Poor Management in an Organization Causes, Effects And Possible Solution


Basically, the objectives of management is 65 identify the core problems hindering the operational effectiveness and efficiency in government establishment and finding possible solutions to it. Management effectiveness requires certain knowledge skill and practice.  It is obvious that technical skill is required in accomplishing an assigned task out basically the manager does not require the specialized technical expertise.

Never the less technical knowledge may add much to the manager ability and therefore, for much to the management to task place,. There should be a different socially namely ability to deal with people and manage effectively. The activities carried out by managers to deal with people and generally grouped in terms of.

PLANNING: Deciding the objective of the company and preparing how them.

ORGANISATION: Determining activities and collecting responsibility for the achievement of plan.

MOTIVATING: Meeting the social and psychological needs of employees in the fulfillment of organizational goals.

CONTROLLING: Monitoring and evaluating activities and also providing corrective mechanism. The approach focuses on the action. (INPUTS) of managers rather than one the results (OUTPUTS) the managers process is predicted on the various interactions of people that make up the organization, those who hold managerial positions of various level are responsible for the subordinates as they look together towards achieving the corporate objectives, this means that managerial behaviors should be goal cratered.

This continues by this process of on going decision marketing, planning action and checking result etc, the process is what describes management and which can also be illustrated diagrammatically.  The process begins with problem definition and recognition which is retired to as perception followed by plan development, action will follow the plan development action follow the plan means of the feedback loops, this will justify further planning and or changes and the process continues.


Management involves many relationships; people said that non human elements are not important. Example of this nature includes financial assets machinery and physical equipment technology. But it’s the human resources into production and this suppliers with the necessities of life.

According to Henry Fayol (1916) to mange is to forecast and plan to organize, to command to co-ordinate and to control.

According to Koronzi (1976) manager is an operational process, initially best dissected by analyzing the managerial functions.  The above definitions are extremely broad basically what they are saying is that management is the processes which enable organization to achieve their objective by planning, organization and controlling their resources, including gaining the commitment of their employees (motivator).

It is in conceivable that or business van prosper and grow, with poor management is the energizing force that welds together the separate functions of business to make them a cohesive whole.

Management is also the leadership that derides and motivates people to work towards the goals of the firm. Human and physical resources Concussively, management is an invisible force that weld the diverse function of an organization into an effective operating whole, through effective management the resources of the organization, human and otherwise can be made to produce far more than they could without management.


Management is an operational process initially best dissected by analyzing the managerial functions.

According to Koonzt (1976) management is the process, which enable organization to achieve their objectives by planning organizing and control their resources.  Including gaining the commitment of their employees (Motivator). It is an conceivable that a business can prosper and grow with a poor management. Management is the energizing force that welds together the separate functions of business to make them a cohesive whole. Management is also the leadership that derides and motivates people to work towards the goals of the firm. Human and physical resources.

According to Kicth Darus in order to determine development or well management. It requires two analysis first is the organizational analysis. The whole organization is analyzed with a view to determine the department that falls below expectation.

Second is operational analysis, her some reasons are found while performance is certain departments are poor. This problem may be as a result of lacking of skills on how to mange and provides employees in the department concerned with skills required for effective and efficient accomplishment of their tasks.  This involves analyzing the individual and finding out what has viz what he is supposed to keep.

Determination of good management should towards identifying where productivity is how, is pointed out by open when he said that skill development could correct low output of employees.


The method of studying the problem can be in many ways. It can be through interview, research, questionnaire etc.

But this study is basically emphasized on interview.

An interview is a mechanism through which an oral information is collected from an individual.  It is a verbal interaction (interview) and supplies the information. It is a face-to-face interaction where one person makes and oral statement for another to respond to orally this is types of interaction that process immediate action. We based our research on oral interview. That is interviewing in the internal and external public.  The internal public consists of the worker of NTA Enugu while the external publics are those who watch NTA programmers whenever they are on air.


The NTA Enugu like most organization especially government owned by organization is facially government owned by organization is facing a mad of problems occasioned by the economic down turn in the nations economy.

Firstly, these range form obsolete equipment to lack of proper finding by the government to insufficient internally generate deviance through commercial returns. The affirms situation often experienced NTA channel eight (8) is as a result of out model transmitter which are problematic as be sourced anywhere because no company produce them more, normally, a transmitter is expected to last between 5 to 6 years but here in NTA Enugu, some have last as twice and even 5 times the number of years they are expected to last as a result has also helped in bring about some of major problems oaf their in NTA Enugu.

However, form the findings of the researcher it is clear that ineffective operations of the NTA is not caused by the obsolete equipment used.

Secondly, the relationship between workers and management has not been very cordial, this has serious effected these jobs.  Some deliberately decided to come late to work and are ready to receive quarry from their superiors boss or form the management.

Also the NTA Enugu lacks fund to run the organization subvention and grants from government are not forth coming and when they come all they so epileptically.

This denied the manger the needed fund to train its staff and meet operational cost cameras, editing machines, taper and other materials are in short supply or a times not available at all.   It is observed that the management of government parastatals has not been effective and efficient.

Thirdly, there is no satisfaction the employees of Enugu (NTA) loses interest in their job due to all the above problems. They also lack staff bus which makes workers especially the junior ones fell relevant to come to work and at times they come only to be disappointed lay offer air situation and audio without visual or audio.  This will make them to remain idle and dried. The worst is that they cannot leave the office until their working hour is over form the researcher findings also, it is seen that the efficient management is what is needed to guilt the organization in proper decision making.

Finally, fear of blame prevents the workers form using their initiatives in doing something has not helped maters at all companies and advertising agent who want to patronize NTA Enugu Commercial department are in financial improvement have not yielded the desired result.

Therefore, the management of government parastatals has not been effective and efficient.


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