Industrialization – Its Impact on Rural Development

Industrialization – Its Impact on Rural Development

Industrialization  – Inspite of the various problems associated with industrialization in the rural area still some progress has been made in the field of industrial development. Personal electricity, roads, pipe born water etc. are all springing up these days in some parts of Awgu local government council on individual basis, these cannot help the entire community.

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  1. Industrialization on provides employment for people in the rural area like Coca-cola, Anammco, Emenite etc where all located in the rural areas and as a result brings employment closer to the doorsteps of the people. Above all it attracts people from and near to the village.
  2. It checks the high rate of urban migration today everybody is a spiriting to leave in one big urban center or another leaving the rural area virtually employ for the old and weak people with industries in the rural areas the dwellers will have no option then to settle down and work there.
  • Diversification Of The Economy: The production of products like fertilizers, plastics, books e.t.c. Other then the primary products of agriculture only is made possible through industrialization, the economy will be involved in chair of production with various source of income.

IV.      Generation of Foreign Exchange:   The experts of minerals or manufactured products earn foreign exchange to other West African countries for instance Nigeria earns over 80% of its income through exports.

  1. Creation of Market for Agricultural Products:- For the agricultural sector, the industrial workers demand for food stimulated production from agricultural sector because demand is a determinant of the volume of production.


  1. Inadequate capital: It is very difficult to raise sufficient fund in the rural area when income is low the propensity to consume it will be high, the state and central government spend so much on urban development and industries in the rural area because its citizen, needs all those things for a better livelihood.
  2. Lack of Skilled Workers:- There are few of business man, they are forced to empty men from the urban centers because they are well trained and better equipped as a result skilled workers are not formed found in the rural area.
  3. Some Market for Industry GOODS:- Many people are drive in poverty and penury, therefore nearly by everybody example, shoes plastics, utensil, clothes etc though population is high but people have the necessary purchasing power.
  4. Shortage of Certain Raw Materials:- Some raw materials are not produced in the rural, this feet militates against the setting up of some industries.
  5. Inadequate Use of Research Finding:- The present day problems has changed from inadequate research findings to inadequate use of the one’s made available by various research institutes like Federal Institute Research Oshodo (FIRO) the project development Institution Enugu (PDIE) etc.

One cannot know enough of what rural industrialization management is all about without knowing the measuring of the key words under this colour.

Rural Area:         This is that interior or remote parts of an area which the central government wants to develop by creating local council for the administrative management of the area, this part of the state is normally dominated by the farmers of different kinds, usually this people are always in need of one thing or another is common in the urban centers, invariably, it can still be called the country home.

Industrialization: Industrialization is the process of increasing the size of economic activities in manufacturing, mining, construction services, electricity, gas water etc. It is the process of developing mechanized process involving technological economic, social and cultural changes in a society. Meanwhile there are some traditional industries such as pattern basket and mart weaving or marketing, dying and metal works, these industrial progress is usually show in the need area, this is because income per head is low since savings there are low, it will be difficult to accumulate capital savings or generate income when is high, marginal propensity to save is high also, government are not interested in the development of the rural area. Instead they were normally instead in the development of the urban through the provision need industrial equipment of material and man power.

In managing rural industrialization, there are always some kind o division of labour or tasks, these tasks is to be carried out by various class of people in the rural area for example during the course of the works we were able to find out that almost all the rural electrification has been vandalized b the hoodlums in that area developing and industrializing an area is one thing, protecting and keeping those thing are another thing.

Based on our discoveries the made industry in Awgu is agriculture, yet the farmer does not know what mechanized farming is not to talk of increasing their productivity for a mass production, which will be to the interest of the whole masses both at the rural and the urban centers. Let us observe hemelling which manager5s do are carried out principally through mental activities, through meet with people, communicating with them for5mally and informally on issue relating to the security of the industrial material and leading them into an action.

On the other hand rural dwellers use to hold on authoritarian views about the management of the industry under their trust and were skeptical about the sharing of the executive position.   Under a normal circumstance, management of anything should be given the best so as to have a proper maintenance.

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Finally, government should provide an adequate security of the already provided amenities or facility for a proper management control, again export should be allowed to manage the available industries, community vigilante group must also be at alert so as to protect the facilities.


Many less informed Nigerians have raive ideas of what management is or of what the manager does. Some still think of the manager as the former colonial master bossing a group of workers, many still perceive him as the Nigerian who is occupying a high post while some see him as the official who goes on tour, has a secretary and who appends his signature to important documents.   A group sees him as the university graduate pen-pusher sitting in a costly office in one of the state capitals the most hostile have the impression that he is an official who does nothing but bank out orders and act like the proverbial baboon that drops the fruits of its labour to his “monkey” subordinates. Many Nigerian also follow the traditional view of only applying the work “manager” to top executive of business Organization or public corporation, to them the manager assist out secretary in the public service organization. The error in all these notion is one of the scope sheer narrowness of vision, like the blind men of Hindus ton, they perceive only part of the picture but call it the whole of those who see the manager as doing nothing in all the assence of the managerial function. To management is the art of working, particularly through people for the achievement of organizational goal or objective. In trying to achieve these goal the manager has to man out his strategy, find skillful people and work, assign different people to accomplish different jobs and to ensure the jobs are being done and bring the report to the boss. According to Prof. Akpala.A. he define management as the process of combining and utilizing, allocating an organizing, directing and controlling for the purpose of producing output like good and services or whatever the objectives of the organization may be. In this regards, work is performed with and through organizational environment, it is on this note that we say that those who carryout the above defined activities are the managers, it is basically the objective of the manager to get things done4 through and will people, for this things to be achieved the following function must be adhered strictly to:

  1. planning
  2. Organizing

iii.      Directing

  1. Controlling

PLANNING:       Establishes the frame or boundaries within which people make decision and carryout actions in the future and to end, it equally anticipated future eve4nts, problems and relationships above all planning involves the setting of goals and objective put in another way, which its outcome is the determination of the objectives, strategies, procedures, methods, programmes and rules required in guiding the combination and utilization of an organizations human material and money resource for future time spans planning is a process which takes a rationalistic and decision making approach and recognize problems, evaluates relevant information, develops alternative and selects the best course of action called plan ( Trewartha el al 1976)

ORGANIZING:  To plan on what to do there is need that what is to be done should be divided into tasks and assigned to people to perform, invariably planning involves an organizing function, organizing involves a division of total work into organizational function an action that is termed departmentalizing into special areas or elements part generally speaking organizing is concern with combing people to work, it also co-ordinates and blends the effort of all member for an efficient and effective result.

DIRECTING:     Is created by the organization through making room superior-subordinate relationship at work and thus gives the superior directing power over their subordinates to do the tasks assigned to them.

Directing guides or educates personnel in a way that is perceived to be necessary directing to be efficient there must be a communication from the superior to the subordinates and this facilitates the organizational relationship.

CONTROLLING:        This is the action by which a superior monitor or checks current operations, and compares results with goals and other standards of performance established during the planning function, if checked and noticed that current activities and result has deviated from the original plans or standards, corrective action is required to get thing, back on the path through the establishment of some controlling standards.

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