Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities – Get your own Mass Communication  Project Topics here! These Mass Comm Research /Project topics below has duly been researched and approved. All Mass Communication Project topics here contain the complete 5(five) Chapters required. These include:
•    Abstract
•    Proposal (where applicable)
•    Introduction etc
•    Literature Review etc
•    Conclusion
•    Recommendation
•    References/Bibliography
•    Questionnaires (where applicable)

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Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

1. The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers’ Sati Station (A Case Study Of Nigerian Airways Enugu )
2. The Impact Of News Commentaries On Radio Listeners (A Case Study Of Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria Enugu)
3. Hazards Of Journalism Profession Under Military Regime (From 1993 – 1998)
4. The Essence Of Radio Communication And Its Impact On Radio Listeners
5. Mass Media Coverage Of Rural Development News. A Content Analytical Study Of The Guardian, Daily Champion, Punch And Daily Star Newspapers.
6. The Role Of Modern Technology In Achieving Communication Efficiency In Nigeria
7. Information Technology And The Changing Role Of Mass Media In Nigeria
A Discourse On The Impact Of Information Technology And Media Development In Nigeria
8. The Role Of The Broadcasting Media In Uplifting The Educational System Of Enugu State. (A Case Study Of Enugu Metropolis )
9. A Comparative Study On “The Importance Of Pidgin English In Broadcasting”  (A Case Study Of The Esbs Enugu
10. The Impact Of Testimonial Use On Advertising Effectiveness (A Case Study Of Kanu Nwankwo In Pear Milk Advertisment)
11. An Assessment Of The Effects Of Television Programmes On Youths.(A Case Study Of Campus Circuit On Minaj Broadcast International)
12. The Role Of Radio In Democratic Society (A Case Study Of Enugu North Local Government Area)
13. The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers Satisfaction In A Government Perastattals
14. Institute Of Management And Technology Department Of Mass Communication  The Role Of Radio In Mobilizing Women In Politics In Enugu Urban Areas
15. The Impact Of Women In Advertisements (A Case Study Of Delta Soap Television Advertisement)
16. The Role Of Community Public In Conflict Management
17. Public Relations As A Tool For Industrial Harmony.(A Case Study Of Construction Industry In Enugu State)
18. The Role Of Mass Media Coverage In The Family Planning And It’s Adoption By The Families In South East Geo-Political Zone And Nigerian Generally.
19. The Role Of Public Relations In Building Corporate Image

Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

20. A Comparative Analysis Of The Problems Facing Private Televisions And Government Televisions In The Dissemination Of Information In Nigeria
21. The Role Of Radio In Mobilising Women For Politics In Nigeria. Period Of Study:  (1961 – 2004)
22. The Use Of Computer In Management Information System In First Bank Plc, Enugu.
23. The Role Of Print Media Communication In Sports Development.(A Case Study Of Enugu State)
24. Role Of Mass Communication In Developing Countries Nigeria As A Case Study
25. Influence Of Media Ownership On Professionalism
26. Effects Of Government Ownership And Control Of Mass Media On Me Dia Objectivity (A Case Study Of Esbs)
27. Mass  Media  And  The  Management  Of  Human   Rights  Abuses  In  Nigeria.
28. Xxx Internal Control System As A Means Of Preventing Fraud In Nigeria Financial Institutions A Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigerian Plc Onitsha Accountancy
29. Media Ownership And Its Influence On Editorial Policy (A Case Study Of Announcer Newspaper Owerri)
30. Television As An Instrument Of Educational Advancement In Enugu State
31. Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career
32. Attitude Of Television Audience Towards Commercial Interruptionof Television Programmes.
33. Television Viewing Habits Of Nigerian Elites.  A Case Study Of Enugu Metropolis
34. Communication And Its Problems In Developing Countries (Nigerai As A Case Study}
35. The Impact Of Nigerian Press On Shaping The Country’s Political Structure (Period Of Study 1999 To 2004
36. Public Relations, As A Tool For Eradicating Cultism In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (A Case Study Of Institute Of Management And Technology (Imt) Enugu
37. Public Relations As A Management Function Problems And Impact (A Case Study Of The Anambra State Education Commission Awka
38. An Appraisal Of Press Freedom In African Societies (A Case Study Of Nigeria In Period Of 1999 – 2003)”.
39. Media Staff Welfare And Effective Journalism In Nigeria A Case Study Of N.U.J Press Centre Enugu State Chapter

Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

40. The Effects Of Tobacco Advertising On Youths (A Case Study Of Students Of Institute Of Management And Technology)
41. Xxx Bam. Cultural Influence Of Foreign Programme In Broadcasting (A Case Study Of ‘Channel O’ Programme On Enugu Residents)
42. The Effect Of Voilent Film On Nigerian Children.  A Case Study Of Children In Enugu Urban.
43. Assessment Of The Role Of The Media In Anti – Corruption Campagin
44. Feedback Mechanism As A Tool In Determining Programming
(A Case Study Of Esbs 2 Fm) Enugu.
45. Press As A Vehicle For Effective Rural Development (A Case Study Of Idemili Local Government Area Of Anambra State).
46. Language Problems In Nigeria Broadcast Media Presented
47. Newspaper And Television As An Agent Of Social Development (A Case Study Of Adaba Community. Presented By
48. The Impact Of Western Television Programmes On The Cultural Values Of The Nigerian Youths: A Case Study Of Esut Students, Enugu.
49. Privatization And Commercialization Of Electronic Media In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Minaj System Television Obosi)
50. The Impact Of Advertising On The Marketing Of Global System For Mobile (Gsm) Communication In Enugu State:(A Study Of Mtn Nigerian Communication Limited)
51. Television Tobacco Adverts And Teenage Smoking Habit: ( A Survey Of Youths In Owerri Municipality
52. Viewer Ship Of Television Programmes In Enugu State (Case Study Of Enugu South Local Government)
53. Improving Organizations Profitability Through Effective Advertising.(A Survey Of  Some Selected Hotels  In Enugu Urban)
54. Electronic Media As An Effective Instrument For Cultural Propagation (Case Study Of Osina Town In Imo State)
55. The Role Of The Press In A Democracy (The Press In Perspective)
56. The Role Of Radio In Mobilizing Nigerian Women Into Politics
57. Sustainable Educational Policies And National Development, The Nigeria Experience
58. Reporters Responsibilities And The Urban – Rural News Imbalances In Nigerian Newspapers
59. The Role Of Public Relations In The Maintenance Of Industrial Harmony (A Case Study Of Enugu State)

Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

60. Xxx Bam The Organization And Management Problem Of Rural Water Supply.(A Case Study Of Nnewi Water Co-Operation Anambra State)
61. Xxx Acct. The Effect Of Inventory Management In The Viability Of A Company A Case Study Of Steel And Nails Manufacturing Industry
62. The Impact Of Radio Programme In Economic Development In Nigeria. (A Case Study Of Radio Nigeria Enugu National Station)
63. Problems Of Broadcasting In A Depressed Economy (A Case Study Of The Esbs (Enugu)
64. The Impact Of News Commercialization On Management Of Broadcast Media In Nigeria (Case Study Of Nigeria Television Authority (Nta) Enugu.
65. The Role Of Radio In Improving The Educational System In Enugu State:    A Case Study Of Esbs/Imt Poly Air Programme
66. An Assessment Of Mass Media’s Role In Supporting Women Employment Campaign In Nigeria
67. Trend In The Use Of Human Models In The Nigeria Advertising Industry
68. Public Relations As Tool For Enhancing Consumer Satisfactiona Case Study Of Nigerian Airways,
69. Newspaper Readership Pattern Among Nigerian Youths.(A Case Study Of Imt Students)
70. The Effect Of Good Public Relation And Organized Promotions On The Achievement Of Marketing Objective, Case Study Of Nigeria Brewerie Plc
71. An Appraisal Of Nigerian Media As An Instrument For Eradicating Corruption (A Case Study Of Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria’s Effects In Obasanjo’s Anti-Corruption Crusade).
72. Sustenance Of Nigerian Mass Media Industry The Critical Role Of Advertising
73. The Assessment Of Nigeria Press Council As A Regulatory Mechanism For Nigerian Journalists
74. The Effects Of Television Advertisements On The Buying Habit Of Consumers [Peak Milk Advert In Perspective] A Case Study Of Enugu Urban Dwellers
75. The Effects Of Tv Adverts On Children (A Case Study Of Enugu Urban)
76. Distribution Of Bread In Enugu Metropolis Problems And Prospects (A Case Study Of Macon’s Bread)
77. The Role Of The Media In The Crusade Against Global Terrorism – A Case Study Of The Vanguard And Punch Newspapers
78. The Role Of Mass Media In Educational Development In Nigeral A Case Study Of Nta Enugu
79. Government Use Of Extra Legal Measures Against Media Practitioners A Case Study Of Sani Abacha Regime.
80. The Role Of Third World News Agencies In Global Dissemination Of Information (A Case Study Of News Agency Of Nigeria (Nan)

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Mass Communication Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

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  1. A comperative analysis of the problems facing private television and government television in dessimination of information in nigeria


  2. public perception of the role of pidgin English in broadcasting: a study of benue state

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  3. Dada Ifeoluwa says:

    The use of Nigerian pidgin in the language of advertisement on radio: a case study of two radio stations in warri

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    Topic:Public Perception of Advertising.
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      1. overview of the big four news agencies and their role in the global flow of news

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    I can’t find this topic an your outline (public relation in the institution of of higher learning. problem qnf prospect)

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      1. plz am apotiade taiwo toyin i need a proposal on this project topic the impact of nigeria press on shaping the country political structure. content analysis

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    Omega Ukeoma,. Public perception of the role of mass media in promotion of agriculture as a second mainstay in nigeria economy.

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