Konga Black Friday 2017 – Konga Yakata Black Friday Online Sales

Konga Black Friday 2017 – Konga Yakata Black Friday Online Sales

Konga Black Friday 2017 – Konga is an online mall which was started in 2012 by Sim Shagaya, the company started with 20 staff and has grown steadily over the years. Presently, the headquarters of Konga is located in Lagos State, Nigeria and the team of staff is led by Shola Adekoya, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). konga black friday 2017Several products can be purchased from this online store ranging from fashion, home appliances, consumer electronics, children’s items and books, to mention but a few. In 2016, Konga made a record of over 155,000 Black Friday Yakata sales, with over five million page reviews, it is evident that 2017’s Yakata sales will definitely upset that record.

Over time, in several countries of the world, Black Friday has been regarded as the biggest discount sales ever. Black Friday originated from the United States of America and it is the day after thanksgiving which is usually the last Thursday of November. Since 1952, it has been seen as the beginning of shopping for the Christmas holidays. On this day, several retailers open quite early, in recent times during the wee hours of the day, to offer promotional sales to their customers. Since 2005, Black Friday has been viewed as the day with the largest number of sales compared to other days in the year, probably most non-retail workers and students have thanksgiving and the day after as a holiday, making the weekend begin early, from Thursday to Sunday. Earliest evidence of Black Friday shows that the term was used in Philadelphia till at least 1961 to describe the very busy traffic which occurred the day after thanksgiving, fast forward to more recent years and the day signifies when retailers make so much profit that accounts move from red to black.

Yakata deals is Konga’s version of Black Friday and on this day the online store wows her customers with seemingly outrageous deals, with prices of certain goods dropping by close to 80%. Amazing right? It is advised that customers save enough to take advantage of this win-win opportunity which comes just once a year. This year’s Yakata deals will feature electronics such as home theatres, television sets, Cameras, DVD players, Audio systems, phones and tablets, laptops, kitchen appliances, baby essentials and lots more all from top brands. It is definitely a day you cannot afford to miss as you cannot afford to lose out on game consoles, washing machines, air conditioning sets, refrigerators and microwaves. Make good on this deals by saving this page or subscribe for our newsletters which will keep you abreast of the date and the deals that abound.

This year’s Konga Yakata Black Friday date is November 24, 2017

Usually, Konga’s Yakata Black Friday sales holds for three days, and this year it will begin on the 24th of November. We still await however a publication from Konga as to whether this year’s sales will be a usual seeing that it looks likely to be the biggest so far.

This year’s Yakata Sales promises to be juicier with more appealing deals on products like Washing Machines, Deep Freezers, Kitchen Utensils, Fashions, Kids Toys, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Desktops and Laptops.

How to take part in Konga’s Yakata Sales this year

It is quite simple, all you need is money in your account and fast and reliable internet connection. The deals this year promise to be mouthwatering, you cannot afford to miss them. Keep up with this page to get constant updates about this year’s Yakata Sales.

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