choice.

Enugu state are approximately four or more higher institution in Enugu and for this reason or the have to go outside for their money, especially if the place is on the fringe at the school they charge some outlandish sum of money for some little bit comfortable apartment like that . This would possibly pose a big problems to the students financial background, and other expenditures these  landlord , they make students fugitives from cosy and convenient life style.

Some students contribution money to rent one situation  because most students of their privacy for one or two  reasons , some students of I.M.T choose to live  cheaper apartment and the cheaper the apartment the father they 11 go into some uncivilized areas of Enugu to dwell at and the worse the comfort they  would have like to enjoy in the juncture  we will look into the  transportation problems that will set into embrace these students.


Students of institute of management and technology that resides far from the school due to choice or insufficient accommodation, problem both physically and financially.

Students live in some parts of Enugu that they will need to take this cars and buses before reaching their distinctive. In a result of fuel boom it become grudge against these students there will be short of transport vehicles on the road and increase in transport fares. In this type of situation both campuses for some technical reason especially during exam time


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