The Effectiveness of the Radio as an Agent of Social Mobilization in Rural Communities

The Effectiveness of the Radio as an Agent of Social Mobilization in Rural Communities (A Case Study Of Anambra State)

In exercise of carrying out a research of this type. The need for an overview of all literature weather published or unpublished is very important and it is indispensable. Social mobilization involves either sustaining or creating new awareness in a particular people at a particular time for a given purpose under this circumstance, the effectiveness of the press as an agent in information dissemination cannot be over-emphasized.

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This study boils down to the activities of the radio in relation to the effect they have on the rural communities agency (R.C.A)

In the eighteenth and ninetieth centuries grew a private enterprises radio accustomed to publishing and criticizing freely and with it the concept of a free market place of job idea in enlighting the public effectively on it felt to be right and true. The relation of the radio to government was almost precisely reversed. Instead of existing by sufferance as long as they support and advance the policies of government. The media now come to be considered representatives of the public in keeping watch on government and therefore to be kept as free as from control by government.

This 20th century is regarded as the age of mass communication. Today we are talking of information. This concept was introduced by a former United State of America president. Thomas Jafferson. The radio may not be message contrary to Marshal out a deceptive side of public information or issues of the moment.

Referencing to a words from Marshall McLean (1979:10-12). The radio penetrate and rain into every aspect of man’s existence public as well as private. The advance and implication of mass communication have gone beyond technological. The effect is tremendous ranging form society psychological, political, and economic as well as in the other related activities. The radio is nothing but a means towards creation of a more rational communication among men.

According to Steinberg (1961:46)

The radio is inflicting, a constructive fore in modern society and mass knowledge of these instruments of mass communication his awareness of the owner of language can make his fore construction and beneficial.

The directorate of the rural communities Agency (R.C.A) used the radio to propagate his desirable values.

According to Kbapper (1964:86) mass media effort as changes in attitudes and behaviours in individuals as a result of exposure to persuasive message carried by the media.

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This was a man who did major work on mass media effects and form a review of the existing research finding, it come to the following generalization and the conclusion about ability of the radio to affect and impact attitude and behaviour of individual. This come as follows:

  1. The radio mainly does not serve as necessary and sufficient cause of the audience effect but rather functions as a new meditating factors and influence.
  2. Mediating factors are such that typically render the radio a contributory agent but not the role cause in a process of reinforcing the existing conditions.
  3. On such occasions as the radio does function in the service of change one or two condition is likely to exist mainly.
  4. The mediating factors will normally favour reinforcement and will be found to be themselves impelling towards change.
  5. The mediating factors will be found to be in operative and the effect of the radio will be found to be direct.
  • There are certain residual situation in which the radio seems to produce direct effects or indirectly and of itself to serve certain psychological function.
  1. The effectiveness of the radio either as a contributory agent or as an agent of direct effect by various aspect of the media and communication situation.

The radio in any society occupies an indispensable position in the aspect of:

1)      Historical Attribution: The radio has been descried as a daily historical document and informant of a situation. This is because its habitual in every significant issue in the newspaper. This is the most important source of reference for scholar historian etc.

2)      Sentinel Aspect: This feature of radio is most controversial and disputed by the government because of its omni-science nature, they always run against the interest of people in government sentinel. Watch dog important is vital to societal growth and development of society is full of hetrogenous people with negative – minded about difference issues and difference perception in action. That is why media like newspaper posses a threat. It tries to fish-out those hedra-headed people out of shallow waters.

3)      Development Perception: Development is a very vital issues in existence of newspaper and equally a media like radio. It is the mouth piece and analyzer of seemingly controversial issues. Radio must not only reap reverence but must create an avenue to help the people’s group.

4)      Educational Important: One rarely  mentioned important of the radio is its educative nature in making people literate especially illiterate ones have derived a lot form the radio.

The above explanation on the important of radio goes a long way towards emphasizing its great contribution to the society. It emphasize major agents of mass communication, which encourage the importing information and the response by such evidence back to the communicator.


According to Charles Condey. (1980:15) the function of the radio is to serve as a distribution of important news and a medium for the exchange of ideas, through the air waves, speeches flash back and commentary.

The rural communities agency (R.C.A) is propagandas through the radio as a contributory agent to realize the objectives of the directorate. The radio should be used to create awareness and information on various innovative programmes such as agriculture, health, family planning etc several studies are beginning to emerge in relation the position used of the radio and interpersonal mode of communication awareness.

The few studies were done mainly in urban areas seem suggest that the level information awareness is associated with social and economic status, income and education. Presently in many urban areas,  the radio are very much in urban affairs.

This according to Nwunel (1978:96) He said the distribution of information is necessary to create awareness of various innovative programmes and how they should be disseminated not only in English but also other local languages since the main purpose of information is not only to impress but also to create the desired effect  and impact information. Which should be redistributed within the social cultural norms of the people. If it will be resisted the channel of international communication are complex system in its own side and are highly specialized for the particular function they serve. UNESCO has sponsored studies of how different part of the world are served by the news agencies the radio and other mass circulation media.

Schram (1959:20) and Kayser (1953:28) have provided some material for studying the content of the news in the radio in different countries and geographical areas.

Analyses have been made to determine how international and foreign news appears in the radio and in the beginning has been made in studying the relay stages and selection processes in the occurrence of a significant international event to the radio.

Social changes are desirables social development programme can easily run into problem one must do the following.

  1. Use of acceptable language.
  2. Use of acceptable channels.
  3. Information should be based on social reality.

Whether mobilization is geared toward achieving positive responses or changing negative or positive responses attitudes it is basically revolving round effective communication earliest communicologist like:

Wibur Schramm said (1985:2) it is as necessity to national development. He noted that the populace must have information about mobilization. People’s attention must be focused on, for change and if possible their aspiration for themselves and their country must be raised through message in the radio. The principal aim of the directorate is to produce a state of mind, a consciousness in our citizen at all levels of society and in all walks of life which will inculcate in them the civil virtue of self regulation commonly found in nature and responsive civil societies. Therefore, through effective mobilization the masses will perform their civil responsibilities which were either to ignored. Mobilization were not only to increase consciousness but also ensue an enlightened conscious and vigilant stay which is needed in this 4th republic. Human experience various things in some societies, men are not to cry or laugh in public. In others, they may laugh but not cry and in others still these variations are explained not by human biology of physical environment but by the culture, and radio is an agent in transmitting the culture.

Culture is regarded as a fabric of a society. It provides the frame work over all pattern for a way of life. The difference between one people and another are due to the distinctive culture. If we are to become sensitive to the way in which we and other people live we must grasp the concept of culture. Unlike animals which respond instinctively to stimulate human beings which they undergo socialization not only starts during childhood, but spans through the entire life of a man and the radio is one primary agent of the socialization.

Also culture reinforce to social heritage that have been accumulated over number of the society that desired stability on one hand. In the other hand friction arises between two generation. However at it is indicated here are more often degree than of substance. will only provide papers as a reference for your research. The papers ordered and produced should be used as a guide or framework for your own paper. It is the aim of to only provide guidance by which the paper should be pursued. We are neither encouraging any form of plagiarism nor are we advocating the use of the papers produced herein for cheating.

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