The Effective Marketing Communication as a Tool for Greater Productivity in Organization


In the work of shift “Communication channel is a device or means for delivering a message from a sender to receiver. Business letter, a channels include call and a meeting are example of channels include reports and telegram”. Communication experts had described feedback as a means of correcting and evaluating communication effort.

Meanwhile, the function of feedback is to ensure that the goals of the organization are achieved.


       Communication is the life wine of any organization, communication channels are made up of the following which are:

Downward or descendant flow:

It is an auditorium information flow from the top management downward to the workers.




Horizontal communication channel:

       This refers to message ideas, attitude, opinion etc. that flows across a particular structure of a number of structures. This information flow is between among those on the same level.

Vertical communication channel:

       This refers as the flow of information from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom, and also from the top of hierarchy to the bottom, and also from the bottom to the top C.

Channel of marketing communication in Union Bank Plc is based on downward marketing communication where information flow from the top management to be subordinates for operations.

According to Nwachukwu, communication flow from the top executives to be subordinates to operatives to the subordinates to operative employees it is the management that provides the channel through which communication flows upwards both in the downward in the downward and upward communication the management is involved for they create the favourable climate for the free flow of ideas and information.

Upward communication is very necessary in order to promote good human relation. It is through this means that management monitors the feeling of employees and taking appropriate action to  correct what would otherwise lead it closely labor management dispute.

Nwachukwu stated the following as the major channel of marketing communication poster and bulletin boards, company periodicals, letter and pay in sorts, employee handbooks and pamphlets and intercom system and organization grapevine and animal reports.



       People often have silent approach communication that is message is send by the sources to the receiver and it ends there. The diagram is shown below

S                    M CHANNEL

This inner approach is no longer tanieable because is does it adequate describe communication process. This approach ignores feedback and noise, which are essential element of communication process involves the transferring, passing, giving and receiving the sharing and importing of ideas, opinions and attitude to the customers. Marketing communication is certainly other one way affairs, but two way process. In this process superior status communications is seen as a process involving three essential things Viz actions, reactions and interaction.

Action: This refers to the initiatives taken by someone usually called the source, sender, encoder, the initiator etc. to share, give impact etc ideas, opinion, attitude etc. action therefore refers to the willingness of the initiators to act this could do this through various means he could speak gesture pointer.

Reaction: It refers to the response of the receiver to the initiator or of encoder. In other words, it is the feedback on the message of the sender.

Interaction: Refers to the re-change of message between senders and receiver. It is a continuous ever going and never ending process.


According to Nwachukwu, marketing communication breakdown is the single greatest barrier to corporate existence in efficient marketing communication in an organization is systematic of faculty corporate chain.

When the managers in an organization engages in mutual distrust, resentment, gossip or when there is bound to be marketing communication breakdown. All the keys functions of a organization planning, organization, directing and controlling depends on effective marketing communication for greater productivity. Most of the barriers to the effective marketing communication are as follows:

Distortion: Distortion of communication could be carried by deliberate action of the receiver or the sender. It could be caused by the inability of the sender to proper by encoder and transmit the message. A situation on the subordinate failed to carry out a directive because he thought the superior was not serious.

Overload: To much marketing communication bore down the entire system judicious selection of information helps to avoid digging the entire system with irrelevant information, in organization where there are too many memoranda floating around the management from the ability of not reading their mail. They refer this mail as junk.

Filtering: It occurs when the sender sieves the information and transmits only the favorable aspect of it. When the whole picture is not presented there can scarcely be a meeting of the mind. It is organization that is in the habit of reprimanding employees or even small mistakes are encouraging filtering. Employees sieves information in order to look favorable for most serious problem encountered in delegated responsibility because of conscious manipulation of facts by subordinates.

Lack of planning

Many organization often communicate without making adequate preparation for transmission of marketing information.

Lack of planning may result in:

  1. Inadequate thinking
  2. Information overload
  3. Unclassified assumption
  4. Inadequate listening
  5. Poorly expressed message

Marketing environmental barriers

They include distance, distracting noise and other environmental constraints that can prevent effective marketing communication in an organization.


