Nigeria Postal Codes for Each State

Nigeria Postal Codes for Each State

Nigeria Postal Codes – The importance of postal codes in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.  A postal code tries to ensure that mail is sorted properly and delivered accurately and timely as well… Hence the Nigeria postal codes ensure that the millions of mail reach its respective recipients on time.

Here are the postal codes or otherwise known as the zip codes to every state in the federation of Nigeria. We also threw in each state’s slogan. Enjoy!

Abuja FCT 900001 Centre of Unity
Abia State 440001 God’s Own State
Adamawa State 640001 Land of Beauty, Sunshine and Hospitality
Akwa-Ibom State 520001 Promised Land
Anambra State 420001 Home For All”/  Light of the nation
Bayelsa (Let me Know) Glory of all Lands”
Bauchi State 740001 Pearl of Tourism
Borno State 600001 Home of Peace
Cross River (Let me Know) The Nation’s Paradise
Delta State 320001 The Big Heart
Edo State 300001 The Heartbeat of the Nation
Enugu State 400001 Coal City State
Ekiti (Let me Know) Fountain of Knowledge
Imo State 460001 The Eastern Heartland
Jigawa State 720001 The New World
Kano State 700001 Centre of Commerce
Kaduna State 800001 Centre of Education
Katsina State 820001 Home of Hospitality
Kebbi State 860001 Land of Equity
Kogi State 260001 The Influence State
Kwara State 240001 The Place of Harmony
Lagos State (Island) 101001 Centre of  Excellence
Lagos State (Mainland) 100001
Niger State 920001 The Power State
Nassarawa (Let me Know) Nigeria’s Home of  Solid Minerals
Ogun State 110001 Gateway State
Ondo State 340001 Sunshine State
Osun State 230001 State of the Living Spring
Oyo State 200001 Pace Setter
Plateau State 930001 Home of Peace & Tourism
Rivers State 500001 Treasure Base
Sokoto State 840001 The Seat of the Caliphate
Taraba State 660001 Nature’s Gift to the Nation
Yobe State 320001 The Young Shall Grow
Ebonyi State 840001 Salt of the Nation
Zamfara (Let me Know) Home of Agricultural Products

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