What Inspires me in Life by Dylan C.

What Inspires me in Life by Dylan C.

The idea of service above oneself runs like a river through the hearts and minds of great men and women throughout history. This simple idea has, in my own life, transcended the need for anything else; since life is built upon the interactions and impacts that we have with others. My current goals, and goals to come, reflect the simplistic principle of helping others and wanting to make a difference in the world and positively impact the lives of those around me. In my opinion, life is not about what you do to fulfill your own wants and desires, but is a complex balancing act between doing all you can for others and trying to change the world in whatever way possible; anything else that distracts or burdens the thoughts and actions of these ideas is nothing but a deterrent in the road of life.

My main inspiration in life is helping other people in whatever facet possible and therefore my future endeavors all pertain to this objective. First, I plan to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Jacksonville University. I have been accepted into the Freshman Acceptance Nursing Program and Honors Program. During my childhood both my mother, who works in administration for a local hospital, and my father, who worked as a firefighter/paramedic, stimulated my interest of both the experiences of patient care and medical terminology in a major way. Both of my parents’ personal anecdotes from their jobs became colloquial in our household and I soon gained interest in medical science and biotechnology as I contemplated a caring profession in the future. Nursing is a field which requires a large amount of selfless motivation to keep patients happy, healthy, and hopeful. That is exactly why I have chosen this field. Quite simply, I enjoy helping others with improving their overall quality of life and allowing them to thrive after successfully recovering from any disruption that may have occurred in their lives due to illness or injury.

Along with having multiple family members employed in the medical field, there are many experiences that have shaped my future goals with the main one being the Biotechnology Academy at my high school. The academy allowed me to acquire a head start towards any degree involving science and has taught me the discipline needed for any career. I gained knowledge of sterile techniques and laboratory testing along with course material specifically designed for biochemistry and biology which has provided intense preparation for a job in the nursing arena. The academy also gave me the opportunity to enlist in a medical boot camp with the Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville, Florida. This boot camp allowed personal experience into urology, radiology, basic surgical skills (robotic technologies and suturing), biotechnology, and emergency medicine. Along with participating in the boot camp, I volunteered during two summers at my local hospital as a patient transporter. The majority of the time I spent at the hospital was centered on patient care and the nursing aspects of the hospital.  The interaction with the patients I came across inspired me to want to help them more than to just transport them


to testing and minor procedures and the interaction with the nurses and admiration I gained for them made it clear from that point on that nursing was what I wanted to pursue.

My goal after college is to use my degree in the area of Emergency Medicine and to continue my passion of selfless service by becoming a Pararescueman. Pararescue is a program in which my degree will be advantageous in that it is a group tasked directly with stabilizing and recovering downed airmen and their crews. They primarily serve as front line medical personnel and are trained to treat any type of injury presented to them. This group has been a role model for me in my personal life as this group’s focus is solely to save lives; arriving at a moment’s notice to help others and to get them home safe and sound. Due to the high risk of the job, the group’s motto reflects their objective: “So Others May Live”. The motto does not say “so others and I may live”. The priority of the mission is to bring others home safely, even if that means self-sacrifice. To me, this group is the epitome of integrity and character and it would be an honor to work alongside and assist those serving in our military.

On a personal level, I hope to one day have a family of my own who can follow in my footsteps and give back to others. As a child of divorced parents who has not seen his father in many years, I have known what it like to persevere after going through difficult times. I hope to pass along to my children the importance of getting an education and doing the right thing in order to overcome obstacles and succeed. Since my parents divorced, my mother has been raising my brother and I alone, at times working multiple jobs and going to school herself. She has been the epitome of a positive role model and the biggest influence on who I am as a person. She has taught me the importance of learning all that you can and getting an education, regardless of your age or circumstances, in order to be self-sufficient and to use what you have learned to teach and positively impact others.

My life has always been guided by the principles of honesty, respect and compassion and will continue to be guided by these principles until the day I die. The most important thing one can be is a good and decent human being. It is critical to learn as much as you can and to use that knowledge in a positive way to impact the lives of others. Life to me is nothing but how much of a difference I can make in the life of another whether it be helping my family and friends, nursing others back to health, or helping my community. In my opinion, it is vital to seize any opportunity to make a difference and I plan to make as much of a difference as a single person can make in one lifetime. As Ernest Hemmingway famously said, “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and died that distinguish one man from another”.

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