Management Training and Development Techniques in Nigeria


It is an open-secret that goals of training and development in third world nations are quite different from these of the developed nations.

Mailuck and Hoberman (1974) both encountered different management and labour problems. In developed countries, social economic data are available in one form or the other and the problem is that of organizing and using them efficiently and effectively.

The lecture method of management training techniques seminar, brain-forming and discussion groups are some of the traditional management training techniques. The so called modern method include laboratory training, role playing, case method, management games, in basket exercises, the managerial and programme instruction process and organizational development.


The development and use of the computer had to a large extent helped on contributed to information on data processing. In most higher institutions of learning (Federal Polytechnic, Oko) its problem is low to operate effectively in the absence of usable data.

Stooper’s book tittled “planning without facts is sina-quanon to the condition in Federal Polytechnic, Oko at the time it was written in 1966.

Also reasons are not great enough to withstand a number of failures as can be substained by a number of high organization or institutions in rich and advanced nations. This therefore limits the extent of experience the institution i.e Federal Polytechnic, Oko can undertake even in time of techniques that would be proven.

There is also the general lack of competent personnel which at the long-run brings about inefficiently, thus the need for personnel training and development (Ukpong, 1978).


A close examination of the training techniques used by Federal Polytechnic Oko. Educational management and development institution shows that Federal Polytechnic Oko is using the American traditional training and development techniques and gradually introducing some of the modern methods such as role playing in basket techniques and the case methods.

Indeed by 1974 the public sector review committee explicitly recommended that management by objective (MBO) be adopted as a management strategy in the public sector which was accepted and being implemented.

Management by objective (MBO) is not left out in the management of Federal Polytechnic Oko. None, the stage we are is now seems to correspond with the first stage in the adoption processes with as the researcher said earlier, consists of indiscriminate use of improved techniques based on experience and finding elsewhere.

It is known that some have serous limitations, for example the lecture method which is still the most widely used techniques in Federal Polytechnic Oko in particular and other higher institutions of learning in general examines its usefulness and limitation in meeting the need of management (Academic needs) while its effective in learning specialist, knowledge and giving practicing lecturing skills in new techniques is still has several limitations.

Firstly, it encourage passive reception rather than doing and in this way it achieve very little in terms of attitude change which in Federal Polytechnic Oko according to the researchers opinion deserve the highest periodity today.

As a co-ordinator of a course in which the lecture method s the principle training techniques, it was uncommon to find a sizeable proportion of class displaying, lack of attention, especially in the afternoon after a heavy lunch.

Secondly, the poor education or academic background of trainee coupled with the fact that English is our second language hinders effective communication and this fact must get glued to the mind of the management in the course of management training and development techniques. In “Federal Polytechnic Oko” since it is a higher institution and not only that but also a Federal school. This English Language is the core of every management training technique.

Thirdly, even when the discussion format is interviewed with the lecture method of personnel training techniques, lack of group proves stimulates skills on the part of the trainers does militate against the process of learning and interaction amongst participants.

In Federal Polytechnic Oko, lecturers and other calibers of workers are given special training in line with their career. The researcher discovered that some of the management training and development techniques practiced in Federal Polytechnic Oko are not different from what is obtainable in some other institution of higher learning. Some of the techniques are induction, on the job training, while some are given study leave to enable them acquire more skills, develop more training technique for labour efficiency.

Finally, the issue of management training and development become a matter of great important in a place like the almiglity Federal Polytechnic Oko, where course planning and co-ordinator. Evaluation and follow-ups on course at present lack professional touch, why? Because most management staff are employed or appointed based on God fatherism and religions denominational bases. Most training programmes at present appears to be a hatch porch of topics and techniques lacking internal consistency and orientation and large group are meant to improve the attitude.


       The need for management training and development in Federal Polytechnic Oko can not be over emphasized. It is when the individual in an organization or institution grows that the institution itself can develop. This industries in an organization grows through such steps taken by themselves to improve their knowledge and skills.

This manpower development is a prerequisite for organizational development in the researchers opinion in Federal Polytechnic Oko. Manpower development should be a continuous one especially in an institution like Federal Polytechnic Oko. Which is a steadily growing institution with sophisticated manpower potentials.

Institutions should undertake training and development of the human resources because it serves as one of the assets that make them, effective and productive.

It is the duty of Federal Polytechnic Oko to compliment a workers pre-employment training through exposure on indication course and other such trainings that are specifically relevant to the need of this institutions.

In the course of this project the researcher found out that banking industry (Oko Community Bank) comes to recommendation in terms of the flexibility of its training programmes. This is such that, if a particular worker (In Community Bank Oko) appears no longer good in line or has reached the peak of his/her performance or he is just frustrated with that, he can easily be exposed to a period of training in general banking and thereafter be deployed into branch as well as other banking staff.

This is why it is hardly heard that a staff has been dectered redundant in the bank. The researcher is not of the view that due to more of the flexibility of training programmes in the banking just like Federal Polytechnic Oko does, within the organization/ Administrative jobs lather than their economic of financial stability in a period of depression that the word “Retrenchment” will almost be an anathema in this country/institution.


Gamaliel Onasode, the former chairman of Cadbury Nigeria Plc has proffered a definition of management that derives from and seeks to guar against our beneficial management development as “The combined degree of knowledge, competence and integrity brought to bear on the conduct of public and private affairs.

Onasode defined three components of knowledge, analyzed situation correctly from researcher course of study in Federal Polytechnic Oko management training and development techniques the above qualities.

In competence and integrity the core features required from and offer a trainee identifying problems and opportunities according t plans, expert where adjustments are clearly demanded and the courage to do the right thing.

These three components, however must be added in a fourth accountability in management. The centre for management development, the institution’s management board or body (school management) development and practice in the campus, (FEDPOKO) strives in his/her corporate efforts towards “promoting management training and development techniques excellence” the institution in pursuit of this personnel training has different measure but all bore little fruit.

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