How to Download Whatsapp Messenger

How to Download Whatsapp Messenger

Download Whatsapp Messenger – There are various social networking applications through which we can meet and chat with friends, share photos, videos and messages in real time. And unlike before when these social networks applications can only be used on computer systems, the mobile versions have been developed to make for easy access on mobile phones. One of the well-known and popular social networking applications is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging mobile application through which you can send messages from your phone to other phone numbers. These messages are sent over the internet so the network service provider won’t charge for SMS. This means you need to have a data (internet) on your phone or be able to connect your phone to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) before you can use this application. Each Telecom service provider like have different data plans which you can subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly to have internet access on your phone.

Installing Whatsapp Messenger

To download WhatsApp on your mobile phone, you must be using a “Smartphone” which runs an Android, Windows, Blackberry or an IOS operating system (OS). You can download WhatsApp directly from the developer’s website: whatsapp by accessing this site from your mobile phone and then selecting the corresponding WhatsApp version to your phone. The easiest way to install WhatsApp is by downloading it from the same web page WhatsApp. Access to this web address from your mobile and download one of the versions that match to your mobile phone. Once you have selected the correct version for your mobile phone, WhatsApp will take you to the download page where the installation will begin.

You can also access the WhatsApp website from your computer and select the option for the type of phone you use. You can then download the application on your computer and transfer it to your phone via Bluetooth or a USB cable. You will then need to find the file on your phone, click on it and begin the installation process. Another way to install WhatsApp is to search for it in the applications store (for example: Google Play Store for Android phones) of your phone and follow the downloading would be looking for the application in the mobile store of our phone.

Please note that to be able to chat with your friends, family members, colleagues and others, they must also have installed the WhatsApp application on their phones and have data-enabled phones too. And also important is the fact that you can only sign up on WhatsApp with one mobile number. If in the future you want to change that number, you have to go to the “Settings”, go to the “change phone number” and replace the old phone number with a new one.

Chat With Your Friends on Whatsapp

You can start chatting with other people once you all have WhatsApp installed on your phones. WhatsApp uses the contacts’ numbers saved on your phone so you must have saved phone numbers of the people you want to chat with. You can also add a contact from the WhatsApp contacts’ tab of the application itself. If your contacts are already using WhatsApp, the application automatically detects the contacts that already have the application and you will find the list in the contacts’ tab. When all these are in place, you can begin to chat, send pictures, videos, music and pass information among your contacts.

There was a WhatsApp user fee of about $1 per annum which is quite affordable for any class of person. But lately, there is news that there will no longer be annual charges by the developer for using the application. This means that whatsapp is completely free!

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Whatsapp Call and Other Features

Apart from chatting and sending pictures or videos through WhatsApp, the application has also been updated for making calls now. Calling your contacts via WhatsApp also uses the phone’s data or a wireless connection, meaning you can make calls and not be charged by your mobile phone service provider. To be able to make calls via WhatsApp, you and the person you want to call must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phones. Video calling and recording of conversations are among the extra features being considered. Visit the WhatsApp website for updated information on latest developments.

Download Whatsapp for PC And Ipad

WhatsApp can also be downloaded on the iPad and the PC. The advantage of these devices is that your battery often lasts longer than the regular mobile phone; you also have the advantage of using a large keypad and also a larger screen. However, the disadvantage is that authentication fails often. To use WhatsApp on PC, you must be able to connect to the internet via a wireless network through mobile internet dongles or routers.

Minimum Requirements for whatsapp Download

A Smartphone
A data-enabled SIM card or a wireless connection Download Links:

Through the links below you can download the latest versions of whatsapp messenger app on your mobile Phone.

Go to to Download the latest version for Windows Phone

Go to to Download the latest version for Nokia S40

Go to to Download the latest version for iphone

Go to to Download the latest version for Nokia Symbian

Go to to Download the latest version for Andriod Phones

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