What Inspires me in Life by Naimah A.

What Inspires me in Life by Naimah A.

There is no one thing that can be sorted without being placed under the following categories: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through this amazing branch of subjects, we continue to make changes and advancements to our world such as medicine, transportation, education and even entertainment! The world continues to expand on the account these majors. And that is what makes them so fascinating.

Science, technology, engineering and math has helped to evolve the modern world as we know it. For example, medicine improved conditions of health problems that made a heavy impact such as polio and HIV/AIDS; bringing down the number of cases of HIV with the DTaP and PReP medications. Communication is easier than ever now that we have new tech that enables us to turn in necessary documents or to relay urgent messages. Transportation has become a great factor; cars, airplanes and helicopters get us to where we need to be in a matter of hours or even minutes! And for every advancement listed here, it has an even powerful foundation: mathematics. No matter what it is, it can be broken down into math. And that is why I love math so much. As STEM student, I will dedicate myself to my major and will attend every meeting and event that is planned. Being a successful student means having dedication and innovation to make it through school. And this is what I plan to do.

After I earn my associates from San Bernardino Valley College, I wish to transfer to UCLA to acquire my masters of science in mathematics/economics. After undergraduate school, I want to transfer to UCLA or Harvard Law School so that I can earn my doctorate in Juridical Science. From there I will work as a district attorney, work for a private law firm and develop an organization to help at risk youth. This is what I plan achieve with my STEM major.

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