What Inspires me in Life by Katie S.

What Inspires me in Life by Katie S.

There are a few things that I focus on to inspire me. My inspiration is not like others where I get a creative outlet, my inspiration is what keeps me going in life. I think one of the biggest things is my work in nature as a researcher and conservationist. I personally am not at the point of getting a permanent job in these career fields, but I have volunteered with many people in these fields. It is not only the work that makes me feel great, but the people I meet while doing the work. It is a very difficult job that takes a lot of motivation, self-determination, and enthusiasm. These people and this work have taught me so much about what it means to preserve our environment, take steps to revitalize it, and, most importantly, its taught me a lot about myself and how I can preserver through life.

Conservation work can get very depressing because you are often working with flora or fauna that you care very deeply for while there is this constant threat that it is going to disappear forever. Despite the depressing nature of the job, many of the people that I have had the pleasure of working with are very uplifting and focus more on the work that they are investing and how much progress we have made. Rather than focusing on the grueling hike with a bucket of heavy plants on their backs, they focus on the beautiful view. Instead of focusing on how difficult out-planting in the rain is, they focus on how good it is for the plants and focus on the fact that we do not need to carry in water in addition to the plants. Because of these people, I have learned so much about how life changes based on the way you perceive it. Of course you are going to hate the hike up if you focus on how difficult it is, of course you are going to hate the rain when you come out soaked in rain and sweat, of course life is going to be hard to get through if that is what you focus on. It is easy to focus on the bad things and it is a real talent to focus on the good, that is what these people have taught me and that inspires me to keep moving forward.

On the research side of things, I get motivated and inspired a lot easier. Although it may not seem like it sometimes, the reward for this work is a little more automatic. Yes, it can take hours of watching videos or listening to recordings, but you got them and that is half the battle. Then you start getting results before you even finish it all. This part of the work makes me happy, when I get to see all these little pieces of information that either were not known before or still needed to be proven. And with the troubles that this career brings, it also brings other people who have gone what you have gone through or something similar and can give you advise on how they dealt with it or help you figure out how you can deal with your own issue. Just the fact of hearing that others have gone through the exact same thing as you are going through makes bearing the burden a lot easier because you know, based on the others, that you can do it and you will come out better (and with great data) because of it.

All of this (conservation and research) has to do with nature and that is probably what brings me the most joy and inspiration and is what keeps me going from day to day. Think about the animals that I volunteer with, thinking about the animals that I will work with in the future, thinking about the work that I will do, it all keeps me going. I have had a friend in high school during sports practice who would always encourage me to not quit part way through the warmup run, he would always say that it is easier to finish if you keep your head up because that way you can see how close you are getting to the finish. I always hated him in that moment while we were running up hill and I just hated running, but now I see that he was right and that I can apply it to other things in life. Sometimes it can be really hard to keep your head up, but if you keep looking forward and seeing how close to your goal you are, it can really inspire you to keep going and working harder.

It is hard to really pinpoint what inspires me because it is kind of a broad range of things, but what they all have in common is nature and very motivated people. Looking at my future with nature makes me very excited to keep going and finish with school just so I can be there. And all the people that I have met along the way are what keep me going and excited on my journey. What inspires me is not really something that gives me a moment of clarity for painting or an innovative idea. What inspires me is something that keeps me on this track when I do not know where it is going or when it is going to end, it is what motivates me when I want to quit, and it is what keeps me excited for the future. I really do not know if I could have come this far without these things inspiring me and motivating me to keep me from quitting and I do not think I truly would have been happy if I quit. It is incredible how there is one thing that can inspire you and motivate you to keep going and it will be the most difficult, but also the best decision that you have made in your life.

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