Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities – Get your own Political Science Project Topics here! These Political Science Research /Project topics below has duly been researched and approved. All Estate Management Project Topics topics here contain the complete 5(five) Chapters required. These include:
•    Abstract
•    Proposal (where applicable)
•    Introduction etc
•    Literature Review etc
•    Conclusion
•    Recommendation
•    References/Bibliography
•    Questionnaires (where applicable)
And you can view the chapter one or table of contents of any of them before payment. To do so, text the topic of the project material, its serial number and your email to 07033378184 (e.g.:  Financing Of Real Estate In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Ebeano Housing Estate Enugu), 11 ,articlesng@gmail.com)

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List of Political Science Project Topics

1.    Democracy: The Whore That Ravished Nigeria Citizen’s Political Participation: A Case Study Of The  General Elections In Lagos State
2.    Political Parties And Democratic Governance: A Case Study Of Party Formation In The Nigeria Fourth Republic
3.    An Overview Of Nigeria’s External Debt And Its Effect On The Economy
4.    Poverty Alleviation Programme: Financial Facilities Available
5.    The Nigeria Police Force And The Problems Of Crime Control: A Case Study Of Ikeja Area Of Lagos State
6.    Problems And Prospects Of Revenue Generation In Local Government – A Case Study Of Lagos Island Local Government
7.    A Model For Research Methodology In Social Studies
8.    The Menace Of Unemployment In Nigeria: Economic, Social And Political Perspectives
9.    International Trade As A Catalyst For Economic Development In Nigeria
10.    The Theoretical Framework Of Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

11.    Deregulation Of The Downstream Sector Of Nigerian Oil Industry: Prospect, Problems And Challenges
12.    The Impact Of Government Fiscal Policy On The Real Sector Of Nigerian Economy
13.    Promotion Of Small-Scale Enterprises And Their Contribution To Economic Growth Of Nigeria
14.    Economic And Social Implications Of Privatization In Nigeria
15.    The Impact Of Godfatherism In Nigeria Politics In The Fourth Republic (Role Of Education)
16.    Godfatherism And Political Conflict In Nigeria: An Option Survey Of Voters
17.    The Importance Of The Knowledge Of Government In The In The Effective Participation Of Governance
18.    Politicization Of Religion In Northern Nigeria And Its Effect On Nigeria Federalism
19.    A Study On The Impact Of Education On Good Governance
20.    Voters And Violence In Nigeria: The  Election
21.    The Role Of Government In Provision Of Housing
22.    The Role Of Private Agencies In The Promotion Of Mass Literacy

Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

23.    Manpower Planning, Training And Development, A Case Study Of Post Primary Education Board
24.    The Role Of National Directorate Of Employment On The Unemployment Rate In Nigeria: An Assessment
25.    Influence Of Training And Development On The Level Of Performance Of Secretarial Staff, A Case Study Of Federal Judiciary
26.    Stimulating Nigeria Workers Through Motivation In A Depressed Economy: A Case Study Of Nigeria University
27.    Management Evaluation On The Impact Of Training And Development On Staff Productivity A Case Study Of Eco Bank
28.    Impact Of Non Financial Incentives As Motivational Strategies In Achieving Organisational Objectives: A Case Study Of WEMA Bank
29.    Problems And Prospect Of Industrial Relations In Nigeria A Case Study Of ASUU And Federal Government Industrial Relations
30.    Democracy, Politics And Conflict In The Fourth Republic
31.    Niger Delta Crisis, Conflict And Remedies
32.    An Assessment Of Dividend Of Politics In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Ondo State Government
33.    The Role Of Media In Democratic Sustenance In Nigeria
34.    Mass Media Contribution In The Administration Of Nigerian States

Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

35.    The Niger Delta Crisis, Its Impact On Nigeria’s National Security
36.    Management Of Niger Delta Crisis
37.    Petroleum Politics And The Development Of The Niger Delta Region
38.    The Influence Of International Pricing Of Petroleum On The Economy Of Developing Nations
39.    Combating Corruption In Nigeria: A Case Study Of EFCC
40.    A Survey On The Impact Of Staff Development On Labour Productivity In Owerri West LGA


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Political Science Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

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  1. pls i will be writing my project next year

    and i ve chosen “the problem of policy implementation in developing countries; a case study of nigeria.”
    are there available materials on it?

      1. i thought u send chaPTER one?

        1. I need materials on local government autonomy and service delivery in Nigeria(1999-date)

  2. ali samuel says:

    combating corruption in nigeria coperative society

  3. ahmed tunde says:

    Can I get a project on ”The militarization of election in nigeria” :Ekiti 2014 gubernatorial election as a case study

  4. i need protect topics quickly plsssss.

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    I don’t even know there is a page like this for project after I had searched for weeks but my supervisor chose “Democracy and Good Governance In Nigeria’s Fourth Republic; Prospects and Challenges” for my project, but please, can I get material for this?

  6. babatunde olarewaju says:

    militarization of election in nigeria 2014 election in ekiti as a case study. need mater
    ial on it

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    i need a topic on why conformity to law varies across places

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    pls, do u ve a material for this project topic.

    A study of the impact of good governance on education development in selected local government area in lagos state.

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  9. winifred francis says:

    I’ve selected a project topic which has been approved by my supervisor, No 14 which is Economic and social implications of privitization in Nigeria. And he have asked me to write a proposal. Can I get it within this week?

    1. Yes you can. Contact us on 07033378184

  10. Omolewa Regard says:

    my project topic is, the role of media in democratic sustenance in political system

  11. Osoghoyai, Ayibaibom says:

    i need more topics

  12. Ahidjo hadiza says:

    can I get something relating to national security under jonathan’s administration?

  13. please, need a topic on women related issues: participation, violence against women, leadership

  14. rilwan suleiman galadima says:

    student performance and economic situation…welfare facilities and student performan…

  15. Abdul-Rahoof Bello says:

    Kudos for a wonderful job to help Nigerian undergraduates on project writing

  16. Daniel Adeola says:

    Pls I need materials on the topic, ‘Justice and Freedom system In Nigeria under General Sanni Abacha’. or ‘Leadership under General Sanni Abacha; GOOD OR BAD!

    1. For your proposed project material, call us on 07033378184

  17. Daniel Adeola says:

    Pls I need materials on the following topics, “Justice and Freedom System in Nigeria under General Sanni Abacha” or “Leadership under General Sanni Abacha; GOOD OR BAD!”

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  18. pls different topic was approved to me, wanted to know if you can help in getting material for it

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    Pls need a project material on d topic which say: comparative analysis of INEC’S performance in Nigeria Democracy 2007 and 1015 election. As quick as possible. Will be waiting for a response



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    Is there materials for Nigeria judicial system and corruption

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    How am mine sure that u people are going to send d material as u said.

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  24. politics in Revenue allocation in local government, that’s my approved project topic. Can I get materials?

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