Kohls Credit Card – How to Apply in 10 Minutes

How to Apply For a Kohls Credit Card

If you are a frequent shopper on Kohl’s shopping site, then you should get the kohl’s credit card. And by the way, Kohl’s is one of the most popular departmental store-chain in the United States. They offer exclusive branded goods and labels for your home, your kids and spouse. That said; let us go back to the essence of this post which is how to apply for kohls credit card. Oh wait! Did I mention the benefits you get from being a kohl’s credit cardholder? With the Kohl’s Credit Card the more you shop the more you get discounts. In fact their cash back rates from 15% to 30% when you can use your card in kohl’s shop online as well as in their brick and wall stores. That’s really awesome. And the best part is that it takes only a few minutes to fill out the kohl’s credit card online application form and get running a credit account. Let me show you how it’s done right away.

Kohls Credit Card Requirements

  • For you to apply for a Kohls Credit Card, you must be at least 18 years of and or older. If you reside in New England or Alaska you need to be at least 19 years before you can apply. If you are underage, sorry guys, come back in a few years.
  • You have to be residing in the United States and have a physical address where you orders and billing information will be sent to.
  • You need to have a social security or taxpayer’s identification number.

How to Apply for the Kohls Credit Card

  • Go to the kohl’s Official Website and click on “Don’t Have a kohl’s Charge? Apply Now” or you can go there now by clicking here on this lick https://apply.kohls.com/
  • Scroll down to where you have “Apply Now” and click on it to start the application process. If you were given a personal offer code, enter the code in the space provided for it and click “Submit Code. If you don’t, just click on apply now.
  • On the next page you will need to enter your personal details. These include your full name, age, address, phone number, email address and most importantly – your social security number and annual gross income. Make sure you carefully read through the terms and conditions of use/ Privacy Policy and the interest rates and charges before you click on “Continue to Review”. An example has been shown below.
  • On the next section, you will be given the opportunity to look through the information you gave them and to correct or edit which ever information you want to. In case you want to edit where your card will be mailed to, click on “Edit” within the same box. The same appears to the other information.
  • Read through the terms and conditions again. This cannot be over emphasized because you may end up signing up for something you do not entirely agree with. For example, paragraph 4 of the small print says “I agree that Kohl’s and Capital One may share information about me and my account(s)”. Do you totally agree with that? First read thoroughly. Then scroll down and tick “I agree to the above information and disclosures”. Then Click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION”.
  • Next is your application confirmation page. You should check your email to receive your approval or rejection notice from kohl’s.

Contact Kohl’s Customer Service

For questions and issues about your Kohl’s Credit Card, call: (855) 564-5748.

For General inquiry, call Kohls Customer Service Toll Free Line: (855) 564- 5705.
Drop me a line, let me know how it went. All the best!

Photo Credit: www.kohls.com

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