What inspires Me in Life by Cheyeanne M.

What inspires Me in Life by Cheyeanne M.

My inspiration in life comes from something much more than a individual desire or dream. My inspiration comes from my hunger to succeed in order to be the helper that I was born to be, to become the hero that I am destined to be. My entire life, I’ve been determined to help anyone and everyone I can, to become a role model, and to always be the best version of myself for others. I live a humanitarian lifestyle, and once I truly succeed, I will have what I need to continue my goal of making the world a better place.

Although my statement seems broad, I live with the idea that I am going to succeed so that I can do good for anyone who needs it. I got this giving heart from my mother, who has always been so generous in helping others whenever she saw fit. When her husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I saw the help that others were giving her, and I realized that kindness can be contagious. I adopted the giving lifestyle and I noticed that people in need are so appreciative and it gave me a good heart feeling when I did good for them.

Through my volunteer work, my involvement in my community, and my small acts of random kindness, I feel like I have been able to help someone. Now, I strive to help everyone! I strive to become someone that is charitable, loving, and kind always.

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