Ecobank Internet and Mobile Banking

Ecobank Internet and Mobile Banking

Ecobank Internet and Mobile Banking – In this era of technology, innovation and daily creativity more and more banks and financial institutions are beginning to incorporate internet banking option for their customers and Ecobank is not lagging behind in that.

Though it has its headquarters in Togo and other offices in different African countries the bank is not doing so badly when it comes to their internet banking platform. The banking platform can be access either using the desktop option or via the mobile application.

You are also entitled to lots of benefits when you use their platform and they will include the following;

  • You can view account balance and print your bank statements.
  • Money can be transferred to other Ecobank accounts or other banks’ accounts.
  • The option to make international transfers is also included.
  • Cheque requests can be made and cheques stopped as well.
  • Standing orders can be initiated.
  • Update Account Details of your account on the platform.
  • Fixed deposits can be made as well.
  • Contact the bank and also get feedback as well.
  • Purchase of Airtime for phones and data connectivity.
  • Utility bills payments; water, light bills, etc.
  • Hotel bills and flight tickets.

Security issues on the platform have also been taken care by the incorporation of a Banking Security Software, Rapport.

Signing Up

Signing up for internet banking on their platform will involve one to register by filling out a registration and indemnity form. They either can be gotten from any bank branch or downloaded from at After downloading and filling the two forms, you are expected to take it to any branch of Ecobank. Filling it will require providing your name, email address, phone number and every other required detail.

After submission of the forms, you will receive an email on the registered email address which will contain your login details; username and password. You will then need to visit the bank website, click on login and input details to gain access to your account. You will then go ahead and change your password based on the required structure after which your registration is complete.

You are to go and enjoy their services and also endeavour to keep your password and every form of authorization safe as well as your ATM card.

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