Get a Google Voice Number for Mobile Devices

Get a Google Voice Number for  Mobile Devices

Do you want to activate and use your own google voice number? Here is a guide on how to get it done. Relax! It will just take about 3 minutes of your time. Lets go there!

  • What is Google Voice?This is a voicemail service from Google. It allows users to send text messages for free, read their voicemail text records, personalize their voicemail, and etcetera. Though the service once required the use of a Google Voice invite code to configure, it has been made freely available to all google users.How you can use the Application

    As a user, when you register for Google Voice, you will be given a google voice phone number that remains directly linked to them irrespective of devices and locations. It works with all kinds of phones – mobiles, work phones, desk phones and VoIP lines. This feature enables users to use a single phone number to manage all their phones; and they can also personalize how their phones ring in response to specific callers. Now, a lot of these features come free; however, some features like call recording can only be used on paid accounts.


    Call routing
    Listen in on voicemail, before you answer a call
    Cheap international calls
    Call barring
    Conference dialing
    Configure certain mobile phones to ring, depending on the caller
    Email or SMS notification of voicemail
    Switch devices during a call
    Personalize voicemail greeting for specific callers
    Voicemail transcript
    Google voice call recording
    Free Google Voice SMS/Text Messaging
    Free international Computer-to-Computer voice and video calling
    Free Computer-to-Mobile phone dialing inside North America

    Is it Free?

    Installing and using the app is free. However, you must pay to have access to some features – a good example is number porting. Additionally, making international calls with this service costs an amount that is determined by the exact location you’re dialing.

    How to configure Google Voice

    Before you obtain a Google Voice number, first decide which of the Google Voice configurations meets your needs (consider the different Google Voice accounts listed below). After you have made up your mind on the kind of account, navigate to the Google Voice register page and follow the guidelines. You’ll be asked to configure Google Voice, and you’ll also need to choose if you want to use an existing number or you want a new one altogether.

    Afterwards, choose a PIN to use to access your messages and your Google Voice settings from your mobile phone. They will ask you to provide a forwarding number. It is this number that will ring when you have a call on your Google Voice number. Finally, you will be required to verify your device. You should be given a numerical code by Google Voice. You will enter this code when Google Voice dials your forwarding number, just to confirm that the phone number you provided is correct.

    Google Voice Number

    Those who have a Google Voice number get a unique number that they can use to receive phone calls from all their phones. Users can personalize their account; such that when someone calls their Google Voice number, it will ring on all their phones or on the ones they have selected.

    Google Voice Lite (Voicemail Only)

    This gives users just one voicemail for all their mobile devices. They can also add an old phone number to their account; and afterwards they can configure customized greetings, obtain voicemail records, and etcetera. With this service, the user’s voicemail functions just like email; so voicemail messages are kept in the  user’s ‘inbox’. From here, the user can access it online and through mobile devices.

    Google Voice on Sprint

    This combines and showcases the features of Google Voice on Sprint phones. Users of Sprint devices can use their phone number on Sprint as their Google voice number; thus eliminating the need to create a separate Google voice phone number. Conversely, users of Sprint can indeed obtain a Google Voice phone number and use it to replace their Sprint phone number. Those who already have a Google Voice phone number may find this option desirable.

    Number Porting

    This feature allows users to ‘port’ their phone number to Google Voice. This way, users will have access to the features and personalization options Google Voice number offers, without necessarily getting another number. However, number porting attracts a fee.

    GV Call Charges

    Users of Google Voice in the United States can dial local and international destinations from their  web-based or mobile app, or by calling their Google voice number. Both outbound and local  calls to Canada and the United States are free from these same places; and for calls from other countries, the cost is $0.01 for each minute.

    It is worthy to note that call charges vary across the globe; so for information about the accurate  international rates, please refer to the official Google Voice International Charges Page.

    Google Voice Android versus Google Voice iPhone

    Google Voice for iPhone enables its users to manage their Google Voice account configuration and voicemail right from their iPhone. However, the iPhone version of the app has not seen so much success due to poor ratings. The android version of the app has better ratings, due to the fact that the service itself works well together with the Android Operating System of Google.

    Download the Mobile Application

    For iPhones, the Google Voice mobile app can be downloaded via the iTunes store, and through Google Play Store for Android devices. It is entirely free.

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