What Inspires Me in Life by Mewael H.

What Inspires Me in Life by Mewael H.

I am know for never giving up, even if I’m put in a situation that’s created for me to loose. However,  no one really knows why I decide to get right back up after I get knocked down. Well let me take you guys way back so you’ll understand why I fight and never give up. I was born on April 1, 2001 but was supposed to be born in May. My mom got in a serious car accident that caused her water to break. She shattered her left leg, right under the knee. She was rushed to the hospital and once she got there the doctor asked her this. “We need to get the baby out but we also need to perform surgery on your leg before further damage. So would you rather have us fix your leg to minimize the damage but there is a risk for the baby to be damaged or get the baby out safe and have permeant damage on your leg?” She chose to save me and hurt herself. She gave birth with a broken leg and is remembered by doctors in Seattle for being the lady who gave birth with a broken leg. Once she gave birth to mw, she named me Mewael. This name means forever and she named me that because she feels like she can live on forever with me on her side. I wasn’t the first born though. I have an older sister whos a year older but she’s autistic. She can’t communicate with us and can’t live without support. So I grew up being her little- big brother. Me and my sister went to school together and I did my best to protect her from bullies nut had no one to protect me. I didn’t make a friend until 1st grade. My ELL teacher became my first best friend beside my sister. In 3rd grade she died from cancer and once again I was left myself to defend me and my sister from bullies. You would think my house was my safe place but not because of my dad. Only talks with his fists, this caused me to find a father figure and I did. His name was Luigi, but I called him Papa L. But he passed away from cancer, just like my ELL teacher. My sister was my safe place but in my freshman year she had to live in a group home because my family financially couldn’t take care of her. I’ve lost my best friend,  my father figure,  and my safe place. You would think these losses would cause me to give up but those losses only push me to fight harder. If I don’t become successful then I won’t get my sister out of that group home. If I give up then my mom sacrifice so much for nothing. If I give up then I would fail on my loved ones and that’s the last thing I would do. So you ask me what inspires me, love inspires me.

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