When Your Emails are not Received in Yahoo Mail Account

When Your Emails are not Received in Yahoo Mail

It can be very irritating when you are not receiving that email you’ve been expecting. Here are a few steps on how to check if there is a problem with your yahoo mail account or the sender’s account that is preventing the messages from arriving.

How to Check if Your Yahoo Mail Account has Errors

Send Yourself an Email

  • Login into your Yahoo Mail Account on your computer.
  • Compose and send an email to yourself.

If you get an error message, then it means that your account has issues. If you do not get an error, it means that your yahoo mail account just works perfectly.

Check your Yahoo Mail Account Settings

  • Check your spam folder to make sure that the email is not there. Most times, when someone sends you an email for the first time it goes into your spam folder.
  • Check your blocked addresses to see if the sender’s email address has been blocked mistakenly.

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  • Check your email filters to see if the email arrived in another folder. To get to your filter folder, click on “Settings – Click Filters”.
  • Check and make sure that your reply-to address is completely blank. To get to your reply – to address, click on “Settings –¬†Accounts category”.

The Problem could be from the sender

If you cant find anything wrong with your account, then the problem could be from the sender. Make sure that they have your email address correctly written. If they are using a yahoo mail account, they should go through the same procedure I mentioned above. If they do not, tell them to contact their email provider for assistance.

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