According the J.A Akari people communicate with others for a large number of reasons. Sometimes, we want to reduce ambiguities and justify our opinion, in other cases were seeking information that support our positions and sometimes, we communicate just because we think its about something we said or did something.

Marketing communicate in Union Bank assists in copying with environmental challenge by conveying information both changes in technology, economic, political and social environment. It is necessary because it coordinates activities of individuals group and department.

Union Bank policies and aims are communicated to the subordinates by the top management for effective work through marketing communication. It creates for ensuring that each individual in an organization “Union Bank” know that he or she is expected to do for attainment of the organizational goal or aim it helps in reducing uncertainty in the organization “Union Bank Plc, Awka”.

Furthermore, in Union Bank service conditions safety health, welfare, rules and regulations are well known through marketing communication and it helps the employees to know the proposed future plan or change in the organization. Result financial that is qualitative and quantitative result become more easily to be noticed through paper marketing communication.

In the words of Okpala, I “marketing communication related to exchange of facts, opinion or emotion by two or more persons and then organization it could be words, letters, symbols or message share meaning and understanding with another.

According to Nwachukwu, communication is the receiver, any means that an individual uses to transfer meaning, ideas, feeling, emotion or attitude to another is communication. There are specialize message that are transmitted by facial explosion by the use of hands, shaking of the hand gesticulation of the lands, shaking of the hand in approval or disapproved.

Therefore, communication systems is the units or department and individuals in the organization with information. When the information system does not flow as required, individuals and department within the organization will malfunction and this will create inefficacy and inefficiency on the whole organization as a system.

In the words of Mark N. Newerri, identified that marketing communication is the imparting of exchange of information by message or otherwise marketing or business communication can therefore be described as the marketing or business communication can therefore be described as the importing or exchange by message or of facilitating the firms activities and enabling it to achieve its objectives. The perfect act of communication takes place when the idea of the mind of the informer (sender) is transferred, undistorted into mind of the receipient.

Andrew C. Stanford et al stated that good management decision makers. Decision makers is an important process which influence organization activities and has a significant process which is determinate of the degree to which set goals are attained.

Effective marketing communication however is an end management, basically it provides information for decision making and makes possible to attitude and motivation for decision making and production process.

According to James Hovel “Marketing communication there is a vital tool for business, it may not make a bad business man good but it surely leads to the effectiveness of a quite promising business men.

Fredrick W. Taylor states that accurate end up to date information is the basic of all management function without which management is unable to forecast, plan and control. Moreover Peter Drucker pointed out that a manager can only make his objective by communication to subordinate whose performance is meant for so that they should know what is expected of them.

Miller state that people confuse communication with information. Information essentially is those pieces of data but of knowledge transferred from one individual to another. He also stated that communication is the sharing of understanding between the sender and receiver of the message.

Moreover, effective marketing communication is an activating force behind for greater productivity an organization activity such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Andrew B. Chase stated that “there is an increasing if the firm is to achieve success. He further explained that management is realizing that in other to maintain close relationship with employees and to ensure maximum output for the firm, the communication channel in the firm must be modern, effective, beach emphasized that for the proper management of an organization feedback is essential and the feedback is positive, management efficiency will be enhanced.

Newman and Warren maintain that poor communication lead to confusion, frustration and negative attitude towards meeting company goods where as good communication makes him take pride in his accomplishment.


               In the final process of marketing communication has been explained not only as a routing or a procedure, but also as one of the essential elements.

In learning both facts and feeling need to be transmitted between a leader to each of his subordinates full marketing communication occurs when one person receiver both the same intellectual message and the same emotion, that the other person sent and felt. In other for the second person to receive the message it is necessary for him to agree with the content of the message or to have the same emotional response to  it as te first person. But he should understand the other persons meaning and feelings.

Marketing communication is important, it takes up much of people time and it often the causes of major organization and failures. Marketing communication most times is the process of an integrated set of evoking a set of responses from the target audience in an organization.

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